Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dads Wednesdays Entry TWO Thousand Six Hundred Seventy


IF you will look at Cam.#1 you might see the squirrel trying to eat out of the squirrel prof feeder, it is the feeder on the right of your screen. Dad

Good Morning’

“ Time is so precious- do not waste it “

I wonder how many times that we have used that in the past year, I still like it, I believe it, and I want to take heed to what it says. Gods reminds us ever day of the truth of the saying.

So many of our friends are leaving this world every day. And when I think of my age 98 plus years it dose make this old man want to  walk a straight line.

Now I am not trying to make you sad, we do have so much to be thankful for, and I hope that we can produce a few smiles this morning, try it out right know, SMILE. Dad

Coffee cup animation

The Sumatra Srtarbucks x bold coffee is just about ready, sit down over there in that rocker and Dad will serve you, if any of you like hot tea just let me know and I will have that for you. Dad

We are starting this day with a temp. of 62 degrees and it looks like clear skies. That will be good on Mary and I, as we do have one appointment at 2 p.m. to get the order in for a REAL pair of shoes. I have not had a pair in over a year. I will be so proud to have them, they will be more comfortable than what I am wearing now, DAD

The rest of our day will be spent in getting ready for our Wednesday night bible study, our study will be Daniel chapter one. We enjoy our bible studies in mid week, we need the help to keep us going on. Dad

“ Laughter is the best medicine “

Who has more to offer than Readers Digest, thank them not me. Dad

There are a few things that I would like to recommend to you to look at  that is in our Side Panel, they are-

“Dads Tomato Problem Solver”

“ Sara’s Dog Training “

“ The Eagles”

“ Tennessee Grand Daddy “

I have enjoyed all the above, especially the Eagles, why don’t they LAY an egg.

I think that we have chosen a name for our book, I have not discussed it with the others yet but I will before we settle on it.” DAD THE TOMATO MAN”

I talked to the editor yesterday and it is getting closer.

I don’t want to leave without telling you again of our advertising space that we have for sale at a good price, write old Dad at and you will hear from him right away.

I will be adding a few Readers Digest thoughts late in the day.

“ Just think how far that we have come in the 20th century . The man who used to be a cog in the wheel is now a digit in the computer”

“ You cant write poetry on the computer “

“ I wear glasses so I can look for things I keep losing “

I have enjoyed being here this morning, and you know that is because I Love you.

We must remember to always  “ Always Live For Others.”

I plan on slipping back again in the morning.

It is 5:38  p.m. eastern and the temp. is 70 degres , that is nice. SMILE

BYE      BYE      DAD

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Good Morning,

DAD at work in his little office at 12:45 a.m.


A little something funny from Dad

0124020708The picture above was sent to us by our neighbor who recently visited  sunny Florida, I hope that he comes home soon, I may need him to turn my tomato space. Dad

Coffee cup animation

This Sumatra Starbuck x bold is ready and waiting for you to sit down relax and enjoy your self

I need to visit the Starbuck store this morning, I used the last bit that I had in making the pot above


How are things in your part of the world this morning, I know that in some places some of you may just now going to your bed, and in other places getting to get in the rat race for the day. Just proving that the sun never sets on “ Dads Tomato Garden Journal “

It is a nice 47 here this morning, and I am enjoying it so much, and the Wildlife Habitat is also having a brisk day, a lot of wild animals passing through. I saw something amusing yesterday I was on Cam. #1 and if you look you will see a larger feeder that is squirrel  proof , well believe it or not it is. One came along expecting a big dinner and he slipped straight to the ground looking back up with a sad look.

But they need to eat so I am preparing pans of food on the ground in pans for them right under the feeder.

I am so fortunate to have Mary to help me run this place, without her I am  afraid that you might quit stopping here, I am sure that you noticed the Videos above. We have bought two new cameras  just for the purpose of doing this, and you can expect to be seeing many more in the days, and just wait until those big red tomatoes begin to  out at you, that is going to be fun. Dad.

I am letting Mary and Prince sleep in a little  this morning, we were a little late in getting our bed last night.

“ If you cant be a big tree on the top of the hill, just be the best little bush in the valley below. Dad”

“ Time is so precious- do not waste it”

I am still enjoying my freedom, I feel like a man let out of jail, up and gone at any time that I feel like it. Dad.

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    “ A bank is a place where you can borrow money, if you can prove that you don’t need it “

  • This below is from Miss Manners.

  • “ If you haven’t good to say about anyone com and sit by me”

  • “ Money wont buy friends, but you get  a better class of enemies”

  • I am going to leave you for a short while, I have a few more Readers Digests  thoughts to get on this blog, I need a short rest right now.

  • Sending my love out from here, in every direction east,west, north and south.

  • If I can I am going to slip back in the morning, if you don’t see me and chase me away.

  • BYE      BYE      DAD

  • Monday, February 27, 2012

    Dads Mondays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Eight

    Good  Morning.

    I hope that you are getting this new week started of in a HAPPY  mood, if not it could spoil the whole day for you. Remember that we talk so much about that nice , clean unspotted sheet that God gives us every morning. We have the responsibility of keeping it clean until we lay down on our bed tonight, we will need help to do that.

    So many things will try to hinder, don’t ever forget “ The world, flesh and devil “ we will have those things to hinder us until our last day on this earth.

    Snowflakes and Dear Ones

    Gentle snowflakes fall upon me,

    Melting fast upon my face,

    There’s no way that I can keep them,

    If in my heart they have no place.

    Very fragile, very special,

    Are these snowflakes from the sky

    They remind me of my dear ones,

    As they gracefully flutter by.

    Scarcely do I see their beauty,

    Barely do their rare imprints

    Fix themselves upon my fingers,

    Till I’m wondering where they went.

    In this world so temporary,

    Filled with ephemeral things,

    Surely everything is fleeting,

    Flying ‘way on speeding wings.

    Like the snowflakes that are melting,

    When they touch my skin so warm,

    Yes, myself, my friends, my family,

    We’re on that solemn journey home.

    Snowflakes can’t be kept in bottles,

    You can’t grasp them as they fly,

    You just have to dearly love them,

    As they slowly flutter by.

