Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dad’s House

The Home Place is Sold
Jim Reporting: Last week we closed on selling Dad’s house in Knoxville. I have been experiencing a mixture of emotions from knowing the house now belongs to someone else. We moved into that house about 57 years ago. Many memories on my Mother and Dad go with the surroundings of that wonderful home. That’s sad. At the same time we were glad to sell the property and remove the worry and expense of an unoccupied house. It had to be done, but my heart aches.

Memories I’ll keep forever from that home…

  • Family meals and birthday celebrations
  • Mom’s wonderful smile
  • Dad working on his blog
  • Dad’s tomato garden and those web cams
  • Mom and Dad’s love and support to Mary and me

And I could go on and on… the house is gone now, but the memories will live on in our minds and hearts.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Sister’s Birthday

Today is Mary’s Birthday! February 5…

This is Jim writing… I wanted to let all our friends know about Mary’s Birthday. We had a great time together on Saturday. Our cousin Karen and her husband, Pat, brought Mary to Kingsport. We had a delicious meal at Outback then back to the home for cake, ice cream and family time. It was good!

birthdayMary, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Sure wish we could be with you today, but glad for our time together on Saturday.

From left to right: Karen, Beverly and Mary. Picture taken on Saturday, 2/2/13