Thursday, May 31, 2012

Checking the Tomato Plants

Looking Good!
Beverly and I went to Knoxville today to visit Mary. We had a good visit and really enjoyed our time together. Precious moments.

While there we checked on Dad’s Tomato Garden. I was amazed at the growth in only one week. Instead of just blooms there were dozens of green tomatoes. I think every plant had green tomatoes. While there I decided to give the plants a watering. Here’s a few pictures Beverly took while I was watering the plants.

008 005
006 009

Dad would be proud of his tomato plants this year. It sure looks like there is going to be a bumper crop.

Book Sales
If you want to buy one of Dad’s book, it is not too late. You should order online through the link in the side panel, but we are not using PayPal. When you order on line the order will go direct to Jim, and when he receives your check or money order he will ship your book(s).


Thanks again for all your Phone calls. comments, emails and cards. They have meant so much to us during these days of sadness.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Hello to All of Dad’s Friends

Something was telling me to make a post on Dad’s blog. Tomorrow it will be only 3 weeks since Dad passed from the earth’s fading scene and into eternity. I think we’re still in a daze since it happen so fast. We miss him but are thankful for his long life and that he did not have to suffer. He is an inspiration to everyone to keep active and continue learning new things as we age. He meant so much to us so it is hard for us to lose him.

At the Silent Keyboards website a friend wrote a tribute to Dad. You can see it here:

Tribute to Dad

And I learned about more tributes to Dad:

Tribute 2

Tribute 3


Many thanks for your mail and comments expressing your condolences. We appreciate it very much.

Dad loved pictures of sky above. I saw this picture today and posted it because I knew Dad would like it.


One more thing that you might enjoy. When I was with him on Friday before his death, I told him I needed him to autograph some of his books for me. He nodded and said, “It’s rough being famous.” That got a good laugh from all of us.

Someone told us that Dad was like the man Seraiah mentioned in Jeremiah 51:59 (KJV) who was referred to as a “quiet prince.”

Friday, May 25, 2012

A Visit Home

This is Jim Writing
Yesterday I visited Mary and home in Knoxville. It was the first time I had been back since last Friday. It still feels like a dream—the fact that Dad is gone. I miss him in so many ways.

While I was there I filled his bird feeders and watered his tomato plants. I felt like he was watching me while I was doing these things…

His tomato garden looks great. Ted, his next door neighbor put the cages up around the plants a few days ago. Here’s a couple of pictures of Dad’s Tomato Garden.

Dad’s Tomato Garden
24 Tomato Plants, each 3 feet apart.
(Pictures taken 5/24/2012)

These Blooms will soon be baby tomatoes, then big green tomatoes, then they will turn into delicious red tomatoes.

Dad really knew how to grow good tomatoes!

Thursday, May 10, 2012


In Memory of Ray F. White
September 2, 1913 - May 9, 2012

IMG_1432-1White, Ray F. age 98, born September 2, 1913, passed away May 9, 2012 at Physicians Regional Medical Center. He was a non-denominational Christian. He was founder and co-owner of White Brothers Poultry & Egg Company and since his retirement he has enjoyed gardening, raising tomatoes and roses. One of his greatest joys was feeding the birds and wildlife at his home which was designated as a Wildlife Habitat. In 2003, he began blogging with his well-known blog, "Dad's Tomato Garden." He had many friends and followers from all over the world.

Preceded in death by beloved wife, LaVerne R. White; parents, Harris and Maude White; grandson, Greg White; brothers, Ralph, Earl, Howard, and Willard. Survivors, son and daughter-in-law, James and Beverly White of Kingsport; daughter, Mary L. White of Knoxville; grandchildren, Kevin and wife, Lesley White of Kingsport, Bethany R. White of New Jersey; great grandchildren, Mandy and husband Alex Rogers, Kara White and Zachary White; Mandy's mother, Sylvia Massey; sister, Helen Weals; brother, Roy and wife, Mavis White; several nieces and nephews.

The family will receive friends 6:00-8:00 PM Friday, May 11, 2012 in the chapel of Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Highway with funeral service to follow at 8:00 PM.

Ministers Greg Harger and Robert Johnson will officiate. Family and friends will meet at Woodlawn Cemetery on Saturday, May 12, 2012 for a 10:30 AM interment service.

Pallbearers will be Don Johnson, Lance George, John Delius, Pat Cooke, Ted Beightol, Jerry Walker and Michael VanVuuren. Honorary pallbearers are Jerry Pell, John Walker, Woodrow Franklin, Jay Conatser, Pinky Conatser, Ben Burnette, and Don Brawdy. Condolences may be offered at

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Are Sad & Grieving

This is Jim writing.

We wanted to let all of Dad’s friends know that he passed away this morning while he was in the hospital. The doctors postponed surgery yesterday because of some health issues.

