Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dads Wednesdays Entry TWO Thousand Six Hundred Seventy


IF you will look at Cam.#1 you might see the squirrel trying to eat out of the squirrel prof feeder, it is the feeder on the right of your screen. Dad

Good Morning’

“ Time is so precious- do not waste it “

I wonder how many times that we have used that in the past year, I still like it, I believe it, and I want to take heed to what it says. Gods reminds us ever day of the truth of the saying.

So many of our friends are leaving this world every day. And when I think of my age 98 plus years it dose make this old man want to  walk a straight line.

Now I am not trying to make you sad, we do have so much to be thankful for, and I hope that we can produce a few smiles this morning, try it out right know, SMILE. Dad

Coffee cup animation

The Sumatra Srtarbucks x bold coffee is just about ready, sit down over there in that rocker and Dad will serve you, if any of you like hot tea just let me know and I will have that for you. Dad

We are starting this day with a temp. of 62 degrees and it looks like clear skies. That will be good on Mary and I, as we do have one appointment at 2 p.m. to get the order in for a REAL pair of shoes. I have not had a pair in over a year. I will be so proud to have them, they will be more comfortable than what I am wearing now, DAD

The rest of our day will be spent in getting ready for our Wednesday night bible study, our study will be Daniel chapter one. We enjoy our bible studies in mid week, we need the help to keep us going on. Dad

“ Laughter is the best medicine “

Who has more to offer than Readers Digest, thank them not me. Dad

There are a few things that I would like to recommend to you to look at  that is in our Side Panel, they are-

“Dads Tomato Problem Solver”

“ Sara’s Dog Training “

“ The Eagles”

“ Tennessee Grand Daddy “

I have enjoyed all the above, especially the Eagles, why don’t they LAY an egg.

I think that we have chosen a name for our book, I have not discussed it with the others yet but I will before we settle on it.” DAD THE TOMATO MAN”

I talked to the editor yesterday and it is getting closer.

I don’t want to leave without telling you again of our advertising space that we have for sale at a good price, write old Dad at and you will hear from him right away.

I will be adding a few Readers Digest thoughts late in the day.

“ Just think how far that we have come in the 20th century . The man who used to be a cog in the wheel is now a digit in the computer”

“ You cant write poetry on the computer “

“ I wear glasses so I can look for things I keep losing “

I have enjoyed being here this morning, and you know that is because I Love you.

We must remember to always  “ Always Live For Others.”

I plan on slipping back again in the morning.

It is 5:38  p.m. eastern and the temp. is 70 degres , that is nice. SMILE

BYE      BYE      DAD


John White said...

Good Morning Dad & Mary. I like "Dad, The Tomato Man!" That's a catchy title. Hope you find a great pair of new shoes today. Take care.

Goan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Ah! A rocker, a cup of Sumatra, a SMILE, and some funny verses. I'm not sure Dad, The Tomato Man covers it all; but it definitely is "one" of your passions and talents.

I think it will be a very warm day for you and us. It may even break a record down here. The beaches will be crowded but we will be sitting in a baseball park watching the Phillies play a Florida college team.

I have worn sandals for the past 60 days and now I worry my shoes won't fit me when I get back north. I hope your new shoes will be extremely comfortable. Don't forget to buy some polish, they might get dusty with all the walking you will be doing.

Mama and Papa Eagle seem to be staying close to the nest this morning. Papa even looks like he is pacing. Could there be an egg later in the day? I hope so.

Did you know the eagle nest has been bothered by a squirrel? These guys will eat everyone's food.

Safe travels to the shoe store. And a blessed evening... Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

Very glad you got some new coffee, Dad -- I know you can't do without your coffee to keep you happy and energized! Hope you can find just the right pair of comfortable and good-looking shoes that will make you SMILE. I know how important comfortable, nice shoes are to my life.

Looks like it's just started raining over at the WVEC, and the eagles have once again taken off for lunch or a snack, it seems.

Today is a major work day here, so we wish you a wonderful day and evening and send love and PURRs from Jamaka and fams <3

Anonymous said...

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