    We cannot keep what can’t be held,

    And just as snowflakes disappear,

    Often on life’s lonely landscape

    We’re deprived of what is dear.

    Yet no one really leaves us,

    Though we’re far, so far apart,

    As long as we believe in snowflakes,

    And keep them always in our hearts.

    By Mary L. White

    Over in the side panel there is a link that will be helpful all season, find it and click “ Dads Tomato Problem Solver “   Thanks Dad.

    I am feeling good this morning and I would say that I am in a  HAPPY mood,the good nights rest helped me so much.

    Mary and I had a very busy Sunday, two meetings, and I was in my cot pretty early.

    Coffee cup animation

    The Sumatra x bold Starbucks is just about ready, sit,relax, meditate and smile and I will pour this morning. Dad.

    “ Laughter is the Best Medicine “

    “ When I hear about people making vast fortunes without doing any productive work or contributing any thing to society, my reaction is how do I get in on that “

    “ If men can run the world , why cant they stop wearing neckties ?How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck ? “

    “ You’re never allowed to step on people to get ahead, but you can step over them if they’re in your way “

    “ Many an optimist has become rich by buy out a pessimist “

    The five good thoughts from, guess who, who else but Readers Digest. Dad.


    We are enjoying some much warmer weather, this morning it is 44 degrees and very much appreciated. I has been in the low teens  which did give me a little scare but they cam through o.k. I let them run all night and that helped.

    I don’t think that Mary and I have plans for today, but she said that we were going to make a few Videos, she has a camera that is in good shape to go.

    I am going to stop with a lot not being said, I always do it seems, I am just not able to think this early in the morning.


    But my Side Panel is still there and I am asking him to tell you about my advertising space that I offer to you at a bargain price.

    And he also could remind you of Sara , Oreo and Chewy, and don’t forget the eagles.

    I am doing a little prof reading on the book, it is looking good

    All for now, we are sending our love to you.

    If I am spared I will try to slip in again in the morning

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Sunday, February 26, 2012

    Dads Sundays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Seven

    Coffee cup animation

    Good morning

    “Time is so precious-do not waste it”

    Today is a good day to get refreshed and prepared for the week that we are entering. With help from above we can make it.

    I wanted to write this morning to tell you that all is well here, the past week went well, I think that all our bird baths are working.

    I will see you in the early morning

    I am up at 4:10 a.m. and it says 29 degrees.

    We are sending our Love and Best wishes for the day.

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Saturday, February 25, 2012

    Saturdays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Six

    Coffee cup animation

    Good Morning.

    Colder than expected here this morning---31 degrees. Dad

    Saturday morning has arrived again, and it reminds me of a little time to relax and rest our weary bodies, and I am sure that we all need rest,and I am sure that we all need that.

    I do have some good news to tell you about, all of the Bird Baths are open and so far are working good, it is going to make the Wildlife Habitat more interesting to the many different forms of wildlife that come my way.

    We did buy a few new bird feeders that are going up this morning, one that is interesting to us, it says that it squirrel prof , we want the squirrel to get their food, but at a different spot away from the birds, the birds do not need a  squirrel running up and down their pole.

    I am getting way ahead of myself here, I have not even mentioned  any thing about you my friends, I hope that you are feeling good and in a Happy mood. I am feeling go, we had a hard day yesterday but a real good rest last night too care of that.

    And I hope that our Sumatra x bold is still good and hot it has been ready for some time so ,sit relax enjoy your self and above every thing else SMILE. Dad.

    The weather is a little cooler here this morning, it is 40 degrees yesterday morning it started the day at 66 degrees , I don’t think that any rain is going with us today, we sure have had a lot of it lately.

    Now I want to report a real interest in using Readers Digest to produce more smiles. We received so many comments from readers around the world, only Readers Digest could do the job and I want to thank them, I myself have read Readers Digest for many years, Thanks to all of you connected to the company.Dad.

    I will be using a few of their smile getters right here.

    “ Trying to squash a rumor is like trying to un ring a bell”

    “ A rumor without a leg to stand on, will go around some other way”

    “ Just because a rumor is idle does not it is not working”

    “ To speak ill of others is a dishonest  way in praising ourselves “

    Its time for me to come to a halt, as you know I keep this blog open most of the day, for more entries if any come in.

    I will not talk about any more business  today but you just wait until Monday morning

    Don’t forget the Bird Baths are on and working.

    We are sending our love to you’

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Friday, February 24, 2012


    Dad at work on his Fridays blog at 12:26 a.m.


    Good Morning

    ( Special notice the bird baths are on and working. Dad )

    “ Laughter the Best Medicine “

    Coffee cup animation

    Since I have the Sumatra Starbucks x bold ready maybe we should go ahead and sit, relax, mediate and smile. If we ever leave here we will get busy and not return. Dad.

    A few mornings ago I was out on the street early I was meeting men, women and children with a frown and worried look on their faces, and that bothered me, that should not have to be,I don’t like frowns. I think that I have the answer if Readers Digest will let us and I believe that they will, I will ask permission from them.

    Their book that I mentioned is also called” A Laugh –Out – Loud- Collection .

    So we will be searching through this book and choose a few each day to get you day started off in the right frame of mind, you know that my purpose in life is to produce tomatoes , roses and smiles. Now with the help of you and other of my world wide friends, we are going to send this smile around the world’

    “ The sun never sets on Dads Tomato Garden . com “

    Here below are a few good thoughts for today, a few more each day.

    “ You cant have everything where would you put it ? “

    “ I’ve come to learn that the best time to celebrate family members is when they have food in their mouth”

    “ They say you only go around once but with  that muscle car you can go around two or three times “

    “ Before you criticize any0ne you should walk a mile in their shoes.That way when you criticize them you’re a mile away and have their shoes “

    “It’s easy to get a reputation for wisdom. It’s only necessary to live long, speak little and do less”

    “ When you don’t know you’re talking about. It’s hard to know when you’re finished “

    Enough good thoughts to make you laugh out loud.

    Now I want to say that I do not intend to violate any ones copy write, I want to ask Readers Digest and any others for the right to use what I have, if I have violated any thing in any way  today an email to Dad will make corrections at once. Dad.

    The weather that we are having here around Dads Tomato Garden is good, just a little wet, the temp. is 64 degrees at 4:06 a.m.

