Friday, September 23, 2011


Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest, for my yoke is easy and my burden is light

. JESUS said this above.

Good Morning.

I hope that all is well at your  house this morning, I am up and feeling relaxed and happy this morning, Yesterday was a hard day for me  as you would remember so I am glad to see it pass into history, and I am going to enjoy life today. I do have lots to be thankful for, looking to see and feel the kindness of all of you is worth so much to me, if that was all you had to offer it would be a pleasure to be here, because kindness is scarce in this cold cruel world , You are offering us so much more, the Hyperbaricoxygen therapy is priceless. it is the high point of my day. Dr. Hall Dad want to   thank you for giving us so muck to enjoy every day, we should try to pay you back in some way, and we will by telling other about you. telling them all that you have brought to us. DAD

Another thing that I appreciate is that when we are shut in taking our oxygen we are not alone for those two hours, again one of those nice friendly men is sitting right there with, us what a comfort that is to me. He is locked in with us and he does every thing to make us feel safe and comfortable , blankets  and water. You would not get that kind of treatment at your finest hotel, thank him today as he works so hard. and don't forget that sweet girl in the office, things might come to a halt if it was not for her. DAD

Several people have ask me why I start my journal at such an unusual hour. Well here is why , I have readers all around this globe, and there are different time zones, and I want my readers to be able to read it before the go to work, I do get comments from all around this world every day and Dad wants to thank you. Dad

There are lots of things that I should call your attention to that are in the care of my side panel, such as the picture of Oreo, click on the picture and smile. and I should not be even thinking  about this, I do offer advertising space here at a reasonable price, contact Dad at and let him surprise you with a quote.

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I must stop and head for the coffee pot one more time before I head out trying to make a living, every thing is so high, groceries and gas two things that we cannot do without

I have enjoyed being with you and if God gives me another day I hope to spend part of it with you, because I love you.



Sara said...

Happy Friday DAD! I am ready for the weekend! I had parent orientation at school last night, so I had a long day. Not too many parents showed up. But I did get a couple, and it was nice to meet them.

Hope your day goes well!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

We will be off to the museum shortly but I wanted to visit and sip some coffee with my SMILING friend before I get too busy with my wonderful company. I do enjoy reading about your treatments and how appreciative you are of all who take care of you...makes us all think about others around us that we should be thankful that they have touched us in some small way. So DAD..thanks for all the years of SMILES and cups of coffee and great advice.

Have a wonderful day. ...Sara's Mom