Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Another Update

I have been negligent in posting on Dad’s blog as well as my own, but thanks for dropping in to check on things.

Mary is all settled in a senior living apartment. It is very nice and I think it will be a good place for her. She lives there with Prince and enjoys his company very much. A pet is wonderful therapy as well as a great companion.

We had an estate sale at Dad’s home last weekend on Friday and Saturday. We sold lot of things, and were happy to see them go on to be used again. Many came buy just to buy something that Dad had owned in his house. It was sad on many different levels. We still have things that did not sell that we plan to donate to charity within the next few weeks.

As many of you know, last Sunday was Dad’s birthday (September 2). Dad would have been 99 years old. We are disappointed that he did not make it 99 and many more years. We are glad he had such a good state of health up to the very end of his life. He is sorely missed. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of something I want to tell him or ask him.

Here’s a picture of Dad when he was working on his blog. He was always looking for something interesting to post.

Up and Coming
We have met with a realtor and she is now evaluating the property for value. We also have a home improvement expert looking at the property to see what might need to be done to promote the sale of the property. Then will make some decisions like selling as-is or with improvements.

We also have our church convention coming up at the end of this month. Dad always looked so forward to going over to the farm and attending the 4 days of spiritual help. I would help him get his golf cart over to the farm to use during those four days. It was very helpful to him and others. We will certainly miss Dad a lot during those four days.

All else is going pretty good. I feel a heavy burden on my shoulders right now as I work to get the estate settled, the house sold, and taking care of things around my own home. This shall pass and there will be brighter days.

Let’s Cheer Up
I’m a little down but I purpose to cheer up. As Dad used to say, “Someone said cheer up, things could be worse. So I cheered up, and sure enough things got worse.” He would have a big smile when he said that.

Dad would have a word of encouragement for all of us. Often he would tell us to “Hang in there.”

~by Jim