    I am going to get those three bird bath open today or some one may loose their job. I have waited long enough.

    I want to remind you about our new Side Panel, every thing that you need will be found there, I wish that Eagle would go ahead and lay an egg for us.

    Also I hope that some of you good business men would let me quote you a price email  let me hear and Dad will be getting busy.

    And that book is nearer than it was yesterday. Dad.

    I know with out a doubt that I have left a whole bunch of my friends out of all of this rambling, but do not worry I still love you, and I will be think of you through this day

    I am planning to try and sneak back in the morning again, maybe me coming so early will give me a better chance.

    “ Be Good This Day “

    BYE      BYE      DAD.

    It has turned a little cooler since early this morning, now at 10:58 it is 62 .


    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    Dads Thursdays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Four

    Coffee cup animation

    Good Morning.

    “ How sweet is the rest of God,safe in the Shepherds fold, to hear His voice and feast upon the wealth of  His Love untold.”

    The above words are from one of our hymns that we enjoy singing often. Dad

    We dread to see this old silly man showing up again this morning, if he would talk about something interest that would produce one of those Smiles maybe we could bear it, we are going to read a little of it this morning, we can always turn him off.

    From a long time reader.

    I do have the Starbucks x bold coffee ready, and I am waiting on you, sit, relax, enjoy and smile maybe this will get everyone in a little better  way with me. Dad.

    “ You see things that are and say, “Why”But I dream things that never were and say, “ Why not ? “

    By George Bernard  Shaw.

    “ In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”

    By Albert Einstein.

    Our weather look fairly good, the weather is warm 55 degrees here at 1;48 on this Thursday morning, no rain at the moment but it will come before the day is over.

    “ I quit being afraid when my first venture failed and the sky didn’t fall down”

    The above by Allen Neuharth.

    I am going to do my best to get those three bird baths turned on today, we need to have something to look at. it looks like Cam.# three may be the best view, but they all are good. Dad.

    I am not sure about our plans for today, I am letting Mary and Prince get a little more rest, we were up a little late since it was our bible study night. They both will be in here soon, then I am going to let them take over, and I am going to get me a nap.

    I talked to the editor of my book, and it wont be long now, that is what the little dog said when they cut his tail off.

    “ Life is so precious- do not waste it “  Dad.

    I have some good advertising space to offer you at an attractive price. I have many forms and color. We can give you a Video if you like. E-mail Dad at and he will surprise you with a price, no deposits or contracts, on or off in seconds, even in todays blog. Dad

    At 11:46 a.m. the temp. is 59. we expect it to go to 71 today.

    I have said enough for one day, but I do not want to go, I have leaned to love all of you through the years, and I would like to stay all day.

    I plan on slipping in again in the morning if you don’t catch me.

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Wednesday, February 22, 2012

    Dads Wednesdays Entry TWO Thousand SIX HUNDRED SIXTY Three

    Good Morning.

    “ The Love of God within my Heart, will help me think the thought that I aught, Help me Oh God  from above, to always have the Love that I should “  Dad.

    I have the Sumatra Starbuck coffee ready a little early this morning so sit, meditate, relax, forget your troubles, and Smile real big for me, lets enjoy this coffee today, it’s the best you know. Dad


    Coffee cup animation

    How are all of my friends from all corners of this world this m0rning, I know that’s it way to early to ask but you are listing to that feeble minded man who don’t know any better than to get up at 1:18  and get to work, he likes to do that so maybe we should just let him have his way, he is real old born September 2 1913, we wont have to put up with him much longer, be kind to him if you can.

    Our mid week bible study is tonight her at our house, our study Second Peter, chapter three. We expect to have some out of town visitors, I appreciate these chapters so much, we receive some extra help to help us along the road of life, and I know that I need that Oh so much, I want to listen with the intentions of doing what I hear. DAD.

    A man was telling his friend how bad his wife was cooking, he said that it is so bad that the flies in the neighbor are getting together and fixing a hole in the screen on the front door so they can’t get in. Pretty bad.

    “ How to Make A Speech, Be Sincere ,Be Brief, Be Seated.”

    “ The true measure of success is not what you have but what you can do without “

    “ Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there “

    “ Each man has a choice in life: He may approach it as a creator or critic, a lover or a hater, a giver or a taker. “

    The four thoughts above are from “ A Fathers Book of Wisdom.

    I do want to remind you again this morning about our improved Side panel, its all there for you to enjoy. I have been watching the eagles, I have not saw an egg yet, wonder what they are waiting on.

    I also visited Oreo and Chewy, you know they belong to Sara a long time friend of mine, be sure and visit them today.

    More good news our book is coming along fine and we will soon be offering it to you, you may order one in advance any time, Dad,

    I would like to offer you something that I have for sale, its not tomatoes or roses, its to early for them, but I do have a full page 7 x 11 advertising space for any of you, it works in your own neighborhood 0r in 112 countries of this wide world, come on some of you business men give it a trial, it wont require any contracts on or off in seconds, cost $25.oo per month, you cant go wrong here.

    I must go I need to visit the x bold pot, and after that what about a nap with Prince, I have worked hard all morning, for very little pay, but I think that I will come back in the morning, I  just love all of you and I love to be here. So look out for me in the morning.

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    Dads Tuesdays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Two

    Good Morning.

    “ Time is so precious-do not waste it” I have used the thought above for many years and I still think that it is good. I spend so much of my time on myself and that is not good, When I first started this blog a few years ago it was to produce Roses and Smiles for you my world wide true friends.I am going to need help from above if I do the job, after all I am getting old, I was born on September 2 1913, You see that my time could soon be over.

    I feel like a free man this morning and my mood is happy and I am smiling. For some months now I have in a way of putting it  been in  bondage. The nice nurses that come to see me every day are over. now I will be able to go where and when I want to go and not have to rush back.

    I do want to thank them for their efforts and all that they done for me, and I do want to mention that there is one of the nurses and Mary and I think a lot of her, she is so sweet and kind to us ( I will not mention her name ) we hope that she will stop and see us when she has the time, I know that she will do her best to stop.

