Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Short Message to all of Our Friends

This is Jim writing again. We just returned a short while ago from our Wednesday night Bible Study. We had Matthew, Chapter 10. It’s a good chapter.

Beverly and I were in Knoxville from Sunday through Tuesday this week working on the home place. We’re hoping to have a yard/garage sale soon to provide new homes to many of the household goods. At the present time we are targeting to do this on Friday and Saturday, August 31 and September 1.

It’s sad in so many ways… and we must be selling the house also. We’re hoping to get it on the market this fall.

Dad’s Tomato Garden
Dad’s tomato garden is really doing good this year. He would be so proud of the big, ripe and delicious tomatoes it is producing. We picked a few more on Tuesday before we left to come back to Kingsport. Just look at them…


I hope you are smiling. Dad would like that.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On This Day A Boy is Born

Mandy and Alex Rogers today celebrate the birth of their new baby boy, Atley James Rogers.

This is Jim (Tennessee Granddaddy) writing in Dad’s blog. Mandy is my granddaughter and today it makes Beverly and me GREAT grandparents. (Earlier this year I mentioned that we would become great grandparents to Mandy. She looked at us and sweetly told me that we were already “great” grandparents.)

Dad would be proud and smiling if he were alive today because this would of made five generations living.

You can read more about Atley and see some pictures at my website:


002Dad’s Fountains
I have set up one of Dad’s fountains in my backyard just off the patio. It is so nice to sit out there and hear the water running and watch the birds enjoy the water. It will be a continuing reminder of Dad and his love for the birds and wildlife. I have also been giving some thought to getting my place certified as a wildlife habitat like Dad’s residence.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Nice Ripe Tomatoes

Yesterday at Dad’s Place (Jim is writing)
We picked tomatoes from Dad’s tomato garden yesterday. The recent rains and hot weather have helped their growth. The plants and the fruit are both beautiful. The tomatoes are also delicious! Here’s a couple of pictures:


I mention on my blog, “Dad would be smiling”. Someone corrected me to say, “Dad IS  smiling”.

Dad’s Book
The 1st printing of the books are almost gone. I have about 5 copies left to sell. If you want one, please let me know soon. First come first serve.


We continue to work on emptying the house. We plan a sale of household items sometime in the next 6-8 weeks. We hope to get the house on the market sometime this fall. It continues to be an emotional challenge.

We loved Dad. We miss him. Life goes on. We have wonderful memories, and so much to be thankful for.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Couple of Pictures

I thought of Dad when I took this picture a few weeks ago. He really enjoyed the beauty of the heavens above.


An Old Shovel
Kevin helped us last week to go through some of Dad’s belonging in his out building. I wanted to share an interesting shovel that we found.

Do you see the wooden handle that made out of one piece of wood. Interesting, huh? I have some more pictures on Tennessee Granddaddy’s site.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dad’s Tomato Garden Flourishes

Hello everyone! It’s Jim again. I wanted to share a few pictures from Dad’s Garden that I took on 6/29/12.


P1010348 P1010351

As you can see the garden is doing really well. We’re trying to keep it watered but not doing as good a job as Dad would I am sure.

We’ve been going through the house and making decisions about what to keep, what to sell, and what to throw away. This is very difficult for me. I went through Dad’s room last week, and the memories really got to me. Not only of Dad, but I found things of my Mothers that he had kept. Also I found things that reminded me of my son Greg, who we lost in 1983. I worked and cried.

As Dad would say, “Time is precious, do not waste it.”