Saturday, August 22, 2009


It is 4:55 A.M. on Sunday morning, 8/23/09. Dad just wants to say Good morning and to wish you a hapy day. I do hope to see you early in the morning. With coffee and a smile. DAD.

Good Morning.
"Time is so precious-do not waste it.''
Many years of life are wasted living for thyself alone."
"Begin the Day with God."
Here below is a little about our trip yesterday up to Jim's cabin. We enjoyed our short time there very much.
In the picture above you see the dinner table all set and twelve hungry people ready to sit down. THANKS to Jim and Beverly. Dad.

And about these two pictures above, the first one is a view of the lake from the back deck of the cabin, In the distance you can see their boat coming in.
And I am ashamed of the next picture a video. I made it while they were out on the lake. My voice is terrible, I sound like I need a doctor. But I assure you that I was just real tired after some early morning work and the drive up to the cabin. I was happy and smiling then and I still am this Saturday morning. DAD
Enough about ourselves for this morning. We need to check on Oreo and Misty. I am wondering when they will be coming home. If you would like to see them this morning I can tell you how to get there, Click on this Sara's Dog Training DAD.
I saw this in an office, Ray, and thought of you."The only two things money can't buy are true love and home grown tomatoes."Have a great day. Luv U both,Joan.

Hi Joan I like that, but I know that we both would agree that there is another thing more important than tomatoes and true love. And
money cannot buy that. Mary and I love you Joan. Dad.

Starbucks® Coffee .

Thanks To Your Zagat Votes Starbucks Is Rated #1 Best Coffee!
It took this link above to wake me up and to realize that I have not even mentioned tea or coffee. Shame on me. Come on in it has been ready for a long time. Dad.
Well it is time for me to go and let you rest a little while. I will see you early Monday morning as we do not write a blog on Sunday mornings as we have other plans for our Sunday mornings. I hope that we can make this a profitable week end, we know how so lets do it. Smile first and be kind.


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Sara said...

Your view from the deck is lovely. Looks like a good place for a morning cup of coffee. Hope you have a wonderful visit on the lake!

We are safely back home from our vacation.

madcobug said...

Great picture and video Dad. Looks like a good fish feast on that table. Glad that you had a good time and feel ok this morning. Helen

Cindi ;) said...

great pics...nice view...
have a wonderful day
thx for sharing

Hollie said...

What a wonderful view. I could sit & enjoy that for some time:) I hope you had a wonderful visit.

Anonymous said...

Like you I enjoy my strong morning cup of Starbuck's coffee, especially their Sumatra. Like you I would have remained behind as the others went onto the boat and skiing. I really enjoy watching everyone from shore with my coffee by my side. We are back from Seneca Lake and I miss the beauty of the glistening lake. Though I did enjoy sleeping in my own bed last night. Have a wonderful day! ...Sara's Mom

Sheila said...

It looks like you all had a delicious meal. I love the videos you make. Keep'em coming...ha. Have a great weekend, Sheila

jmuhj said...

Oh, Dad,
Doesn't that table look inviting? I hope you all had a very enjoyable fish fry and lots of good company. Yes, Saturday mornings are wonderful, and it looks like you had the right idea to spend it relaxing by the poolside. What a beautiful place! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and love to you and Ms. Mary from Jamaka and fams

Becky said...

Hi Dad, I finally have a minute to check in. Looks like you and Mary have been off having fun. It's so wonderful to spend time with your family, isn't it?

I may go off to bed before you come on this morning (Monday morning), because I finished early tonight... but save me some coffee for when I wake up!