    I hardly know what to talk about, I do not have my coffee cup on  yet, it is not working right but when Prince and Mary get here, presto there she go. Dad


    Coffee cup animation

    Now here is that good Staebucks x bold. it is ready sit,drink, relax,meditate,enjoy and smile it is the best that I can give you DAD

    I know that I tire you out talking about our Side Panels, but the panels the three cams, and my wildlife Habitat is about all I have to give you right now, you just wait until those tomatoes get in the ground, then I will show you something to make you smile, I might even give you a bag full if you will stop in around July the 4th.

    “ Let the refining and improvement of your own life keep you so busy that you have little time to criticize others “

    “ Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence.

    The two above from A Fathers Book Of Wisdom.

    “Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent.Genius will not; unrewarded will not ; the world if full of educated failures; Persistence alone are omnipotent “

    By Calvin Coolidge

    I am going to push off my T model and go away.

    I will be trying to slip back in in the very early morning

    Bye      BYE      DAD

    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Dads Mondays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty One

    Good morning.

    Are you Happy this morning ? I am feeling super this morning, and I feel able to face the world, flesh and devil, that is if I can have God on my side.

    Here are how many places that our blog is read. 115 countries and 3515 cities of this world. I think that I can safely say that “ The Sun never sets on Dads Tomato Garden blog “

    Coffee cup animation

    If you had been on Cam. # 1 this morning you could have had a cup of this Sumatra x bold coffee with me, I try to be there every morning, and its fun, were getting a little closer for what I have wished for. Dad

    Our friends from Canada did arrive for our meeting on Sunday. They already had plans for lunch at another home, they did come back and spent the after noon with Mary , Prince and I. Prince fell in love with them. In a few weeks they will be making Maple Syrup at their home. They do this every year, all of it, from tapping the maples, boiling it until it becomes the best maple syrup you ever poured over your hot cakes, I know because I have a jug of it in our kitchen and Mary and I love it.

    I don’t think that Mary and I any plans for today, maybe a trip to the trading post, we are running low on food and that makes me worry , I love to eat

    “ Don’t judge those who try and fail. Judge only those who fail to try “

    “ It’s a funny thing about life, if you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it “

    These two thoughts above from “ A Fathers Book of Wisdom “

    I must go, I have said more than enough, but I must say this, be sure and look over our Side Panels, and also our book is getting a little closer.

    We must never for get to do this, it is important--

    “ Live for others every day “

    I plan to slip in again  in the morning if I am spared until then.

    BYE      BYE      DAD


    Saturday, February 18, 2012

    Dads Saturdays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty

    Coffee cup animation
    G00d Morning.
    I am so glad to see a new day coming up, the old one was becoming  a little worn to me. I do plan to start this one off with good helpful thoughts.
    Jim and Mary made the trip home from Vanderbilt and I am going to let them tell you in their own words about the trip, Jim will possible tell you on his blog
    I have the Sumatra Starbuck x bold ready a little early, I am going to keep it hot all day since this is Saturday, if I am not around go ahead and serve yourself, be sure and send me a smile, that is the price of the coffee.
    “ A father is a banker provided by nature”
    “ Do it  ! Move it! Make it happen ! No one ever sat their way to success “
    ‘” Always be a little kinder than necessary “
    The three above from “ A Fathers Book of wisdom “ Dad
    I hope that you are still enjoying our Side Panel, I am still checking the Eagled every day, no egg spotted  by me, if you see one please me know. Dad
    The weather looks nice here this morning at Dads Tomato Garden, it shows 49 degrees to start with clear blue skies, a good day to roam around outside, but Mary and will not have much time for roaming, we will be getting things ready for our Sunday morning meeting, which is a pleasure to do. We may have some visitors from Canada with us for the meeting.
    You know all about these Saturday entries ,since I do not usually write a blog on Sunday, this one is for Saturday and Sunday, and then you will get a new fresh up to date on Monday morning, confusing I think but it works. Dad
    We are sending all our love to you, and hope that you will help us “ Live for Others every Day “
    “ Time is so precious- do not waste it “ Dad.
    “ I expect to pass through life but once, If, therefore there be any kindness, I can show, or any good thing do to any fellow being, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again.
    By William Penn.
    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Friday, February 17, 2012

    Dad’s Friday Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred & Fifty-Nine

    Good Morning.
    God does in kindness try , to rouse us every one, for time is earnest , passing by, and soon the end will come .
    Mary and I attended the funeral of a friend last night, the man was not as old as I am. I heave known him for many years. He was a good friend and will be missed by many.
    The words above are from one of our hymns and they came o during the funeral. Dad
    It looks like that we are going to have a nice day, the temp. at 2: 47 is 50 degrees and it looks like clear skies. Smile

    Coffee cup animation

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  • Dad's Memoirs
    Mary is going to the Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville , She has an appointment with her doctor in the afternoon. Her brother Jim
    is going to take her, it is a hard trip on them as they come home tonight
    Prince and I are going to be alone today, what are we going to  do, it may take a few more naps, and I will not complain about that. Smile Dad.
    Are you in a Happy mood this morning, well I am and I hope that if you are not in a Happy mood that you will get in one soon, I need " Winning Smiles" to help me through the day..
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    Do use our new and much improver Side Panel. The three Cams are all good, and I saw the eagles yesterday, I did not see an egg yet.
    Tomato planting time is drawing near and you will want to see " Dads Tomato Problem Solver" its in the side Panel and Much more. And I will be talking more and more about Tomatoes Roses and Smiles each day.
    I must go but if you want me I will be back in the morning if it is Gods will.
    We are sending our Love to you.
    Remember to " Live for others today"
    BYE      BYE      DAD.
  • Thursday, February 16, 2012

    Dads Thursdays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Eight

    '’ Wherever there is a seeking Soul, there is a seeking  Saviour near,call upon him for the rest and peace that He can give to your Soul “

    Good Morning.

    How are you my world wide friends feeling, I am in a Happy mood this morning, and I hope that all of you that I have to deal with are in the same Happy mood. I do not like frowns.

    It is dark here where I am working 1;58 a.m. eastern time, I know that it is wide open daylight where some of you live. Computers are wonderful, I have friends in 115 countries of this world.



    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    Dads Wednesdays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Seven

    Coffee cup animation

    Good Morning.

