Saturday, December 31, 2011


Note: We now have all 3 cams on and working. # 3 has been off for months, its my favorite, on # 3 when someone comes on I can tell that you are there, and then I can talk to you, use it the same way that you the other cams, help is waiting on you.
Good Morning,
‘ Time is so precious-do not waste it.....
I am early again this Saturday feeling good, and you know that I am in a Happy Mood. A lot of good things happened to us yesterday, Jim and Beverly  did come down, they are just to good to us, they brought Mary some beautiful gifts some pictured above Jim and Mary have our computers in tip top shape.  It is a pleasure for me to write this blog. I don’t remember when I began this blog but it is now 2:11 a.m  Dad
And first of all let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful Great Grand-Daughter, Kara. Today she turns 14.  We love you and are very proud of you Kara!
A Gift from Jim and Beverly
Dad with Hersey Bars

The Secret
There is no place on land or sea;
On distant hill or valley fair,
In fruitful field or barren waste,
But lo, O Lord, I find Thee there.
In tumult of the noisy crowd
That throngs life’s busy thoroughfare,
In heart of nature’s solitude,
I find, O Lord, that Thou art there.
There are no heights in Heaven above
There are no depths of dark despair
There is no place in life or death,
But lo, O Lord, I find Thee there.
The secret of true sweet content,
Of quiet heart set free from care,
Is just the lovely certainty,
That where I go, Lord, Thou art there.
Author Unknown to me. If any one who is reading this knows the author’s name, please let me know so I can give them proper credit
I love the poem above, it is such a comfort to us, and gives us peace of heart and trust in God as we read it, dealings that I have  had with men lately helps me to see that it does not pay to put to put your trust in mortal man, some of them ( not all ) will let you down..
Over in the panel to your right is a link that says “ Tomato Problem Solver” but you will need to go there to view it,do go you will find all that you need to produce better tomatoes than your neighbor, it deals with blight and other problems.I will have that link here in a few days, but you be sure that you go there now. Dad said so. Dad.
I am glad that I am beginning to talk more about Tomatoes and it will be mention a lot from here on out. Our Cam # 1 will be playing a big part in our fun when we begin getting our hands dirty putting these plants in the ground watching them grow until we big red tomatoes peeping out at us
We are having fun with # 1 until then watching Dad drink his x bold coffee and he even smiles at us when he can keep awake, but we even like to see him sleep, he works hard and he is due a little rest. Watch for him today.
Mary and I have not talked about any plans for today , Sunday we will be in our meeting, we do need to prepare for that important meeting.
I do not close these Saturday blogs
until late in the afternoon so I will be in and out all after noon.
I enjoyed this visit and today as I am .leaving you I am
sending my Love to you.
Remember to live for others.
BYE      BYE      DAD

Friday, December 30, 2011


Good Morning.
How are you on this Friday morning, after this day we only have one day left until 2112 is here. Better rush around if you leave any thing done and not so many undone.
I don’t know what to say about my mood this Friday morning. Some days things start off a little rough, but then as the day seems a bit better, so I am going to take a go at it and say that I am in a happy mood, if things don’t work out I can change it later.
Jim and Beverly are coming down this morning to do a little computer improvements and he has promised a meal at the Ruby Tuesdays, I am ordering Ribs, they are prepared good here.
I don’t know what our plans will be for this day, I know that Mary has to go into the city to take care of a few things, I think that I will stay here with my buddy Prince and let him give me a few lesson in naps, he is an expert.

Sherry we plan to stop and see you on Thursday, I hope that you will be there that day, I need to see a big smile and her a little hug. DAD


Link for Tomato Problem Help


This is not much of a blog, but under the conditions is the best that I can do.


I do hope that you will go and look around in the panel to your right, it will do what I am not able to do today.

I am sending my Love and Best Wishes to you in all the world.

Be sure to remember that “ Time is so precious-do not waste it “ and also remember to “ Live for other”. I plan to thy to get to your house with a better blog in the morning.

