Saturday, May 21, 2011


Good Morning.

I would like to leave this below with you, you can get lots of help here. Just click on the red below.  Dad

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    This is one day that the most of us like, for me it is no more writing until Monday morning, just a couple days or relaxing and the great opportunity of being in two meetings on Sunday.

    I want to make good use of the time and use it in the right way, because I realize more every day that time is running out for me.

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    Mary and I did go to Granger County to look at a few tomato farms, and we found one that we like very much. It is not the one that we visited last year, we sure do like this one better.

    I don't think that Mr. Steve Longmire would get after me if I told you just a little about what we saw and enjoyed so much. He has every thing that you could wish for in a tomato farm, along with a lot of kindness from him and the lady that helped us. The name of his farm is Tennessee Home Grown Tomatoes, and it is located at 220 Chahokla Dr , Rutledge Tn 37861.

    And we did not come away empty handed, we were looking for a few green tomatoes and he had plenty, also a box of red ripe tomatoes. Now guess what I am going to have on my table on Sunday.

    If any of you are ever in this part of the world, do go by and see Steve, when you are on your vacation in the Smokies would be a good time. DAD

    Today's weather report makes me smile. Dad.

    Partly cloudy. Near record high temperatures. High 31C. Winds light and variable.

    Partly cloudy. Near record high temperatures. High 89F. Winds light and variable.

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    That  high 89 will make the tomatoes grow.

    To my son-

    " Its not what you do son, it's  what you leave undone, that will give you a little heart ache at the setting of the sun "  Dad.

    As you know I do not close this Journal until later in the afternoon, so I my be in and out during the day,

    Please use the Side Panel this week end, there is there. I hope to see you early Monday morning with a big smile.

    Bye   Bye   DAD


    Anonymous said...

    Good morning DAD...

    What a wonderful find....Tennessee home grown tomatoes and a new friend in Mr. Steve Longmire. I see a few more visit to Steve's farm this spring. I do hope to visit the Smokey Mountains on one of our trips home from Florida. For now I frequent your link to the CAM view. I don't want to leave it undone.

    It is way to early for farm tomatoes here but you have be ready to visit Dave at Shaker Shed. He is known for his corn but really he has the best tomatoes. His children are now running the stand and will be selling Dave's tomatoes come July. Like you he needs to get his hands in the ground and produce.

    Okay...I am off on a quest to find some nice tomatoes for tomorrow's lunch....I need a tomato sandwich!

    I think I smell some green tomatoes being fried up in your kitchen. Enjoy the weekend. ...Sara's Mom

    Anonymous said...

    Hi DAD,
    All the talk about tomatoes, has my mouth watering. It is too late to travel to the Saturday Farmers' Market, but maybe the super will have some green ones. (I doubt it.) I'd love to drive on over to Tennessee Home Grown Tomatoes but I know dreaming about a home grown tomato is all that is possible today. Maybe next Saturday - weather permitting.
    Now don't you go daydreaming at your Prayer Meeting. The Green Tomatoes will be waiting and taste real good. Have a blessed weekend. Aloha....Sara's aunt

    Anonymous said...

    Hi again, DAD,
    I just had to share with you that the show from CAM 2 is delightful. Lots of squirrels and birds competing for the feast you have set out for them. The birds were enjoying their bath and cool drinks, as well. Lovely evening.
    Aloha...Sara's aunt

    Anonymous said...

    To my Dad.
    What have I not done?
    ------your son