    Is it alright with you to go ahead and have at least one cup of this Starbucks x bold, we can have more later, I just feel the need of it right now. maybe it will help me to get my eyes open here at 12:40 a.m. I know the most of you think that I have lost it by getting up at this hour, and they may be right, but I am happy and enjoy what I am doing, and I intend to keep on as long as I can see the keyboard, and of course if God sees fit to let me live.

    I woke up this morning with a very Happy feeling, Mary tells me that sometimes she does that. But I want to go softly because that feeling could be very easily change to sadness in the blinking of an eye, But it sure feel good while it does, I feel that I love every body, and that is very unusable with old Dad.

    I think that while the style writer is working that I will stop, it could stop any second. I do have a lot of good things to show you in those new and improved side Panel, such as the eagles, no eggs that I can see yet, but should be soon.

    And the three cams will be good today, showing you around over Dads Tomato Garden and a little of the Wildlife Habitat.

    This is not much to give you, but enough to tell you that I Love you.

    And I promise to be back in the early morning.

    It is 7:22 a.m. and I am back it the keyboard feeling good and in a happy mood. Tonight is our bible study and we are glad for that, our study is Second Peter chapter two,the 9th verse is very helpful to me, what a comfort to us weak humans.

    The weather is some better, the temp. is 39 at the moment, you would know that a little rain is falling , it always is it seems like.

    I would like to tell Sherry and all the crew, and anyone one there that taking the dive this morning that Dad said Hello, and that he will never the Hyperbaric Center, that place has meant a lot to me. Dad

    I don’t have much more to say except for you make use of the Side Panel, it will keep you interested and busy all the day, watch for an egg in that eagles nest and let me know if you see one

    Sending our deepest Love to all of you in this troubled world.

    If God has mercy and spares my life I hope to see you in the morning, He has had mercy on me for many years and I am so unworthy of any of it

    Don’t forget what we are going to do today----“ Live for others “

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    Dads Tuesdays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Six

    Coffee cup animation

    Good Morning.

    “Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day, Oh what a beautiful morning, a few things are going my way” Dad.

    That above is my thought for this day, I have been thing along this line for some time. God love every one of us and He and He alone knows what is best for us, and when trials and suffering are hard to bear just remember as one of our hymns reads, it is to wean us from this present and evil world and lead us nearer Him, now is that not Fatherly Love. I am thankful for the Love that has been bestowed up on me in the past 98 plus years. I am so unworthy of an of it.

    Our weather looks some better this morning, starting off at 37 degrees , an I do not have the high yet, I think that it is going to be good enough to work a little outside, if Mary can find some one to do it.

    It seems that I getting worse by the day, I think that about all I think about is a nap with Prince, now you know that I am to young  to be think like that.

    The style writer is giving me a little trouble , I am going to stop right here until morning, maybe by that time I will be able to continue.

    It is 3:26 a.m. so I will be able to get another cup of x bold and maybe a short nap. Did you notice that I had our coffee going the first thing this morning, all of you help yourself until I get back.

    I am send my Love to you---Yes you !

    Yes I did come back here at 10:45 and it is till cold 37 degrees .

    I really don’t have much more to say, the fact is I don’t know much, when I was young I did not to go very far in school, most of what I learned was in the school of hard knocks, I passed every thing with honor there and I am proud of it’

    My two Children Jim and Mary did graduate from the University of Tennessee

    Hide this some where it will come in handy later. Dad

    Now I am going to offer you a bargain price on advertising.I can give you a space 4x6 inches for $50.00 a month, and remember that would run day and night in over 100 countries around this world, and you would get good coverage in your local city.
    Picture can be used at no extra cost, and I do not require any long contracts. You can be on or off in seconds. An email to me can start this for you today, even in todays blog

    This is all for today.  See you tomorrow.

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Monday, February 13, 2012

    Dads Mondays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Fifty Five

    Good morning.
    “ Oh Lord I have served you in my youth , please do not forsake me when I am old and gray headed.”
    David said these words.
    Monday has arrived again , I don’t know if I am ready for it or not, seems like that they come more often than they used to.I am confident that we are going to make it. We are going to “ Begin The Day With God “ and then we can have his presence with us through the day.
    Bad news the coffee maker if not working at the moment but you know that will be first on my list to get fixed, I will let you to know when to come in. Dad.
    I hope that you are still enjoying the New Side Panel. I enjoyed watching the eagles yesterday, one was on the nest most all day, I have not seen any egg yet.
    Coffee cup animation
    I finally have that old coffee maker on duty, I really do need a new one. Would some of you recommend a real good one to buy.
    You may sit down now, we are going to drink some of that Sumatra Starbucks x bold, none better at any price
    The weather here at Dads Garden is still cold at the moment it is 25 degrees outside, much to cold for old Dad. That means a few naps with my buddy Prince.
    I love that quote of David up at the top of the page, of course you would know that I would myself 98 plus years, even at that age God don’t forgets us, man may   and does but I would much Rather have have God remembering me than man.
    I need to go see Sherry up at the Hyperbaric center, Mary and I have  not seem them in about three weeks, I need a “ Winning Smile” and a hug, tell all the crew that we do not forget them, and that we love them. Dad.
    Now I am going to offer you a bargain price on advertising.I can give you a space 4x6 inches for $50.00 a month, and remember that would run day and night in over 100 countries around this world, and you would get good coverage in your local city.
    Picture can be used at no extra cost, and  I do not require any long contracts.  You can be on or off in seconds. An email to me can start this for you today, even in todays blog

     " Happinss is the by product of helping others "

    " I cannot do everything, but I can do something,and because that I cant do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do "

     I have already said enough for today, if I am spared I will see you in the morning with a Winning Smile.
    Dont forget to " Live for others today.

    BYE      BYE      DAD


    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    Sundays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Four

    “ We face an unknown day, we should trust in one that know what the future holds “ Dad

    Good Morning.

    I am violating my own rules, no blog on Sunday.

    I just had to tell you what we are having for lunch, it is so unusual . macaroni and cheese, but for the macaroni we are using real larges sea shells , and it is delicious so tender and tasty. If you were looking at Cam # 1 around 5:30 you would saw me sampling it. I am sorry that I told   on this on Sunday.