BYE      BYE      DAD

Thursday, December 29, 2011


“ Love the Lord with all thy Heart “
Good Morning. ....
I have had a wonderful nights sleep an I feel like I am ready to face the conflict. I still need a little time to read and meditate as I have a cup of good hot Sumatra x bold coffee, I made it at an early, I do wish that it were possible for us to live closer together , we would have a wonderful time around the coffee pot, encouraging one another to keep pushing on to the end of our journey
I am in a Happy mood this morning, for a change every thing seems to be going as planned, but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Jim and Beverly are supposed to spend Friday with us Jim will be working on one of our computers . I am lucky to have three experts in my family to keep me going Mary, Jim and Beverly and I even know how to turn this Del on, right over to the right at the bottom.
I am almost a shame to tell you the tine but I will it is now 1:52 a.m. and don’t feel sorry for me, I am enjoying this and as I said up above I am in a Happy Mood, I am sorry that I cant show you this on Cam. 1 right now, I am doing a little work on it , it will be ready t a decent hour this morning, check it out you may see Dad drinking Coffee or sleeping. Prince may pass in front of the camera every few minuets.
“ Time is so precious-do not waste it “  Dad.
“ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you “
I should be doing more of the things that I LOVE to do best and that is helping you produce one of the Best Home Grown Tomato in your little garden, if you have just one plant I am as interested in you as if you had one thousand, so please call on me and I and the experts will do our best to help.
And the charges are reasonable , free to you, not even any sale tax, all I want from you is a big smile, and maybe a picture from you to use on this blog , pictures of growing tomatoes and the ripe fruit. Lets have some fun, and enjoy getting our hands dirty, it’s a good feeling.
I will be showing you pictures of our 50 plants when we get the plants in the ground, see them growing from plants to red ripe tomatoes, Mary will be using her traveling  Cam. # 1 to show you this.
I must tell Sherry that we will not see you until after the New Year 2012, but we will be stopping in soon. Dad
I am going to ask you to roam around again today in my side panel, it will tell you several good things. One thing that I need to mention is about my advertising space that I am offering, it is read in over one hundred countries and five thousand cities. This is ideal for your local advertising or in a far away country. Let me surprise you with a quote.  I would appreciate hearing from you, my coffers are low.
This is overly long but I have enjoyed visiting this morning, enjoyed the coffee very much. If all goes well I will see you as the sun come  up over the hen house Friday morning.
Sending Love all this troubled world, and remind you to “Live for others "
BYE     BYE     DAD

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We have moved Cam. # 1 to a new position  that I think you will like better, test it out t0day. DAD
What is yourvmood is at this early hour 2;56 a.m. A few have doubted that I am actually here at this hour now you can check me on Cam. #1. I may be crazy but I am enjoying it, and my mood is happy, can you say that.
I must go and get that Sumatra x bold coffee going, don’t go away I will be right back.
Its on perking, do you smell it ? It may be a little strong for you, it is x bold and I used an extra scoop. I have two friends that went to FLORIDA for a long vacation, I hope that they can find a Starbucks Store there, let me know Joan.
This coming Sunday we will begin living in a new year, 2012. Are you wondering what it will be like, well I am. most of us begin to think of new year resolutens  , well I am not, I am going to set down and make a list of all the things that I did not do in 2011 that I should have done and left undone, I am sure that I am going to be surprised and ashamed of myself for the way that clean sheet looks this morning. There is a little saying that says “ It is not what you do son, but what you leave undone, that will give you a heart ache at the setting on the sun “. Think that over this day. DAD
Our bible study is Titus chapter 3, We have enjoyed this little book, Paul was so proud of Titus and depended on him so much. The meeting will be here at our home.
Now Our plans for today could be just a number of things, some that we do not know about yet. We do want to start talking about home grown tomatoes.
We do need to ask you again to roam around our side panel, it is a great help to me while I am busy.
I have enjoyed this mornings visit, and if my life is spared , and you don’t lock the door I will be here Thursday morning.
Please remember to “ Live for others “
Sending my Love.
BYE      BYE      DAD

Monday, December 26, 2011


Good morning.
Time is so precious- d0 not waste it
Live for others every day ‘Tis the true the better way.I hope that all of my readers all around this wide world are in a HAPPY mood this Monday morning.
You all know how much I love Monday mornings, after these holidays I get bored and anxious to get in the harness again.
And thinking of these nice clean sheet that God gives me it gives me a desire to keep it clean, the only way that I can is having help from above.
I have been late almost every morning and not having that Sumatra Starbucks x bold coffee ready, but not this morning, The first thing that I did was getting a big pot going, I can smell it now. I wish that it was really true that you could be here with me enjoying a cup, maybe someday, think how much has been invented in the last 50 years,  what do you think of that Joan  ?
I want to tell you about our outside Traveling Camera for today. Mary and I have to make a short trip, while we are away from the office # I will be showing you our front Wild Life Habitat, not a very pretty picture right now, you just wait, spring will soon be here.
We only have 2 cameras in service. # three is in the repair shop.
Watch me this afternoon, if I had audio on this you might hear a few snores.
This is going to be all for the present. I will come back later in the day with a few jokes, and we might get in a Video.

I want to tell Sherry how much we are missing her. The foot Dr said I will go without the hyperbaric treatments for 2 weeks then she will decide whether or not I need more treatments in the Hyperbaric Center.
Sherry, I do miss your smile each morning, Tell all the crew hello for me. Mary and I may surprise you and visit you some morning soon
I will still be writing this journal seven days each week, talking about the Oxygen Treatments. I am a live, walking example of what it will do for you. DAD
I do need to Thank so many of you that have sent me so many beautiful cards and nice comments, and I am not able to do the same for you

I need to tell you about an advertising plan that I have, write Dad for prices
Do check my side panel for other things that I have to offer, such as Vic Weals books on the Smokies, My book will be finished soon DAD
I do need to talk about business, you know that is necessary if we expect to eat.That reminds me of an old joke. “ A man had a mule that he was going to teach to live without eating, but he said he had bad luck, just about when he had it trained the mule died”
We are sending our love out to you.
If all is well I will see you on Tuesday morning.
“ Live for others today “
BYE     BYE     DAD

Sunday, December 25, 2011


God gave us his only SON  that he might give us the most precious gift of Eternal Life. What are we giving to God ? Is it the very best that we have, think about this it is a serious matter.
Good morning.