Yesterday afternoon  he felt pretty good and was alert and talked to his visitors. Early this morning he was resting, was alert, and knew all the family that was with him. Around 9:00 AM or a little later he turned for the worse and died around 10:15 AM while he was asleep.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Morning

This is Jim writing.

Dad is in the hospital. Here’s what happened.  Yesterday morning around 3:30 AM (just after Dad had posted his blog) he was sitting on the edge of the bed and slid off onto the floor. He hit the floor with a bump. We called 911 a little later and got him to the hospital where the X-ray showed a broken right hip joint. Monday was a stressful day for Dad and the whole family. But by the end of the day he was in a room and resting with the aid of some pain meds.

Today they plan to repair his hip with surgery. Dad is in good spirits. We are all hoping and praying that the surgery will be a success and give Dad the opportunity to continue to grow tomatoes and write his blog.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dads Mondays Entry Six Thousand Two Hundred Fifty One Hundred Fifty one

Good Morning.

Lets try to begin the week with God and continue and end the week with Him.

This day of the week is my day. I love Mondays. It’s a day that I am glad to get out of the house and get my hands and clothes dirty.

We speak a lot about the clean , unspotted sheet that God gives us each morning. we need to do our best to keep it clean and white until the end of this week, and we can with Gods help, and not in ourselves and by the Grace of God, live a life that God will be pleased with, we should live this week for others.

DAD 2012

Dad-The Tomato Man.

My new book has been ready a few weeks, I  am satisfied with the ones that I am shipping each, I still have a good stock, and if I need to I can place another order, it takes only a few to get them here.

Why don’t you let Dad mail one to you. Click on the picture and it will this office today.

Time is so precious –do not waste it living only yourself, Give a little of your to others.

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I started this Journal on August 28, 2003 for the main purpose of helping others produce a good home grown tomato. That is still my desire. Since then I have added roses and smiles. I will be glad for any comments or criticism. Contact me at I appreciate all of my readers who have stayed with me through these years. Dad Copy Righted © this in 201o, use any of of this blog and D-The Tomato Man. Call Dad for help.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dads Sundays Special Entry Six Thousand Two Hundred Five

Time is so precious-do not waste

Live for others every day.

DAD 2012

Good Morning.

This below is important.

The New CPR- please watch this! This is probably THE most important email you'll possibly EVER receive and - hopefully - will pass on as well.

Everyone PLEASE watch this to the very end ........... Simple and easy ... you don't have to be certified

The New CPR- please watch this

It is as easy as Staying Alive....a good song to use for counting the compressions.


I want all my friends and family to watch this - in case I need you. I've watched it - in case you need me. NEW CPR PROCEDURE. PLEASE watch - and then share. This short video illustrates the best demonstration and gives the simplest explanation of exactly what to do if someone near you collapses and is presumably having a heart attack. You could very well save the life of a friend or loved one. Someone you share this video with might save your life..!


Click Here.....

This above is all that I have for today, I wanted you to see this, it is important information.I will try and be here in the morning.

BYE      BYE      DAD

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dads Saturday Entry Six Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Four


DAD 2012

Good Morning

“ Time is so precious-do n0t waste it .

This is the day which the Lord has made. and we will rejoice and be glad in it .

I am glad that this is Saturday, as I often tell you it reminds me of relaxing , refreshing and renewing.

We feel a great need for the Sunday morning, but I may not have that chance. The meeting is not at our home this Sunday morning, the first of every month we have two church to meet together in another. I don’t feel able to make trip alone, yes I said alone.

Mary is taking a few days of from her work and she is visit with a close friend, she met this girl many years ag0, I am not sure but it could have been a convention

This girl now lives in St Petersburg Florida. She is anxious to near the ocean again.

I forgot to say that Mary will be in a Sunday meeting meeting down there because it is Joans home.

I am missing Mary so much, I do depend on her more that I realized. And I Love her dearly. But I know that she need this at this time.

And you should see and hear Prince. He cant understand  what is going. He walks through the house looking for Mary, I tried to Tell him that she would be back soon, I don’t know if he understood what I said.

Mary Fly back as soon as the week is over we love and need you.

Jim and Beverly are staying her with Prince and old Dad. We are getting the best of service, food is so good, and they are so kind to us. DAD

understood what I said

I know that they are going to have a real good time together , old precious memories of the past.

Hey, I had better watch myself, I need to sell a few books today or my job will go up in smoke, and you know how much I eat.

I have books on hand ready to leave here, and remember the $ 5.00 of each to volume byers at least 1 pack of 5 b00ks. And I can see Pay Pal with a pencil in his hand waiting for an order, Pay Pal is a nice fellow. DAD .

Now look at the book pictured at top of this page, and let me hear from y0u, I am ready and willing to send you one if you would beg hard enough. Dad.

