Thursday, July 28, 2011


Good Morning .

I am going to start off very slow and easy this morning and see if I can do a bit better than I did yesterday Morning it was really bad.

After all we did have a very good day, we met with our main contractor and he has promised to get this job completed soon. They are starting a painting job today and I do feel encouraged.

I am feeling good this morning, even smiling before my x bold coffee is ready, I smell it anyway. My foot is so much better and I am feeling more like my old self, ready to get to work. Now how is everything in your part of the world. I hope that all goes well with you today and that you are getting this day started of right.When you are feeling good and doing well it makes me feel better.

Click on this below if you want to see something good. But not as good as our Oreo and Chewy, Dad.

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Today weather report for 37920

Sunshine. Hot. High 35C. Winds light and variable.

Sunny. Hot. Heat index near 105F. High around 95F. Winds light and variable

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  • What a lovely glad we got to see it.  It made me smile and cry. Joan.

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    I have been working on this journal this morning with fear in my heart, expecting something to blow up, but so far so good. But I am going to stop any way even though I had more to say, I should have told you about The Vic Weal books pictured in the side panel. and also mention  that I do sell advertising space in this journal, But I am sure now that there will be another day. I can see improvements , I want to come back in the morning.

    " Live for others "

    BYE     BYE     DAD


    Sara said...

    That Jack russell is very smart and knows a lot of cool tricks! Boy, that video my mom sent you made me cry too. What a sweet reunion.

    Glad to hear that your foot is feeling better.

    Perfect weather here. Trying to spend a lot of time outside and take advantage of it while we can. Chewy's new thing is digging for worms! I don't really understand,but he finds it fun. Maybe he is part bird?

    Anonymous said...

    Good Morning DAD...

    It is such a glorious morning. I am smiling over so many things. The nice breeze coming through the windows, the sounds of the birds singing, the tone of your happy blog, your foot beginning to feel better, your paint job beginning, mine ending and the cup of starbuck's coffee next to me.

    That AOL video made me smile and cry all over again. I do love those soldier coming home videos and this one was so special. How I wish all the soldiers could come home for good and no longer face the dangers of war!

    And that video of Jesse the helpful dog is so so cute. I really think Sara will be having Chewy doing all those things in her new house. Sara thought about getting a Jack Russell but Chewy was so adorable and he was born first. They were meant for each other.

    Keep smiling and enjoying a peaceful, happy day! ...Sara's Mom