Please look at this below, it is good.

It looks like that this is going to be a regular blog every Sunday morning. I feel that I should at least ask how you are doing at your house.
Mary and I are well, I am off of the Oxygen Treatment now and we do have a little more time to lead a nnormal life, and try to be a help to some one along lifes journey.

Mary and I will be in our Sunday morning meeting, then a light lunch and I am sure spend some time with Prince, maybe in a nap or so.
If my life is spared to see the light of another day, I will be with you Monday morning with some tomato talk.
" Live for others "

BYE     BYE     DAD

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Good Mooring

“ Life is so precious-do not waste any 0t it “  Use as much as is possible in “ Living for others “

I have a live cam, on this entry this morning, and it will be on all day, If you would like to check on Dad any time today,click on Cam # 1, do be very quite I may be reading or maybe  you might catch me in a nap with Prince

If you have any trouble reaching get in touch with me. I have help for you you

I have failed again to mention or ask anything about you, I am in a Happy mood this morning , it is a great change that we have made and a little  quite around here, so some of you our can send us an email or comment if you have the time.

And Sherry this is for you, we are missing that sweet smile And I am missing having you come to the parking lot.

we may be out that way sometime next week, if so we might stop for a little visit.

Please tell all my fiends that we have met there, that we miss then, and would to be with them

The purpose of this entry is give you to look at today and Sunday,

I keep this open until late afternoon, for any thing that might  come in late.

No I did not forget the x bold coffee, I just forgot to mention it. DAD

This is all for this week. We are send our Love to you.

Do keep on” Living for others “

BYE      BYE     DAD

Friday, December 23, 2011


Good Morning,

Time is precious-do not waste it.  Dad

Dad and Sherry. Sherry is the Practice Manager at the the Hyperbaric  Center. My friend.












Dad and Trula. They were the oldest two patients at this time. Dad is 98 and

Trula is 96.  This was taken at the Christmas Party that they planned for the patients.

Trula is the poet I was telling you about.

How are all my friends feeling this Friday morning ? I am in a very Happy mood. Mary and I visited Heather at the Wound Center and we got a pleasant surprise, I am off of the Oxygen treatments, I am 0n my own, so we did not have that early trip this morning. Dr. Heather wants us to see her in two weeks, just to be sure that all is well.

I am going to miss every one up there, It is going to be a little sad for us, I am already wishing that I could see a big Sherry Smile.

And Sherry tell ever one over there that I can see that “getting ready” room in my mind, and Mary and I expect to drop on you very soon.

I do expect to continue this 7 day world wide journal, the sun never sets on Dads Tomato garden and I  am going to talk more about those Oxygen Treatments. After all I am a walking example of what is able to do.

If any would like to know how to get started write me at

and I will help you.

I must stop for a few minutes to fill up my coffee cup, but I will be around close. If you would like to see old Dad drink his coffee  and reading, just click on Cam # 1, if you have any trouble write me, I have trick.

Enjoyed every thing today, I will have more pictures and other things later. Remember to “ Live for others “

Mary, Prince and I love you

BYE      BYE      DAD

Thursday, December 22, 2011


Good Morning
“Times so precious-do not waste it “
A few of the most truthful words ever spoken , remember then and do try to  “ Live your life for others “
I am hoping that all is well in your part of this wide world.
I am in a Happy mood again this Thursday morning, it seems that things have been going better for a few days, I had better enjoy them, they could go away so soon.
I will be going to see Sherry this morning. I am enjoying these Oxygen Treatments so much, and I would like to be there right now, and the big smile that I get from Sherry and all here smiling crew, and that  does include Doctor Hall. When I see all those smiles It seems do as much good as the treatment, could that be true, Dad thinks so.
We have an appointment with Heather in the Wound Center at 8: 30 am. I am sure that things will go good there.
Mary and I are going to be busy after all the above. I need to be something about producing those good home tomatoes, roses and smiles. Now that is some thing that can not be toped for a melt in your mouth flavor, they are produced out in the open garden with plenty of sun apart for enough air circulation. Unlike these hot house tomatoes , produced in crowded sheds no sun, rain from above to water, I am sure that you have been fooled many times with those big Red tomatoes, you feel like that you are chewing something that is not good.
“ A good memory is fine , but the ability to forget is the true test of greatness “
“ Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it”
“ Its right to be content what you have, but never with what you are “
“ A minute of thought is worth more than an hour of talk “
These four thoughts are from a little book called Apples of Gold. I have owned this little book for many years, and read in often.
I must get that Starbucks Sumatra x bold started, I will come back later for my cup.
I must go, Mary, Prince and Dad send their Love to all this troubled world.
We must not forget this today, “ Live for Others “
I will be back in the morning if God has mercy on me and give me another dad of life.
BYE     BYE     DAD

