Thursday, July 21, 2011


" Live for others every day, this the true the better way.this the way the Son of God when on earth as Savour trod "

Good  Morning.

The words above are from one of our hymns which we enjoyed singing in our Mid week bible study last night. Dad


Partly cloudy with a stray thunderstorm. Hot and humid. High 35C. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 30%.

Partly cloudy with isolated thunderstorms possible. Hot and humid. Heat index near 110F. High around 95F. Winds light and variable. Chance of rain 30%

I don't know what to say about this above, we are being warned by all the news sources to be careful, this is dangerous , especially to the old folks like Dad, and that is what he is going to do. Do nothing the only bad thing about that is you do not  know when you are done. I think Prince will give me a little spot near him to get a few naps, and I know Mary well enough to know that she will serve Iced x bold coffee. Now you can't beat that. DAD

Good Morning, DAD,
I'll be needing a tall glass of Mary's Iced Coffee later in the day. It is going to be hot here, too. We plan to go to the beach at 8AM before it gets too hot. Enjoy your day. Aloha.....Sara's aunt

Look to your right in the side panel, those two books by Vic Weals, to find out more about them just click on the book. Dad

From Dad 
Dad's Southern Fried Green Tomatoes
*6 Renovates
*Salt and Pepper
*Corn Meal
*Vegetable Oil
*2 Eggs, beaten
Slice the tomatoes into 1/4-1/2 inch slices. Salt and pepper them to taste.
Dip slices in beaten
egg, then in the corn meal.
Fry in hot oil about three minutes on each side until golden brown.

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    Middle age is when you still believe that  you will feel better in the morning.

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  • I am going to be away from the office for a couple of hours this morning, but look for me to be around one of those three cams sometimes during the day.

  • I hope that your day is a good one and that you remember to " Live for Others to day "

  • BYE    BYE    DAD.


    Anonymous said...

    Good Morning, DAD,
    I'll be needing a tall glass of Mary's Iced Coffee later in the day. It is going to be hot here, too. We plan to go to the beach at 8AM before it gets too hot. Enjoy your day. Aloha.....Sara's aunt

    Sara said...

    It is already hot here! I went out and watered all my plants this morning. Oreo is already napping under the kitchen table on the cool floor. Too hot to do much of anything today.

    Oreo was supposed to start a new agility class tonight, but I think it will be too hot, especially for a black dog. I'm hoping the class is cancelled.

    Stay cool.

    Anonymous said...

    Good Morning DAD...

    I laughed when I read "the bad thing about doing nothing is you don't know when you are done". That actually happens to me sometimes. Shortly I will go out to the farm stand for all those wonderful summer treats to make a big cool salad for dinner. Then I will stay in...maybe until Saturday.

    I have a perfect shape and size tomato almost ready for slicing. How will I know when it is ready for picking???? This will be my first ever prize winning tomato. It is not going into any salad...this is a tomato sandwich tomato. I hope it will taste as good as it looks. Have you been picking and enjoying any of your crop?

    I already made the iced coffee for this afternoon's enjoyment. I store by your cam 3 to see what you might be up to. Good day for peace and relaxation and an added bonus of Mary serving up good treats and Prince at your side....Heavenly!

    ...Sara's Mom

    I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

    For a change we are as hot as you are there today. Most of the time we are not this hot even in summer and the heat is overwhelming to many. Thankfully I do have air conditioning that is being put to good use. Take care and keep cool.

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet, generous and thoughtful Prince:

    Shame on me for checking in so late again! Hope you all stayed in by the air conditioning and that you and Ms. Mary enjoyed your iced coffee (I'm having some, too!) and Prince, some nice cool water. Also hope that your heat wave eases very soon! Does your recipe posting mean what I hope it means? ;) Oh, they must be so good! The closest I can get to that right now is salsa verde (tomatillo salsa), which I love very much.

    Wishing you all a good night! Love and prayers from Jamaka and fams <3