Saturday, October 15, 2011


Be true today, let not tomorrow  with anxious  fears becloud thy soul. be true today fret not sorrow thy cares up on the savour roll.

Time is so precious- I do not intend to waste any of it living for myself today.

Good Morning,

Yes I am writing a little later on this Saturday morning, I decided to get a little extra  rest and I am going to do this more often, I hope that my snoring did not keep you awake.

Treasure the love that you have above  all. It will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished.

Bog Manding.

I like to have something to make you Smile in the early morning, I think this below will do the job, it did for me yesterday so I decided to try it this morning. DAD

Element beau

Dad's Memoirs # 1
 Dad's Memoirs #  2
Feel free to read my memoirs , I am not ashamed of them, you will find out lots about this old 98 year old grumpy man. He is getting worse every day, just ask any of his readers if he has any left.

I said above that I do not write a journal on Sunday, this is what I do, I write this one #3207 today and it is for you to read Saturday and Sunday and then if all is well I will have a fresh new one on Monday morning, I hope.  You know that  Dad is getting old he might not be here on Monday.

As usual I do not close this journal until late in the after noon, so don't smile you are not, I said yesterday about hobbling in and some thought that was funny, well I want to tell you that my hobbling  is better this morning . Oxygen treatment is doing what  Dr Hall said they would do. SMILE,  DAD

We do not intend to violate any ones copy right material, if you think that I have please write me at and  I Will correct it at once. DAD

I do not like mention money on the week end, but the expenses do keep on going. It cost a lot just to grease these wagon wheels, but old Rock and Pete refuse to go if I don't do that. So that is why I am offering advertising space in this world wide read journal and at a bargain price. email Dad at and get a quote, you will be surprised.

I did not have a proof reader this morning, I am sure you  will find many errors.

I will be back all through the day.,  I am sending  my love, yes I mean  you. Where ever you are.



Sara said...

Glad you decided to get a bit of extra rest this morning. I could have, but still woke up at my regular time.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Joan said...

Good morning DAD...

I did smile as I watched and listened to those dancing blooming flowers again this morning. It is so charming.

After our delicious breakfast at the inn we are on our way east heading towards home. We will make a few stops along the way. Fall is the time to get away and stop to look at nature's beauty.

Enjoy a restful weekend with Prince on your lap purring peacefully. ...Sara's mom

Joan said...

Good evening DAD...

We are home after a rainy 4 hour drive. It feels good to be home but we were treated so graciously at the inn that I will miss their morning breakfasts and the conversations. We brought home lots of specialties and some we will bring to Sara tomorrow. Wish you could stop by she promises a pot of homemade soup.

I guess I am one of many to mention to all your readers that you are one happy, active, inspirational, young at heart 98 year old gentleman....and I hope you have many more days to brighten our days.