Friday, July 24, 2009


Good Morning.

Time is so precious-do not waste it

National Wildlife Magazine Photo Group

I hope that you will enjoy the link above as much as I did. DAD.

This link below is so good, God has done so much for us. This is a little long but it is worth looking at.

Our weather is a cool 65 this morning and very foggy. Be careful if you are driving. Here is the the report from AOL.

Sunny. High around 85F. Winds light and variable.

Do you want your coffee or tea now? It has been ready for a while and I must confess that I have already had one cup. I just had to have it so that I could get started.

Do you want to go with me this morning to see those beatiful Shelties ? I always go early it help me to get my smile started . And here is the way to get there, it's not hard to find, Just click on -
Sara's Dog Training then sit back and smile. DAD.

These four links below are my most important Albums & Cams. I hope that you are finding time to look at these.

Garden Photo Album-2008....

Dad's Tomato Garden Photo Album-2009...

DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM # 1 Side view of garden.& the two Roses at the grave site of Princess.

DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM # 2 View of lighted bird bath.

I need to add a few more smiles to this. Look at it and see if you are there, if not why don't you send Dad your smile. You will notice that there smiles from all over the world and I want you to be a part of it. Click on Dad's Smile Album DAD.

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Haggis, Blood Pudding and Shepherd’s Pie: The Horrors of the Tomato Free Diet

By Danny Thompson

My ancestry is 75% Irish and 25% British.
I have to like potatoes and black-eyed peas and leeks, or my family will disown me.
Shame will follow my children’s’ children through eternity.
Irish and British food is hearty and rib-sticking (it has to be, the islands are damp, cold, miserable places to live—at least they were up until the advent of modern indoor climate control systems).
A nice potato, some meat and a green vegetable are enough to further one’s existence out on the moor.
But, good lord it’s bland. God bless the people who invented salt and cheese.
Why is their food so…ordinary…when their neighbors on the continent have such savory cuisine?
It all goes back to England’s premier botanist at the time who declared the tomato unfit to eat because it was a member of the nightshade family. (Oddly, so is the potato…but I haven’t been able to track down why one was verboten while the other was fine.)
In fact, it is rumored that a British agent attempted to poison George Washington by serving him a dish laced with tomatoes.
Not everyone believed the tomato was poisonous (the leaves and stems are, but not the fruit itself), but it was enough to cast it in an unsavory light.
It wasn’t until the end of the 19th century that my forefathers on the Isles began easing tomatoes into their cooking, and by them, strange foods that were strong on texture but not so strong on flavor had become traditional fare.
Which is a shame, because Shepherd’s Pie is incredible when you add in a tomato or two. Haggis on the other hand…

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It is past time for me to get out of your way and let you get to your job, I know that you can hardly wait get there. But I will be back. Smile and be happy today.


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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I am happy and smiling this morning as it is Friday and the weekend is just around the corner. Have a great day!
'On Ya'-ma

itsVicki said...

Good Morning Dad! I thought I would stop by for some conversation, a smile and a cup of coffee. I can't tell if it is foggy here too or just nasty air...I think it is nasty air, much to my dismay.
I have been enjoying some of those beautiful tomatoes on sandwiches EVERY day! This is the best part of summer!
Don't over do it today. Kick your feet up and listen to your birds sing while you watch those tomatoes turning a delicious, sun ripened red.
Take care and say hello to Mary for me.
With love,
Vicki in Birmingham

Cindi ;) said...

Good morning dad...
In Vail Colo every year they have a huge Tomato fight.throwing at each other...There is a Tomato fight in Spain that attracts 20,000 + participants...crazy...I guess these people really hate

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

It sounds like you're having some good pre-weekend weather, just right for relaxing with a plate of those scrumptious fried tomatoes! and some iced tea. Listening to the music of the chimes and the birdsong, watching the beautiful fountain -- what could be nicer? Hope you both have a wonderful weekend! Love, Jamaka and fams