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Time is so precious- do not waste it. DAD.
Good morning.
I am still have a Happy mood this morning and I have so many thinks to make me smile, the first is always being spared to see another day of life, but what a treat that we  had yesterday when Sherry and Mr and Mrs Hall treated us to a delicious meal and to visit so many of our friends and many of their Oxygen Treatment users of many years back, all still very happy, and telling us that is was the best thing that had ever done and proving to us by their looks and walk. Ever one was one big smile
When it was time to leave for home Mary and I did not want to leave, but needed to get back to Prince, and get our hands dirty again, that is what I like to do.
We don’t know how to thanks our friends for  this treat, what Mary and I are going to do is tell more people about this Oxygen Treatment and to let us how to go about joining us our email is
I do need to get busy and talk about producing tomatoes roses and smiles, that is my purpose, and to never for get to “ live for others “
“ Simplicity is making our journey of life with just baggage enough “

This is not all for today, I will be around
BYE     BYE     DAD

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


“ If you love me keep my commandments “
These are words of Jesus, it is so easy to understand what Jesus said , even the unlearned like me have no excuse.
Good Morning.
Believe it or not I am in a Happy mood again, just Happy to still be in the land of the living.
I hope that all is going well in your part of this world and that you are able to get to your job, this might make you a little eager if y0u remember that we need the money, the bills will be arriving the 1st of the month with out fail, and it seems that they never get lost like some of our important does.
I have made some changes in our three Cameras that we have outside,
# one will be a traveling camera. You will see it in several places, if Mary happen to something that is interesting she will be able to show, like a pretty Rose or a big tomato turning red right before your eyes.
# Two will be showing you the 50 plants of tomatoes, the lighted bird bath, and the Wildlife Habitat , lots of squirrels and other wild life. It makes me smile to see a big homegrown tomato turning red right before my eyes. DAD
#Three , will be a front view of a bird bath, many bird feeders , roses and other flowers. You can even see the postman putting all those bills in my mail box.
I hope that you get some pleasure of these new positions, If you have any suggestions let Dad know.
I must leave you, Mary and I have an invitation to lunch after we have our Oxygen treatment. Thanks to Sherry and dr. Hall.
I will be back later with what I have left out, you know like telling you again about my side panel and also tell you--
“ To live for others this day “
BYE     BYE     DAD

Monday, December 19, 2011


‘’ Be true  today let not tomorrow with anxious fears becloud thy soul, be true today fret not nor sorrow, thy cares upon thy Savior roll.”
Another Rainy Day beauty
Here is a rose on a rainy December day in Dad’s front yard.
Good Morning
I am in a Happy mood on this Monday morning. As I have told you Monday is my day, I am anxious to get back in the harness. I want to get my Oxygen treatment early this morn and then get back here and play in the dirt. I will be glad to see Sherry this morning, be listening for my call, I will be there. Dad
Below are some photos of gifts from Karen & Pat. We appreciate them thinking of us so kindly!
Mr. Teddy Bear
Mr Teddy BearP1010222
Below is a photo of what Karen sent home for Mary since she didn’t get to go. Special home-made chili, baked potato and dessert bars
This is what Karen sent home for Mary since she didn't get to go dinner
Special Gifts from Karen & Pat
Special gifts from my niece & her husband Pat
Sweet memories of a wonderful visit Dad.
I don’t know about y0u but I am in need of some coffee, not just any coffee.  but you know me it has to be Sumatra x bold. It is almost ready sit her beside me while we wait, and give some good thought to think about today, some times my thoughts very wrong, maybe looking for faults of others and not seeing any in my own life
“ Try not to become a man of success but rather a man of value. “
Albert Einstein said this.
It is time for me to park, and begin to get read for an Oxygen treatment, I wish that you could me, send me a note I can tell you how get started     DAD
I hope that you will go to mt side panel, you will find a lot of good stuff there, like Tennessee Grand Dad and much more.
I will talk more about money and business later, I could just mention that I do sell advertising space in this world wide blog, write Dad for prices, it will surprise you.
I have enjoyed being with you, I hope to be back in the morning, remember.  
“ live for others every day “
BYE     BYE       DAD
Mary and Prince send their Love

Sunday, December 18, 2011


“ Sweet is the rest, that comes with dawn at last, after the night of dark despair is past “
“ Sweet is the rest in bearing of the cross “
Good Morning.
My mood is Happy this Morning ,because God has give me another day of life, another clean sheet I need His help to keep it clean.
My mood is Happy because we will be in our Sunday Morning this morning, we expect visitors from Canada and from some state south of us.
My mood is Happy that I decided to make this Sunday blog a regular feature. It gives me a chance to say again.
“Live for others"
''There is no experience better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up''
From John A Holmer
If God gives me another day , I want to come back on Monday talking about producing tomatoes.
BYE      BYE      DAD

Live for other.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


The Gift of God that no amount of money can buy “ Eternal Life “
Good Morning
I like to think of this entry as my lazy entry, I don’t have to say very much and I can take all day to write if I need to.
And I don’t go to the Hyperbaric Center , I only go five days each week, the one think about is that I will not see Sherry, until Monday morning, and I do like to see that smile that you get from her.
Sherry is doing a wonderful job ,the treatments are wonderful, healing people and making them smile again, I do highly recommend the treatments, they have done so much for me, giving me a lot of hope for the future,  50 plant tomato garden for one thing, if you happen to be near my garden around July the 4th stop in and sample some good. Do bring your salt shaker.
Since I will be around all, coming in and out, I am going to rest for a little, maybe a cup of that x bold coffee and may a nap with PRINCE.
But you will hear from me again, I promise.
Here’s a picture Jim took of me a few minutes ago.
BYE     BYE     DAD