    Mary and I will be in our meeting this, and I hope have a quiet afternoon at home with Prince.

    Sending our love, and hope that you have profitable weekend. “ Time is so precious do no waste it “

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Dads Saturday Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Three

    Coffee cup animation

    Good Morning.

    If you were looking at our # 1 Cam. between 12 and I a.m you would have seen me having my first cup of coffee, not make believe but the real thing. I wish that it was possible for you all to share this hour with you, it might be passible with so many invention coming to us ever day, remember “ They went to the Moon “ which most every one of us sad- no they cant do that, I did not drink all of that Sumatra Starbuck there is plenty for you, I do this every morning drink and give me one of those “ Winning Smiles right now. I Love them. DAD.

    We write these Saturday blogs to last for two days , I do not write one on Sunday, I will see you Monday morning with a fresh new blog and I hope one of those  “ Winning  Smiles “ if God has mercy on me as he has in these past 98 plus years, some times I wonder why that this old unworthy man is being spared, sometimes I feel that I am in the way of these young people that can move so much faster than I can.

    Mary and I spend part this day Saturday getting ready for our Sunday morning meeting like dusting the chairs,cleaning the windows, and being sure that the heat is right. Sometimes I wonder if we spend to much on these things instead of spending more time on are own self for the meeting, and being sure that we come into the meeting with listing ear and a soft heart, and willingness to do what is spoken to us. Dad.

    I hope that you are still using our improve Side Panels and enjoying them. You will find every thing that will be interesting and we seek to keep on improving. Yester afternoon I saw the eagles in their new nest, no eggs yet but it wont be long.


    No more right now but as usual on Saturday I stay close to my cell phone and email to receive any thing new, so if you see me hiding around don’t worry I am still in my right mind, I hope.

    I will be back on Monday if I am spared.

    Please do help me over this week end------“ Live for others “

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Just a little note to tell you that it is cold here 28 at 6p.m.and that I will see you Monday morning early if I am spare

    BYE      BYE         DAD

    Friday, February 10, 2012

    Dads Fridays Entry Two Thousand Six Hundred Thirty Two

    Good  Morning. Do you feel as good as I do this morning ? Its early but that is when I feel my best. I have always enjoyed getting up to receive another clean sheet, I want to watch mine real close today, because I read where that old Devil told God that he was walking up and down in this world seeking whom he might get .

    If we will just start this day of right “ Begin The Day With God “ we need not fear for God is stronger than the devil.

    What I am going to tell you now is not press stopping news but it is something that Mary and I enjoyed so much. I have been using a calling card with a picture of myself that was taken at least 50 years ago, when I would give it to some one they would look at the card and them look at me and smile.

    I decided I needed to have a card with an old mans picture on it, I called our friend Paul who operates a print shop. And he fixed things up for me. He brought it to us last night and we had a wonderful visit. Paul is an expert when it comes to calling cards and we are glad to have him as our friend. DAD

    Coffee cup animation

    Coffee time is here and the Samatra Starbucks x bold is ready, and I am ready so if you are reaty sit in that rocker and I will pour this morning.

    I was completely out  of x bold yesterday and when the mail arrived there was a p0und as a gift from that sweet Vicki.

    I don’t know about the bird baths , I would like to have them turned on but it may  be about another week,

    The temp. at the moment is 30 degres and it looks like that we will have some son today.

    I am going to slow down here but I am not gone. The Live Writer is acting up again, but I will be able to get any thing comes in on todays blog.

    Don’t forget that “ Winning Smile “ Today  this troubled world is in bad need of it.

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Thursday, February 9, 2012

    Dads Thursday ENTRY Two Thousand Six Hundred Thirty One

    Good Morning
    Coffee cup animation
    “ Oh for the peace of a perfect trust, my loving God in Thee. Unwavering faith that never doubts, Thy choice is best for me.”
    How are things at your house this morning ? I hope that you are happy the way things are going. Maybe we cant say that every thing is running to please us, but Mary and I did rejoice in what my doctor said to me yesterday, his words “ I want you to come back in six months and let me check you again and see if you are still as good as your are today.” Now this is one of my regular doctors and it was so good to hear'
    This foot trouble of mine has been very hard on Mary, getting up early five morning each week, and taking me to the Oxygen Center, then picking me up at noon, and she herself was so sick, and  doing all that without a complaint . I could not make it without her.
    I am so proud of my two children, Jim and Mary, in all their live they have never done any thing to cause me to worry. I feel for those parents that cannot say that.

    $5.00 off Gourmet Garlic for Home Gardeners
    To view this email in a browser Click Here

    I hope that you are enjoying the Side Panel as much as I am, We hope that you are finding every thing that you need and faster than the old way. I know that it is saving me at least three hours each day, and I am going to use that time reading and meditating each morning. “ Time is so precious-do not waste it “

    I have a coffee cup pictured up above and have not mentioned coffee, that is Sumatra Starbock x bold, but don’t worry that’s what it is, there is nothing better, some of you serve this morning. You may have noticed a tea pot picture here, well I do serve tea, just ask for it. Dad

    I have been reading about Abraham and Lot in the Bible. There came a time in their lives that they had to part. here is what Abraham said to Lot, and I love those words and wish that I could be more like him. “ You go the way that you would like and I will take the other “ this old human nature that is in me always seems to want the first choice, we will have that battle until we take our last breath, pray for for help from above.


    This is a link that I read daily, Ma thinks like I do about a lot of things, just down to earth. This link above is working and there is another link in the Side Panel

    The weather is a little cool this morning 37 degrees at 7;51 A.M. Central time but I am going to try and get the bird bath turned on today. You can see that I keep them covered good during the winter months and I could put the covered back on in a short time if it turned cold again.

    When you do get the chance to view them Cam. # 3 I think will give you the clearest view , but they will be seen on all three Cams.

    I am still offering advertising space in this world wide blog at an unheard of price, write Dad at and get a quote from him. No contracts required.

    I will be adding more during the days, it is easy to do with this new system.

    Be sure and show to the world today that-

    “ Winning Smile “

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Wednesday, February 8, 2012

    Dads Wednesdays Entry Six Thousand Thirty

    Coffee cup animation


    Good Morning.