Another one of those nice days coming up, beginning at a reading 70 degrees, no     heavy rain maybe a shower.

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I started this Journal on August 28, 2003 for the main purpose of helping others produce a good home grown tomato. That is still my desire. Since then I have added roses and smiles. I will be glad for any comments or criticism. Contact me at I appreciate all of my readers who have stayed with me through these years. Dad©



Click on picture


My Friend Oreo below.

My Friend Oreo
Click on picture. Sara's Dog Training - Dad

As you know I do not close this blog until late evening, waiting on late news.

So if you see someone hiding behind a bush it could be Dad.

Peep at our Side Panel again, it helps. DAD

And above every thing else, be kind to every one that you meet today. And Live For Others

I plan on being back here Monday if God has His Tender Mercy on me.

BYE      BYE      DAD

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dads Thursday Entry Six Th0usand Two Hundred Thirty Two


DAD 2012

Good M0rning from Dad.

The world the flesh and devil all try to hinder me,and show me what I am missing as I go on with Thee, but Thou to me has has shows a better grander view a crown in Heaven awaiting for those who do keep true.

I do want to say Thanks my Friends all around the world for the response that you have given my.. Dad-The Tomato Man..

If any of you would like to order, you know what to do,click on the picture of the book in the side panel and then in 2 or 3 days I can have one in your mail box.

We have plenty in stock, that would like to come to your house

I am working on something that you might be interested in. Our book are packed is 5 book package, I will price these books tomorrow when I have make then as cheep as possible

The beauty of this is that these books make wonder gifts for one of your Tomato Grower friends, something that the will use and value for many years. Think it over. Dad.

If any one wants to order direct just send Dad an email at white646r@aol.coman and DAD will get a book on the way to your pad. Pay with personal check.

Our three cameras are working. Camera # 1 is our roving Cam, expect to see him any where roaming around Dads tomato and roses’ this is all depends on the weather, Dad.

Our best view of our  growing tomatoes will still be Cam #2

“ I am only one,but still I am one. I cannot do every thing but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something that I can do”

By Helen Keller.

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  • Great Smokey Mountains Web Cam
  • John White
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  • You had better listen t0 Maw, she will keep you smiling and keep you on the right track. Dad knows she has helped me. DAD.

  • It is not what you do son, its what you leave   undone that will give a  little heart  ache at  the setting of the sun’

    About Me

    My Photo

    I started this Journal on August 28, 2003 for the main purpose of helping others produce a good home grown tomato. That is still my desire. Since then I have added roses and smiles. I will be glad for any comments or criticism.  I appreciate all of my readers who have stayed with me through these years.  I could not made if I had not had your words of  help and cheer, and keep me smiling Dad ©

    This is going to be all for today, I would like to come back in the morning, because I love you.

    Live For Others Every Day, It’s The True The Better Way

    Please go to the side panel for what I left out of this glog’

    BYE      BYE      DAD

  • Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Dads Wednesdays Entry Six Th9usand Two Hundred Thirty One

    Live for OTHERS,EVERY DAY.

    Good morning.

    This Tennessee weather should make you smile  if you are a tomato producer. We are beginning with  a 55 degrees  and above 85 for  the high our plants are doing good, you can view them on Cam # 2 IMG_1431-1

    I am not going to talk very much about books today, just to say they are selling, more than I ever expected. Thanks to you my friends.

    And if any of you have not purchased our book, just look at the book picture click and that will tell you what you need to know.

    I want to leave thi                                                                                                                                                                                       s note to Donna, it seems that there has been a mix up in a book sale  Dona write me and I will get it taken care of, my email


    Coffee cup animation

    The coffee that we are using Starbucks x bold



    I thought this might be one 0f our famous smiles .This is all for now. We had a real good rain this morning early.

    hope that I can come back in the early morning.

    BYE      BYE        DAD

    Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    Dads Tuesdays Entry Six Thousand Two Hundred Thirty

    Good  Morning.

    Do not ever forget this, Time is so precious –do not waste it, The older that I become it is more impressed on my mind,and I realize that time is running out for me, 98 plus years are getting very near the end of the journey

    Its been a rough rocky road to travel but I have enjoyed life, and hope that I can be faithful to my last step,


    You can see here that I am beginning to become and old man, but not old to sell you one of our books, at the top of this page you will see a picture of the book, click on the picture , click on the picture and it will tell you how to have one in your mail box in 2 or 3 day, Thanks to all of you that have ordered the book ,and I hope that you have enjoyed it and found out a little more about this old tomato grower,

    My plants are looking good, and you may view then on Cam # 2. I only have only36 plants this season, that is enough for me this year, I sell a few each year, and the price one big smile from you. Dad.

    Coffee cup animation

     Help your self  to the coffee

    I will finish this bl0g later in the day.

    Live for others.

    Bye    Bye       DAD