Saturday, March 27, 2010


Good Sunday morning to all of you. I don't write a blog this morning I just come by to wish you a good Sunday and to tell that I am feeling good and have a Happy mood. If you don't find what you want down below such as the Eaglets & the Video please call on my side panel he knows where everything is. Sending my love. I hope to see you Monday morning.
My mood for today 3/27/10 is Happy.

"Time is so precious-do not waste it"

..Click on this Eagle Web Cam and you will go right to to the eagles nest, wonder what is going to happen today? It is interesting to watch them being fed. And you will begin to see them grow. They are going to be crowded very soon if they keep on eating like they are now.
.This link above will give you our local weather report. And your own if you will type in your zip code.
Today. Saturday 3/27/10
Plenty of sun. High 18C. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph.
Plentiful sunshine. High 66F. Winds SE at 5 to 10 mph

Smile DAD

I need to try and explain to you about this Video above. This is a trial run for Mary and I, this was taken from our Cam # 3.

Mary was sitting right here in my office chair when she snapped it. I was out in the front waiting on our mail man to arrive. We think that we will have sound on it. If we can get this perfected we see great possibilities for using it this spring. A much closer view of our birds and what we are doing with WILDLIfE HABITAT. You may click on DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM # 3 .. right now and see whats going on out there this very minute DAD .
If you would like to let Sara tell you all about Oreo just click on Sara's Dog Training blog this morning. I am going to do that. DAD
This below is my most important link to view for helpful information. Read it often.

if you would like some very important information about producing tomatoes, please don't miss it. DAD.
The bird baths are shown on Cam,s # 2 & 3.
. Worlds time clock.
I am sorry that I won't have room for any more today I spent to much time on that Video. I do hope to see you early Monday morning, and Yes the Starbucks coffee is waiting on you. DAD
.I will be back as I think of something more to say. I know that I do have a very busy day planned today, weather permitting. Tomato time is here and I am not completely ready. Ground not prepared properly, been too wet.Until I come back let's all just try to be good, gentle and kind. Now that includes Old Dad.
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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dad!
I am behind on preparing my garden looks like I am in good company! I hope you and Mary are feeling chipper this morning, it is a beautiful day.
I was just thinking about you and wanted to stop by for a cup. Have a lovely Dad and I will talk to you soon!
I love you,
Vicki in Birmingham

madcobug said...

Good morning Dad, looks like today will be a beautiful day here but thunderstorms tomorrow. You are right about the ground being to wet to work. Some places in our yard are soggy and more rain is on the way. Looks like that cam will work out fine on videos. Have you seen Molly and her owlets? They sure are cute that is when you can see them. I think the cam is down as I write this but there are videos of her also and the cam should be back up soon.She keeps them warm and it is hard to get a peek. You and Mary have a great day. Helen

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

I so enjoyed the video of you out in your golf cart greeting the mailman. My brother-in-law was a mailman for over 30 years. I know he'll like seeing it as well. Since I can't view the CAMS I would really like you to show us some videos from time to time.

When I came home from Florida, in my backyard close to the foundation of the house I saw a huge dog bone so I knew the stray Vizsla had been staying there. After 2 1/2 years my neighbor was able to gain the dogs trust and get close enough to capture him. She is now at the same vet where Sara just took Oreo. Here is the link to the story in our local paper.

Hope you can get some soil prep done today. It is cool but sunny here. Have a good weekend and I'll see you at coffee pot on Monday. ...Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon, DAD,
What a fun way to greet the postman! I agree with Joan that we need more videos. (I can't view the CAMS, either.) I'm checking on the eaglets everyday and now I have the amazing vizsla that I want to check on, too. I'll be needing a few extra hours in my day. Thanks for the coffee and the visit. Aloha, Sara's aunt

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

I loved the video of you putting up the bird seed and waiting for the mailman, Dad! I really miss those almost-daily videos you used to post, since I can't view your WebCams with this browser for some unexplained reason, no matter what I do. It's 18 minutes to Earth Hour and I still have to eat dinner, so this will be a quick post, to wish love to you and Ms. Mary and a blessed day tomorrow! from Jamaka and fams