Monday, October 17, 2011


Take up thy cross the Savor said, if thou would my disciple be. Deny thyself  the world forsake and humbly follow  after me.

Time is so precious- do not waste it. Think it over today. Dad

Good Morning.

I always like to have  something interesting to begin these Monday morning  journals , and I think that my very close friend Vicki has come up with something good, Vivki lives way down south of Tennessee , I am sure  that you have notice the many good things she sends me. Vicki when are you coming to see us ? Thank you Vicki.

This below may be a little long for you, but it is worth it for all the memories that it will bring back to you, you can stop any time with the button at the left at the top of page/ DAD

If you like old photos, this is a pretty neat site.


Partly cloudy. Near record high temperatures. High 28C. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.

Intervals of clouds and sunshine. Near record high temperatures. High 83F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph.

We had a wonderful day Sunday , two visitors from Texas were with us, and we enjoyed them so much, we are fortunate in living were we do, it is about 30 minuets  from the Smokiest and we do have visitors very often. When our friends from other parts of the world that are going to vacation here they will find out the nearest Sunday meeting before they leave home and then call us for directions, we are so glad for all the help that we receive from our visitors, we invite any of you to give us a call, we always have room for one more.

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  • Dad's Rose Garden Album 2010
  • Dad's Smile Album

    More people rust out than wear out, DAD

    My son Jim is going to be with me the first three days of this week, he is doing that to give Mary a little break, and she sure does deserve one, she works so hard , 5 days each week, and all for me. Getting me to that oxygen Therpy and then back home again. Mary we Love you. I am sure that Jim will be able to handle me if I see that he can't I will have a talk with him. DAD.

    The Cook's Garden
    Cook's Fall-Planted Blueberries
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    Favorite Links

    Read these Memoirs above and you will see what a rough man that he is.

    Chose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life,  Dad.

    These two sayings came from a little booklet called " A Fathers Book of Wisdom?

    If anyone finds any violation of copy rights do let me know and I will correct it at once DAD

    This  is is all until my treatments are over, and then I can see a little nap before I write any more to remind you off my books, Oreo, Chewy and about my good advertising plan, plus a lot more on the side panel. and to remind you that I do love you

    BYE     BYE     DAD


    Sara said...

    I hope you enjoy your time with Jim today.

    How nice that you had visitors yesterday. I'm sure they enjoyed your company.

    Mom and Dad came over to my house for lunch yesterday. Mom helped us pick out a paint color for our living room. Painting is one of many things on our "to do" list!

    Chewy has taken up bird watching. Yesterday afternoon, he kept asking to go outside, and all he would do is stare up at the birds in the trees. He never barked at them.

    Joan said...

    Good Afternoon DAD...

    It has been a very busy day here and I am just getting to read my mail and visit my internet friends.

    Having Jim with you for a few days it really good for both you and Mary. Mary gets a break and you get to spend some quality Father and Son moments together.

    Today you give us more great quotes from A Father's Book of Wisdom. The one sounds husband loves teaching mathematics at a small college and he often says he would do this job for nothing. I always tell him to not say that too loudly around the administation.

    I think now I'll pour a cup of that xbold and visit those pretty photos. I bet there will be a SMILE or two.

    Enjoy the rest of the day. Jim may tell your fishy stories to make you laugh or smile.

    ...Sara's Mom