    Surprise, we never do this, have our Sumtara x bold coffee first thing in the morning  it does smell good and we think it might help wake us up. But we must never forget “ Begin The Day With God” Nothing else works, I know I have proved it.

    It is a little early in the morning for me to be telling you all of this, but if I don’t do it now it wont get done.

    The clock on the wall says 1:16 a.m. eastern tone, with a temp. of 42 degrees and no rain at the moment. We have been having the most beautiful weather for the last few days. I have been begging the company that handles my bird baths Please Oh please turn them on, the answer wait a few more days—Mary said Dad sit down over there and use some of that patience that you preach to others so much about. Oh well a man cant have every thing that he wants it would spoil him.

    I hope that you enjoyed our Side Panel yesterday and that you was able to find what you needed with my no good instructions .

    I have already had one reader this morning saying , tell your readers to be sure to go there and read “Shooting My Universe “

    All about beautiful birds and coffee being grown. I have viewed it and I wanted to stay there all day, the man who writes this is one of my friends that I value having. Dad.

    Since we are going to be using the Side Panel so much we are going to purge it, there are a lot that needs to be put in and many to be in other positions .

    There is one that I would like to recommend to you Tomato Growers all over this world “ Dads Tomato Problem Solver”

    You will be glad to have it when you see all that it can do for you. I would like for some you growers to send me some pictures of your tomatoes. DAD

    It looks like I have just about worked myself out of a job, and The Side Panel is the one that done it, maybe I can find some thing else to do, do any of you have a job opening ?

    I am going to use the space below for a few good quotes, and Mary and I might attempt to make a few Videos this afternoon if Mary feels like it, she is not feeling good and she does come first with me, the Videos can wait another day, they wont spoil. DAD.

    Our bible study is Second Peter, chapter one.

    The below was sent to me by our friend Joan

    “Public Television in New Hampshire She has a program called Saving Songbirds. This lovely clip will make you want to be able to see the show. But, I want you to know that you are doing your part to Save Songbirds with your nature habitat.”




    I have to live by myself and so

    I want to be fit for myself to know

    I want to be able as days go by

    Always to look myself straight in the eye

    I don’t want to stand with the setting sun

    And hate myself for the things I have done

    I can never hide myself from me

    I see what others may never see

    I know what others may never know

    I never can fool myself ,and so

    Whatever happens I want to be

    Self  respecting and conscience free

    Edgar Guest

    I must get out of here, this is so long, I want to tell all of you that all is well here, we are all three in a Happy mood. And we hope that all is well with you. I am going to sneak back in the morning, I hope that you will not run me off.

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Tuesday, February 7, 2012


    Good Morning.

    “ This poor man cried and the Lord heard him and saved him from all his troubles. The angel of the Lord encampeth  round about them that fear him, and delivereth them”

    This though above is one of my favorites quotations from the bible, Psalms chapter 34 verses six and seven. It is a psalm of David.

    Now what could be more comforting than that, why should we ever fear, that is if we truly fear and Love the Lord and are seeking to find and walk in the way that pleases Him. I am going to try and let the Lord plan the way for me, what ever he brings across my path I want to be willing for it. And what is said above can be trusted, it is not man talking it is The God of Heaven.

    Now I want to tell you what we have placed in our Side Panel for you and us, and it will be ready day and night 24/7. Now Dad could never do that for you.HERE below they are, I may have missed some, so look the Side Panel over often

    “The Eagles”

    “ Dads Tomato Problem Solver “

    “  Our three outside Cameras “

    “ Sara’s Dog training” Oreo and Chewy”

    “ Tennessee Granddaddy “

    “ Shooting My Universe “  Very good this week talking about birds and coffee “

    I think that will help to give you a better blog, and it will help Dad to be able to spend a little more time with Prince taking naps, I am taking lessons from him, he is a very good teacher. Dad.

    Our # 1 camera will be doing double duty for a few days this week, it will be watching Dad, work, eat and sometimes  take a nap. And part of the time it will be pointed at our Wildlife Habitat in the front, I am hoping to get the bird baths started soon, the company that handles that for me thinks it might be better to wait until around the 15th of this month.

    I want to say Good morning to every one over at the Oxygen Center, Sherry tell all my friends Hello for Mary and I, we would like to come buy next week . We Love you Sherry. Dad and Mary.

    I do have just a little more to say, but I am going to put that off until later in the morning, it is at the moment 3:31 a.m. eastern time, and I need another cup of x bold and another one of Princes naps

    I have enjoyed this little time with you this morning and I do hope to sneak in again in the morning.

    To you that have ask about the book I will let you know more soon.

    Mary and I are send Love and Best wishes to all in this troubled land. Our Father in Heaven said for us to pray for the rulers of our country.

    Remember “ Time is precious- do not waste it “

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Monday, February 6, 2012


    “ Time marches on, time waits for no man, time is in Gods hand and and not in the hand of man, time is precious-do not waste it. Dad.

    Good morning

    How are all my friends feeling ? I hope that our mood if happy, and we can have a happy mood even though thing around  us are  bad shape, one of our thoughts say something like this “ Happiness in not the absences of trouble but the ability to bear it “ We can have help from our Father if we will only ask remember “ Begin the Day with God ‘





    Coffee time has arrived and not any to soon to suite me. I was restless early this morning and I decided, that no one would  care what time that I began . The thought above was in my thoughts during the night , time is flying so fast for me, and I am so glad that it is in  Gods hand and not in the hand of man, God has done so much for me in the last 98 plus years and I intend to trust him for the time when I will be taken from this troubled world, to me that is a wonderful comforting thought. Dad.

    Now about this coffee, Oh how I wish that it was real and not make believe but we enjoy it any way, don’t we. Maybe some day one of you will stop in at Dads kitchen and enjoy a cup of x bold with Mary and I, you can watch me make is and really get the good odor  of this coffee. Prince does not like coffee, but he does love for people to stop in and see us, so he would enjoy a visit so much. Dad

    This is all for the moment I will be back later this morning

    The link for the eagles is in the right side panel, also for Dads Tomato Problem Solver

    I hope to see you in the morning, sorry for akk the problems this morning.

