Saturday, September 10, 2011


This is our Good Saturday morning that we like.


As we go out into he unknown future, daily seek the presence of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit & we will have a successful day & God will crown the day  with His goodness.

This video shows the memorial that was built in Washington DC in honor of those killed either in the plane or in the pentagon on 9/11/01.  It is subtle and lovely and peaceful.

This above is a couple of days early, maybe I will show it through Saturdays entry which can be viewed on Sunday. DAD.

Sad memories indeed, but America did not give up in despair or fear, what a great privilege  to be an American.

Joan ask me to give you this, it can also be found in the side panel-" My Memories "

I want to write today a little about my first school days, which was a long time ago, it would have been in 1919. There sure are a lot of changes since that time. I remember very well the little two room school building that I attended. The name of the school was White's School. It was named after my grandfather because he gave the land for the school to be built on. As I mentioned before, the school had two rooms. They were called the little room and the big room. In the little room were the first four grades - first, second, third, and fourth, and one teacher took care all four grades and all the different subjects that were taught. In the big room was the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth, and the teacher in this room was the principal of the school. There was a long bench in the front of our desks facing the teacher. When school began in the morning our teacher would call the first grade to come to the front and sit on the bench. Then we would have about an hour of teaching, and then return to our desks, and the next class would be called up. And that continued until all classes were over. In the time that we were not in class we sat at our desks in the same room trying to study for our next class.

  • I am going to be telling you about the school facilities or the lack of them. I know some of these things may sound like "hard times," but I appreciate every hard experience that I had.

    Talking more about my old school--One of my comments was did we have a bell to ring at the beginning of each school day. I was about to forget to mention that. Thanks J for reminding me. Yes we did have a bell; there was a belfry on the top of the building. The rope to ring the bell came down into the big room. The teacher would let different ones of us students ring the bell. We were so proud and felt so important when it was our day.

    Of course we did not have any place to play inside, so all our play time was outside. I think that baseball and basketball were the most popular games. Since we did not have a cafeteria we ate our lunch on sunny days outside, and at our desk when it was raining. We had to bring our lunch from home because there was none sold in walking distance of the school.

    We didn't have central heat, of course, in our rooms. Each room had a large, iron pot-belly stove. One of our teachers came up with a good idea for us. During the cold months she made us a big pot of stew for our lunch on the stove. Each student could bring anything from their home, such as a potato, tomato, corn, or anything that would work in the stew. The teacher brought a piece of beef. She would put the stew on to cook in the morning, and it would be ready for us at lunch time.  We were supposed to bring from home our bowl and a spoon and a piece of corn bread. That was our lunch, and we all had a little part in it. About an hour before lunch time that stew sure began to smell good. We could hardly wait for the lunch hour to come.

    Don't you think this was nice? I still love beef stew. There are a few more things I want to mention. We did not have a school bus, so that meant a walk to and from school, which we all enjoyed very much. And then I just wanted to mention that there was not a janitor at school so my brother Ralph and I got the job of sweeping out the school rooms each day after school was out. Then in the winter months we would come to school about an hour early in the morning to start a fire in the two big iron stoves. And I remember so well the first book we had. It was it was a reader titled, Baby Ray and his little dog Penny. I sure would like to have one of those books now. If any of you know where I could get one I sure would be glad to hear from you.

    Even though I have mentioned a lot of what could be considered as "hardships," I didn't see them as that, and I still don't. I'm so glad I had the privilege of attending White's School. We loved our teachers very much, and they were good teachers who took an interest in us and wanted us to do well in school. To this day I can still remember their names. There were 8 of them.

    My first teacher was Edna Finger. She was an excellent teacher and helped me so much when school was a new experience for me. Another teacher that comes to mind was Sam Capps. I don't remember the year he taught. He was a real friend to me. Some days he would send me and one of my friends, Clyde, to a little store about a mile from the school to get him some Hershey Kisses. He loved chocolate, and when we got back he would always give us each a Hershey Kiss. We thought that was something. It was on our lunch hour that we went. I graduated from White's School in 1927. There were only 6 in the class, and I think that one other man and I are the only ones left.

    I won't ever forget my days at White's School.

  • Loved reading about your school years.  I will read it again tomorrow and maybe on Sunday too.  I am smiling big. Joan.

  • Here below is the first school book that I used in school

    I don't have a copy of the book but there are several links on the web to the book but this one I liked the best because if you click on the pages on the left column, you can see some of the wonderful drawings and some of the stories. With your memory, you will probably remember each of the stories the read starting in 1917 when the books were first published. I wonder if some of my fiends would remember this book or maybe own one.

    I want to add this for today 9/ 10/11. our school only went to the 8th grad and that was as for as I could go, in other words that is my complete education , my parents were poor and we were willing to get work and help out. This will help you understand why I write like I do. DAD

  • This is getting to long, I am going to stop here for now, These long articles take a lot of space, but I was ask for them and I like to please my readers because I Love You.

  • I do hope to see and talk to you on Monday morning. Please go to my side panel for all that I had to leave out, you will find it all there. DAD

  • BYE     BYE     DAD


    Anonymous said...

    Good Morning, DAD,
    What a delightful blog! Thank you for sitting at the long bench once again and sharing story with us. The Harvest Moon will be shining down on us Monday night. I'll be reciting the wee poem from your First Grade Primer - The Moon. White School set you on the path of being a lifetime learner and a good citizen. Two wonderful rooms from which knowledge was passed down and life skills sharpened. You got me smiling! Aloha from Hawaii....Sara's aunt

    Sara said...

    Oh, what wonderful memories. I know my students would LOVE it if I cooked lunch for them! What a kind and creative teacher you had.

    Today, I get a break from school. After running some errands, I plan on spending most of my day in the yard. Unpacking all my gardening stuff, weeding a bit, and hopefully sitting in a chair reading a book!

    Right now, I'm off to take Oreo and Chewy for a walk in the woods. FIrst morning since Sunday that I've been able to get them out for a walk.

    Have a good weekend.

    Anonymous said...

    Good Morning DAD...

    What a wonderful family you descend from! Because of the White Family you and other children were able to attend a loving school that taught the value of book learning and work learning and patience and caring and friendship. It must have been so exciting for Ray White to read that first book with Baby Ray in it...I bet all the other children looked at you each time they read the words "Baby Ray"...adorable illustrations and stories.

    Some of the brightest and hardest working people are those from earlier generations who only had the opportunity to go to elementary school...that includes you and my mother.

    My first grade class had 90+ boys and girls. Don't know how I learned anything in this very crowded class room. Probably learned reading from my big sister and her McGuffy Readers.

    Thanks for the memories. I'll be back to visit them again. Have a happy weekend.
    ...Sara's Mom

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