Friday, November 18, 2011

Dad’s Computer Update

This is Jim again.
Dad and Mary hit a little snag with the new computer and had to take it back to get a part replaced.
I talked to them a few minutes ago. Mary is working on getting the new computer set up. Dad said things are going good. I volunteered to come down tomorrow (Saturday) if they need my help. I don’t think they will need me. Mary is more than capable in getting things going again.
So we need to hang on. Let’s hope we get a post from Dad tomorrow.

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betty said...

Thanks, Jim. It is thoughtful of DAD and Mary to have you inform us on the lastest in the Computer SAGA.
I know DAD is ready to get his thoughts out to us. DAD, you have a lesson to share with us tomorrow.
I know it comes with patience and kindness. Enjoy the new computer. I hope the keyboard isn't too fast, but then, you will get used to it I'm pouring in the morning.
Aloha from HI......Sara's aunt