    We are sending or love to yoy,

    BYE      BYE      DAD





    Saturday, February 4, 2012


    Good Morning

    “ God grant me the serenity t9 accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference “

    What a wonderful thought to begin the day way with, I feel like if I have a good beginning with this day it will end better. “ Begin the day with God “

    This thought was sent to Mary by Joan on a birthday card.   DAD

    Coffee cup animation

    I need a cup of Starbucks Sumatra x bold, right now, its not even in the pot here at 1:05 a.m., excuse me while I get every thing perking, now don’t you laugh at me, I am not  out of my head, if you do  laugh I will be a little slow in pouring you a cup. DAD.

    Some of you may think it strange that I write this blog in the middle of the night, I will gladly tell you why, I have readers in some parts of the world where at this moment the sun is shining brightly and I do want them to read this , because some of them may be producing tomatoes

    , “ The sun never sets on Dads Tomato Garden “

    The weather looks very good here in east Tennessee , at 7:15 a.m. the tem. is 46, and looking out my office window can see no rain. I hope that we have a clear sunny day, because the eagles are back, the link to view them will be down below. We enjoyed them so much last season. Dad


    This will be all for a little while, I am going to fold up my tent and try to do a little work in the office, it is raining outside. I will be around all day as usual.

    BYE     BYE      DAD.




    Friday, February 3, 2012


    “ Let the peace of G0D which goes beyond  all understanding rule in your hearts, there is nothing in this world to compare with it “ Dad.

    Good Morning,


    I am glad that all news is not bad news, the link about is surly welcome, those of you that were with us last year will  remember what pleasure  had to watch the eagles from the building of their nest until the baby eagles flew  away. I will show this link every day somewhere in this blog.

    I want to thank Joan for sending me this link, she and her family have meant so much to Mary and I, they live all they way from New york state to Hi. and of course the family includes Oreo and Chewy. Now don’t you think that I am fortunate to have friends like that DAD

    Mary and I had an interesting but very busy day yesterday, I have never been as tired as I was at my bedtime. We visited my friends at the wound center and received a wonderful report. Every one  an in that office are so nice, all nurses gave us that ‘ Winning Smile “

    We then visited some of our friends at the Oxygen Center and then headed home. I did not think that I would be able to write this blog this morning, no way, but when I got out of my bed I was even in a happy mood. I don’t understand what happened.

    Coffee cup animation

    Excuse me, I got carried away with all those things above that I forgot all about that Starbucks x bold coffee, now you can see that I have been in bad shape, but nothing to worry about, sit down, start drinking and smiling.  Dad.

    I need to park and get myself out of your way. There is lots more on my mind but I must wait until later. I could just mention one thing that I do sell advertising in this blog at a bargain price—

    I have enjoyed my visit with you, one that I thought I could never do.

    Mary, Prince and Dad are sending our Love to a needy and troubled world. I will be back.

    “ Live for others while you are still able “

    BYE      BYE      DAD

    Thursday, February 2, 2012


    Good Morning,

    This is the day that God has made, I am going to rejoice and be glad it, I am going to try and love others more than myself, and try to have that “ Winning Smile “ that might help some weary soul along the way, as I have heard it said “ That’s what its all about “ Sam has said that to me many times

    ! woke up this morning  feeling good and wanting to do something Mary and I have about every thing in place for the coming tomato, rose and smile season, Mary feeling better and able to help me is the reason that we are at this point.

    Joan sent me this link below regarding the eagles, we hope that we can enjoy them again this year.

    Eagles in their nests-CLICK HERE

    It looks like that you are going to see another video, why does old Dad do it tell him to be quiet and let you rest.


    It is early 1:34 a.m. eastern time but I need my coffee, at this early hour it is hard to stay awake without, you can have yours or wait until later, and don’t worry it is x bold.

    Mary and I are making an early stop at the wound center early this morning, nothing wrong thinks look good, we usually stop in there about ever two weeks.

    So Sheery you better lock your door and turn out the lights or we might stop in for a “ Winning Smile " if we have the time.

    Jim and Beverly will be coming down from Kingsport this afternoon, and we are invited out for a meal at Ruby Tuesdays . I already know what I am ordering “ baby back ribs and x bold coffee. They have the best that I have found. Dad.

    I need to talk more about producing tomatoes, after all in about two month you may see me down there in the garden getting my hands and clothes dirty, that will be seen on Cam # 1

    Wednesday, February 1, 2012


    “ Be true today let not tomorrow with anxious fears becloud thy soul, be true today fret not nor sorrow , thy cares upon thy Saviour roll “

    Good Morning,

    The encouraging thought and advice above is so good , true and something that you can depend on, what a comfort, today is all that we have to worry about, we trust in our heavenly Father for the future, He knows what tomorrow is going to bring forth, and he knows you and I, and I think that it says that “ He will not tempt us above what we are able to bare “ What a rest of heart.

    We have not been using videos for our daily thought for some time, this one may not be top notch but you can expect better ones in the future, we are getting better prepared to do this.

    January 31, 2012

    I want to tell you that our bird baths will be bubbling in about two weeks, The one 0n Cam. # 2 will be lighted.

    We will be having some of the best coffee that I have ever tasted in a very few minuets, it is of course Sumatra Starbucks x bold. It is good believe me , Sit, drink and smile.

    Coffee cup animation

    Mary is feeling better and I am afraid that she is just taking on to much to soon. She was so busy yesterday and the rest of the week is pretty full, help me warn her, we sure do not want here in the hospital on her birthday February 5th. We want to be able to celebrate.

    CLICK HERE You must see this!

    We are going to be in our Wednesday meeting this evening at 7:30 p.m. Our study is 1st Peter chapter 5. It will be in our home tonight.

    I hope that you will look at our side panel, what would I ever do without it, it saves me so much work and gives you a lot more than I would ever think to tell you, so please go there often’

    We will be at the Oxygen center on Thursday morning, and if we have a chance we will stop and bother you a little Sherry, run us off if we get in your way.

    This is all that I have, Mary might have something to add, She and Prince are taking some much need rest.

    I do plan to slip in here again in the morning if you will let me, remember if you want a big tomato around July the 4th you had be good to me. Just teasing.

    Remember this always.

    “ Live for others every day, it’s the true the better way “ Dad

    BYE      BYE      DAD