Friday, December 16, 2011


Sweet is the rest in bearing the cross--
Good morning.
I am in a Happy mood this morning . I have learned in my 98 plus years  that every thing don’t have to be in your favor that you can still be happy, have you heard this saying, “ If you get a lemon make lemonade.”
No I have not received any lemons , just plain sensible advice from my friend Heather at the Wound Center yesterday, I had thought that it would be completely healed, but she found just one very small spot that she wanted closed an she is going to do that with just a very few oxygen treatments. Now would you not be glad for her care and interest, I am. Thanks Heather. I wish that there more like you in this cold cruel world. Dad

Dad's Tomato Garden Problem Solver

I am very proud of this link above, it is my most popular, and you will see why when you read it, please keep this handy when you beginning your tomato, it include so much including Blight and tomato fruit diseases . Read it to the very end. Dad.
I want to say Hi to Sherry, and tell you that We will be there soon , for my Oxygen treatment.
And you see that I have finally started talking about Tomatoes, the link above is very helpful, you may tire of, tomatoes,tomato,tomatoes but that all that is on my mind these days. SMILE
I must go, I plan on seeing you in the morning, Oh did I forget to tell you that the x bold COFFEE is ready, sorry that I can't wait and share it with you. Mary Prince and I are  sending our Love and best wishes
Remember " Live for others "

It is now 1: P.M. and I am home from my oxygen treatment . I enjoyed it so much, I feel so much better after these treatments. Now Prince wants me to come nap with him, so here I go.

BYE     BYE     DAD

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Start the day right, spend your time first with GOD. before you do another thing.
“ Time is so precious-do not waste it” Dad

Good  Morning.

I am in a Happy Mood this morning. We are to go to the Wound Center at 8:30 this morning. We will find out then if I have had enough of the Oxygen Treatments, We feel that we have, we will let you know.
We have enjoyed the time with Sherry at the Oxygen Center, and feel that our time was not wasted, We count Sherry a close friend and we will be visiting her often, just to visit and see her sweet smile, I admire her so much. Dad
I must get down to my business of producing good home grown tomatoes, it is to early of course but I do need to get my spot turned for at least 50 plants. I will have plenty for myself and a few of my friends and a few for my kin folks

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Good Morning
L am in a Happy mood this morning so I think that it is safe to sit down with me for a little visit and enjoy a cup  Sumatra x bold, it will be ready very soon so while we are waiting you tell me some thing good to think on today, its hard for me to think this early 2:59 a.m. But I have to start this early to get every thing done, don’t feel sorry for me. It is something that I love to do and I hope that I can keep on until the of this short life. The many nice comments that I receive from you my friends help me to keep plodding on
I do have a few things to do early this morning, just things around outside that is in need ot repair, so I may do that early then come back and talk more,
It is not very cold, 43 at  this time, I hope that we do not get any rain today, we have had so much lately,
“ When you were born, you cried, and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a manner that when you die the world cries and you rejoice.”
“ When an old person dies, a library  is lost “
The two above from A Fathers Book of Wisdom.
I am doing a poor job in helping you produce a good home grown tomato, but I promise you that I will get to that in the morning.
And here is what I want you to do is visit old Dad around July the 4th and I will let you taste something delicious, Oh yes please bring your salt shaker, does that bring back pleasant to you ?
I had better go before you shut the door on me, that would make me sad.
I have enjoyed being with you, an I hope to see you on Thursday morning, don’t forget “ Live for others."
Mary , Prince and Dad send our Love to you.
BYE      BYE      DAD

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


“ Time is so precious-do not use it all on yourself, give a little of it to others” DAD.
Good Moring.
Yes I am in a Happy Mood this morning, things had not gone so very well yesterday morning but they changed in the early evening, one of our friends that we had not been able to locate for about two weeks, Mary finally found her on her home phone, then we had a little better sleep. We appreciate  all of our readers, and when we think that they me be in trouble we get busy and try to help. Vicki we are so happy to find you safe and sound.

How are you feeling in your part  of this world, are you setting out Tomatoes yet ? I am not yet , they just will not grow in two feet of snow, but just give me a little time and I will give you a run for your money, I will be sure that you get a picture of my first ripe tomatoes.

Favorite Links

We are very proud of our three cams, I hope that you can view them, if you have any problem write me at I think that I have found a way for you to view them, you will appreciate them more when the tomatoes are turning red, and more wild life is visiting their Habitat.  DAD
This old man is needing a cup of hot strong coffee, nothing will do the job like Sumatra x bold, it is hot and ready, sit down and enjoy a cup with Dad, if you have any problems it might be a good time to talk it over with him. DAD..
“ Begin, continue and finish the day with God, and you can lead a life of peace and rest of your soul, what could be better than that” Dad.
I have not been saying very much about producing tomatoes, but watch for its coming maybe tomorrow
And my side panels with so much to view, and I will have a few items like books and any thing that I can find that is a bargain and interesting.

