Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update From Jim

Thanksgiving was a big day for us in Kingsport, Tennessee. The picture below was taken  after the big meal.


We missed having our dear Dad with us, but having our new Atley (my great grandson) with us was a good thing. My Aunt Helen is holding him in the picture above.

I’ll name those in the picture above, all from left to right.

First row: Mandy, Alex and Kara.
Seated: Jim, Helen, Atley, Roy, Zachary, Sylvia
Standing: John, Karen B, Nathan, Pat, Beverli, Karen C, Mary, Bethany. Mavis, Beverly, Sue, Lesley, Kevin

What a gang!
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


I know we are not writing much these days, but we hope to do more. Please keep checking in from time to time. Mary told me that she going to add some things to Dad’s blog soon.

You all take care, keep smiling, and best wishes for a Merry Christmas season, and enjoy the holidays!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Brief Update to Our Friends

This is Jim writing.

This has been a difficult year. We knew that one day we would lose Dad, but you are never prepared for death. We loved him dearly and miss him so much.

Update on Dad’s House

I am in the final stages of settling Dad’s estate as the Executor. Also we have had an estate sale and the house has been readied for sale. It is now on the market. It very sad to go through this process. Sometimes I felt like I was destroying the things he loved. It had to be done. While many of the physical things have been removed, no one can destroy the memories of Dad and all the things he enjoyed in this life.

Mary and Prince
Beverly and I saw Mary & Prince last weekend. It looks like both of them have grown accustomed to their new apartment life. Also, we took Mary to her doctor appointment at Vanderbilt a few weeks ago and she got a good report. 

Dad’s Blog
We are going to keep Dad’s Tomato Garden blog active. Mary and I will try to make a post from time to time to give you an update on what is happening in our little world.

Dad’s Book
His first printing is almost sold out. Only a few copies are available. Our friend who wrote the book for Dad will be taking over future orders and making decisions about a second printing.