Monday, July 27, 2009


I would like to explain about my eyes being closed in the above video. The sun was so bright and shining right in my face, even if I look sad I was very happy. But I have no excuse for being old and ugly, you will just have to put up with that. DAD.

Good Morning.

Think about this for a minute...

If I happened to show up on your door step crying, Would you Care? If I called you and asked you to pick me up because something happened, Would you come? If I had one day left, to live my life; Would you be part of that last day? If I needed a shoulder to cry on, Would you give me yours? Do you know what the relationship is between your two eyes? They blink together, they move together, they cry together, They see things together and they sleep together,


That's what friendship is. Life is lonely without FRIENDS.

It is World Best Friends Week!!!!

I am not sure about the above, I wonder if it was last week or this week. If anyone knows I would like to hear. I think that we could have this every day here on the blog. DAD.

I am wondering how those two beautiful Shelties made it over the weekend, I hope that they and Sara had a little time to rest. Lets go and see what they are doing this morning, and while we are there thank Sara for letting us enjoy watching them. Here is the way to get there. Sara's Dog Training DAD.

Dad's blog wins Graypow Award

(A surprise to me. Dad)

" These days, millions of senior citizens enjoy exploring the Internet, and hundreds of websites are offering them valuable guidance and entertainment. As publishers of the world's first multi-national e-book (now a blog), Life Begins at 80 , we believe we should encourage these admirable youngsters (hey, some of them are only in their 50s!) So we have great pleasure in presenting a Award the GRAYPOW to the outstanding Tennessee website Tomato gardening with Dad.

Thanks you so very much Eric, DAD

I have had several ask me if the eagles are gone, this below might help answer the question. I saw one yesterday. DAD

"Juvenile eagles continue to frequent the nest area, both to perch and to take advantage of the food brought by the adults. Occasionally the adults bring food and none of the juveniles come to eat - a sign of their growing independence.

Would you like a chance to see Eagles and other raptors this fall? Thousands of Raptors - along with vast numbers of songbirds and shorebirds funnel down the Delmarva peninsula every autumn. To celebrate this natural wonder - the Eastern Shore Birding & Wildlife Festival will take place from Sept. 17-20th. Headquartered in Cape Charles this festival offers guided birding trips on land and sea. Take this chance to explore Virginia's beautiful Eastern Shore and see lots of birds to boot!

The full festival program and registration form is available online at See you on the Shore!"

Posted by VDGIF Wildlife Biologist on
Thursday, July 16, 2009

“Barriers Down”

"On July 15th, the barriers around the nesting area at the Norfolk Botanical Garden were removed. This exclusion area is in place from December 15th through July 15th and ensures that any disturbances to the nesting eagles are minimized. Staff at the Norfolk Botanical Garden have access to the exclusion area once per week to continue with the maintenance and upkeep of this area of the Garden.

At this point in the development of these young eagles, the nest and nest area are becoming somewhat less important as they expand their horizons. We continue to see the young birds around the nest area....for how long? We'll have to watch and see."

What is wrong with me, here I have been working almost an hour and have not had my coffee. No wonder everything seems all mixed up. But it is ready now and I want you to hurry on in here and have a cup with me.

It sure does taste good, and why does a cup of tea or coffe taste better on Monday morning than any other day in the week ?

Posted on 22 May 2008 by

Companion Planting Part 2: The Arch-Enemies of Tomatoes

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By Vanessa Richins

Recently we learned about the friends of tomatoes.

This time we turn attention to the foes - these are the plants that you don’t want to grow anywhere near your tomatoes.
Corn: Corn and tomatoes have an enemy in common. Whether you know it as the tomato fruitworm or the corn earworm, it’s bad, bad news. These 1.5-2″ monsters chew their way through your tomatoes, corn, and a host of other plants.
Dill: It’s strange….when dill is young, it actually enhances tomato growth and health. Once it is mature, however, the opposite is true and it will stunt tomato growth.
Potatoes: Remember how there was a great potato famine in 19th century Ireland? It was caused by a fungal disease called late blight. The fungus spreads and rots the potato. Unfortunately for us, tomatoes and the other members of the nightshade family can also be affected. The fungus can overwinter, so don’t plant tomatoes this year if you had infected potatoes last year. Both can also get another fungal disease- early blight.
Black walnut trees: Black walnut trees inhibit growth for all plants, but this is especially true for tomatoes and other nightshade family plants.
Fennel: This plant will interfere with tomato growth….alas for tomato/fennel recipes.
The family: The nightshade and Brassica families don’t like each other. Members include cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and kohlrabi. These will inhibit growth in your tomatoes.
Other potential foes include rosemary, apricots, and strawberries.
Are there any other combinations that have gone wrong in your experience?

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If this information is to late for this season it would be good to file it for the next season. DAD

This below is interesting. Dad.

We are still having nice weather here is what AOL says will happen today. ( 7/27/09

Partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms possible. High 86F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 30%.

I am going to stop before I get cut off. I was going to give you a thought for today but since I have been so long this morning I am just going to say " Be good today. Dad "

Hope to see you in the early morning. SMILE.


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Becky said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the award, Dad! It is well deserved. And your roses are so beautiful! They look well cared for. I liked the poem, too. : ) Any coffee left?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good Morning. Congrats on the award. Hope your Monday is a great one. Sending a SMILE your way.

Sayit-baldys said...


Pat said...

Congratulations on your rewarad!! Today was the first day, I was able to hear your wonderful voice. We have Hi Speed internet now, and I'm loving it. I hope you and Mary are having a wonderful day.
Pat (from Virginia)

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:
Congratulations! It couldn't happen to a nicer blogger. :) It's great when recognition and accolades go to those who merit them!!!

Well, I must admit I'm not much at growing things here in the city, but I do know my people always grew corn, beans and squash together and that has always been successful and good. My grandfather added in sweet peas and that didn't hurt any, either. ;)

Yes, it isn't the same without the morning coffee, is it? Glad you found yours enjoyable, and hope you and Ms. Mary enjoy your afternoon and evening! Love from Jamaka and fams

Sara said...

Congratulations on your award. I sent the link to that life begins at 80 blog off to my dad. He's in his 60's, but I thought he'd be impressed and inspired by what some of those people were doing. You sure find some good links for us!

I found 2 red cherry tomatos on one of my plants today. That made me smile! I'm saving them for when my husband gets home from work. We'll each get to have one.

Joann said...

Awww, Dad, Congrats on your award... you really do deserve it!!

I love seeing videos of you!! You have such a 'friendliness' about you!!

Take Care!