And I do want to remind you that I do sell advertising space in this world wide journal, let Dad quote you a price, write him at
I had better unhook these Mules and get back in the office, there is always work to be done there.
Don’t forget our purpose in life “ Live for others”
I hope to see you in the morning.
BYE      BYE      DAD

Monday, December 12, 2011


Good Morning.
How are you feeling on this Monday morning ? I hope that you are able go to your job with a Smile on your face. I am going to try to do that, but is going to be hard.
Why don’t we just go ahead and think about Starbucks x bold coffee, it might helps us get a little push off, it is ready and I am going to serve you, sit down and meditate as you enjoy
It is hard for me have very many thoughts this morning, I will tell you that we had a good meeting yesterday , and a few naps with my friend Prince in the afternoon , he is a true friend, never complains just happy to be here at our side
“ If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. “
“ When the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name. He marks not that you won or lost but how you played the game. “
These two above from Fathers Book of Wisdom
I hope that we can keep relaxed this day and not have any thing to worry us. One of the greatest comforts that I have is that God in heaven is looking down on us, and he sees us, even our thought, and that he sees not as man sees us but in His Tender Mercy. So why does it matter what men say about us, Jesus said something like in Matthew fivee. DAD

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Spend this day in thinking about blessings they are more than you realize. DAD

Good Morning

I hope that you are feeling good this Sunday Morning, and I am glad that I have begun this journal as a regular thing. I want to say Good morning to every one in this troubled world. And relax for God is still up in Heaving looking down upon all, Blessed are those who his True way and walk in it. I want to thank my parents for this that they did for me, when I was to young to choose for myself.

Yes I am in a happy mood this morning. And I have reason to be, Our friends taking a vacation in the mountains will be in our Sunday  morning meeting, and then taking us out to a lunch

After that A quite resting at home with Prince, taking naps.

I hope to see you Monday morning , I hope with a smile. 

Please remember “ Live for others this week end “

BYE      BYE      DAD

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Sweet is the suffering in bearing of the cross
Good Morning
I am in a Happy Mood this morning, and I hope that you will join me today.
One thing that I am going to do is this favorite of mine, it is what the carpenters say “ Measure twice and saw once'’
I feel that is I do this that I will be a happy man at my bedtime.
Mary and I have wonderful plans for ourselves, we will have the previledge of two of our friends being with us in our Sunday morning and then going to lunch after, they are on their way to Florida for the winter
We wish that we could go on with them, but we better stay her with Prince, and work so we can have food to put on the table
I have the Sumatra x bold coffee ready, stop in any time today and make your self at home
I am going to stop right here, I will be close by all this day to get all the good things that come in, and for you to tell me that you love this old grey header man who is 98 plus old, I really do not feel that old, I am planning to have a big tomato garden this spring.
If you  pass by this way around July the 4th stop in and Dad will have a few for you no charge, a Big Smile will be all, and no taxes
If you need me today  you can reach me here at
You may noticed that there a few things that we do not even mention any more, feel as free as a Tiger in the wilds’
Look for a better journal morning, I will begin to tell you all that I know about producing tomatoes , send any questions I will try to help. DAD
Don’t forget our main purpose in life “ Live for others every day.”
BYE     BYE     DAD

Friday, December 9, 2011



             Good Morning,


“Time is precious; Do not waste it.”


Meet Mr. Squirrel who visits Prince and me quite often.



My Brother’s Keeper

As I walked along life's pathway,
My brother walked there too
I saw my brother slip and fall
I wondered what to do.

I took my problem to the Lord,
The Lord already knew.
And as I talked it o'er with Him,
He told me what to do.

He spoke to me of His great love,
His mercies ever new.
And if my brother I would help,
I would need this love too.

So if I see my brother fall
In keeping strong and true.
I'll take it only to the Lord,
Who knows just what to do.

      By Ray White              

I think that I am in a good mood this morning, I hardly know, so many things have happened around me right in front of my eyes the past few days that  does cause me to loose confidence in man but not in my Heavenly Father, He is up above us looking down to see any that is doing good. What a    thought but also a con one, why should we ever worry.

In the poem above talking about our brother making mistakes a lot of people cannot wait to tell it to their neighbor instead of the Lord, and also wanting to be the first to do it, I despise gossip. DAD

Mary and I have not made any plans for this day, only to take is easy, but I have made plans for us to have a cup of Sumatra x bold coffee it is ready and I am going to pour, Joan you sit right down in that rocker over there and Relax you try to do to much for others

An old timer is some one who  remembers when we counted our blessings instead of calories.

Middle age is when we can do as much as we ever did but would rather not’

These two above are from Over The Hill and on A Roll.

We have no intentions of violating any ones copy write, if you think I have let me know and I will correct it DAD


You will find as you look back upon your life That the moments when you have really lived are the moments when you have you have done things in the spirit of love.

By Henry Drummand

I do want to tell you that I do sell advertising in this journal write Dad for prices.

We are also writing a book of our own, we will keep you  posted on this.

I must go will see you in the morning.

Live for others.

BYE     BYE     DAD


Thursday, December 8, 2011


Sweet is the rest in bearing the cross
Good Morning,
I am in a happy mood this Thursday, and I have a lot of reason for for being happy.
This picture above sits on my desk and brings me many pleasant thoughts  of past days. His name was Scottie, and to me there has never a companion like Scottie, When I worked he was with me, when I was lying in the shade Scottie was there, He is gone now. his grave along with Prince is under the Flag in our back yard
Snowflakes and Dear Ones
Gentle snowflakes fall upon me,
Melting fast upon my face,
There’s no way that I can keep them,
If in my heart they have no place.
Very fragile, very special,
Are these snowflakes from the sky
They remind me of my dear ones,
As they gracefully flutter by.
Scarcely do I see their beauty,
Barely do their rare imprints
Fix themselves upon my fingers,
Till I’m wondering where they went.
In this world so temporary,
Filled with ephemeral things,
Surely everything is fleeting,
Flying ‘way on speeding wings.
Like the snowflakes that are melting,
When they touch my skin so warm,
Yes, myself, my friends, my family,
We’re on that solemn journey home.
Snowflakes can’t be kept in bottles,
You can’t grasp them as they fly,
You just have to dearly love them,
As they slowly flutter by.
We cannot keep what can’t be held,
And just as snowflakes disappear,
Often on life’s lonely landscape
We’re deprived of what is dear.
Yet no one really leaves us,
Though we’re far, so far apart,
As long as we believe in snowflakes,
And keep them always in our hearts.
By Mary L White
Beautiful   Click Here  JERUSALEUM
We will be going for my Oxygen treatment this morning, I will call you from the parking lot Sherry. it a cool 35 right now, you can bring me a hot cup of coffee if you wish, I will be good all day if you will. DAD
I have lots more to give you later today’
“ Live for others "
BYE     BYE     DAD

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Good afternoon
just a short note to let you know that things well at the Oxygen treatment today.
Meeting is hear tonight, our study is Revelation 22. I do enjoy the last two  versr of the chapter, that is my prayer and wishes
I hope to see you in the morning
BYE     BYE     DAD


Time is precious-do not waste it, spend it trying to help  some strugling soul along lifes rocky road
Good Morning.

I am a litle short on time this Wednnesday morning, Sherry I am on my way to get my Oxygen treatment I will call you when I am in the parking lot.

Ant to the rest of you I will get in touch with you aroud noon, The Starbucks x bold is ready,help your self I will have mine when I return, with some good news, I hope. I know that I will get a few smiles and they do help on these cool mornings. Be good untill I talk to you. I Love you where ever you live in this wide world, I do come there.

BYE      BYE      DAD

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Begin the day with a Happy mood, and you will enjoy the day much better the most beautiful things around, remember that we only go this way once. DAD
Good morning.
I am going to do what it says because I do want to have a good day and week, there is lots to do and I have scarce begun,
I hope that all of you are feeling good an able to face a new day  and get a fresh new sheet from our Heavenly Father, not one spot on it, do be careful with it.
Would you share a cup of  Starbucks x bold with me ? I think that it might clear your mind, and you could at least see your way to work.
We will be going to the Oxygen treatment this morning, I am suppose to get these until Thursday week and hopefully a new pair of shoes and a chance to produce Tomatoes, Roses and Smiles. I am so anxious to get my hands dirty.
Now Sherry you be listing for my call, and tell all the crew to be smiling when they come to the parking lot to bring me in getting me ready for the Oxygen Treatment. I enjoy that and am anxious to get in there this morning. DAD

This is going to be all until we return from our visit t0 the smiling and friendly folks, it will be in the early afternoon our love and best wishes to you where ever you live. “ The sun never sets over Dads Tomato Garden Journal “

See you soon

BYE      BYE      DAD


Monday, December 5, 2011


Begin the week with God, Keep true to God what ever comes across  your path
Good Morning.
I am still in a Happy mood, and I am going to do my best to keep in that mood all week long, Whatever comes let it come, we have the Heavenly Father up above to watch over, and you know that he never slumbers or sleep. What a comfort that is to us
We had a good day yesterday, a real encouraging meeting and then we had a quick lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, then on to home. There is no place like home, As I had already told you Jim and Beverly were with us.
It is a little to early even think about plans for this day, if I was smart I would be in my warm bed where most of you are right now The outside tempeature  is 52 and I think that we are going to have a good day
Good morning Sherry and Doctor Hall at the Mobile Hyperbaric Center. I do plan on being there this morning for another Oxygen  treatment, I hope that you will have a place for me, I am feeling extra good this morning, and just a few more are going to complete the job, I am going to miss all of you there, those big smiles and kindness of the whole crew, makes this old man want to shed tears.
Doctor Hall I would like to talk to you before I leave , if you can spare the time. DAD
Mary is already making plans for us when this is over, Looking it over I am thinking that we are going to be very busy in producing Tomatoes, Roses , Smiles, and just living for others. “ Time is precious-do not waste “
I will be talking about business in the next few days. Keep in touch with my side panel. we are going to making a few improvements there and tell you of a few things that we are going to offer you, I am sure that you will be pleased.
I was about to forget to offer you a good cup of Sumatra x bold, set back down Joan, I am going to pour this morning.
We are sending our Love and best wish to all this troubled world.
I plan on being back in the morning.
“ Live for others “
BYE     BYE     DAD

Sunday, December 4, 2011


“God is faithful to his chosen, In his dealings every day, both in judgment and in mercy all along the pilgrim way.” 
Good Morning
I am still in a HAPPY mood this Sunday morning, looking to be in our Sunday morning meeting, Jim and Beverly are going to be in our meeting today, they are coming down this morning. I am going to try to get a dinner out of Jin at The Chop house if I can.
Be kind to those with whom you live
The time will soon be o’er
Not many years are left for me
Time soon will be no more
The one who walks now by your side
Can mean so much to you
Make use of all you have today
Be kind, forgive, be true
The years have gone so fast for me
It seems a little while
If I could live time o’er again
I would go the other mile

By Ray Whiite in memory of LaVerne whi truly lived for others. DAD


I hope that your Sunday will be spent in a profitable way , remember “ Time is so- precious-do not waste it “ spend it living for others
I plan that if all goes well to see you in the morning
BYE     BYE     DAD

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Good Morning.
I am in a HAPPY mood this morning. So many things have happened that made me feel good, I am able to use the Style Writer which I like very much.
And my health is so much better, and I want to thank Doctor Hall for this. He has done so much for me and I feel like I will be able to have a big tomato garden this spring, if you will come by my garden around July the fourth I might bag up a few for you, no cost just the Big Smile.
I will also have a big pot of Sumatra x bold coffee ready, I have plenty my Grandson Kevin gave me two pounds on Thanksgiving day.
I do hope that all of you my world wide friends are doing good where you are, I know that you may be reading this because “ The Sun never goes down on Dads Tomato Garden Journal.” Send me a little note letting me know part of this world you are living in. DAD.
Jim and Beverly will be visiting us Sunday, they
will be in our Sunday Morning meeting, and I think that Jim hinted that he might take us out to lunch’
“ Time is so precious- do not waste it'”  It will never come again, that is a serious thought. DAD
Our plans for today is to go slow, a nap or two with  PRINCE and then get ready for our Sunday morning meeting’
I want to say Hello to all the crew up at the Oxygen treatment this morning, I will not be there today if all is well you will here my call about 9:30 on Monday saying in a gruff voice “ This is Dad come out and get me “
All for now, I have enjoyed the visit, I will see you Monday morning with a frown on my face.
BYE      BYE       DAD

Friday, December 2, 2011


Time is so precious- do not waste it living for your self alone, Liver for others.

Good Morning.

I am in a very Happy mood this day,

We are home from the oxygen treatment, and I am going to try and send a little news of how things went. We spent two wonderful hours in the treatment and I came out feeling wonderful, so relaxed and feeling that I am  getting so much help here, these treatment that I am getting for a few days are just a little test to be sure that my friend Dr. Hall has done a good job on old Dad. I don’t know how many more of these that I will get, but I am that it will be enough to do the job.

I do want to mention that the ones that were on duty today had that big smile’

I highly recommend these Oxygen treatments to you and wish that you would check on it now, and begin to feel better. You would need to talk to your doctor about this, and I know that he would know what to do

I hardly know what our plans are for this afternoon, one of mines is a good nap with Prince, and he has beat me to it, he is right here at my side sound asleep, cats don’t seem to ever feel the need of working.

Mary had a doctor apointment at two p.m.when she returns she plans to work on a few pictures that we need for another  project that we are working on, we will tell you more about at a later date..

I will be talking tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes very soon now, I have already been looking at the seed catalogs, and makes you want to star as early as possible

Jim and Beverly are going to visit us on Sunday, they will be with us in our Sunday morning meeting, and he hinted that he might take us out for dinner.

I need to stop and get started on my nap, and I am hungry, I think that I can find something in the kitchen. I plan to see you in the morning with a smile and a cup of that x bold coffee.

Don’t forget “ Live for others "


Thursday, December 1, 2011


“ Be good to yourself today. you are the only one that you have “
Good Morning.
I am in a happy mood today.
I feel that I have  so much to be happy about. Thinking of Gods mercy on me. and the mercy of so many of you my friends. With out it I would not be here at this keyboard pegging away
I began the  treatments with Dr Hall a few month ago, they ended yesterday. This morning I will be in the wound center to see what progress it has made, only two choices, say that I am well, give me a decent pair of shoes, or decide that I need a few more treatment, I do trust Heather on the choice that she makes, and I am going to  in a Happy mood today, I will began making plans for the future    smiling all the way. And above all find more ways to spend the balance of my life in “ Living for others and forgetting this old selfish DAD.
After we have some news we will let you know

We did visit
Dr Hall and Heather at the wound Center

r this morning, they gave my foot a good look and were pleased. to be sure that all is well, and will stay well they want to check on it
for a few days, they are both so nice and I do appreciating them helping me to be able to work in my tomato garden this spring, Thank you my friends. DAD

This is all the time that I have this morning enjoyed the visit this morning and if do not lock me out I will be back , with a few jokes and poems. “ Live for others today “
BYE      BYE      DAD