Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Couple of Pictures

I thought of Dad when I took this picture a few weeks ago. He really enjoyed the beauty of the heavens above.


An Old Shovel
Kevin helped us last week to go through some of Dad’s belonging in his out building. I wanted to share an interesting shovel that we found.

Do you see the wooden handle that made out of one piece of wood. Interesting, huh? I have some more pictures on Tennessee Granddaddy’s site.



Sara said...

I think many of us are coming across photos/videos that we think "oh, DAD would love this"!

That shovel is really cool :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm sure every day you will find something that makes you think of your Dad. He'll never be forgotten. He had a great love of life and will always be remembered.

Helen said...

I remember how he loved those pretty cloud pictures. The shovel handle is interesting.

Joan said...

Wonder how many years that shovel has been in the out building and how many generations of hands have used it to dig and plant. I bet DAD would have a story or two to tell about it.

Thought of DAD this morning as I read in our local paper about a 92 year old gentleman who just published his first book of poetry, The Last Leaf. Like DAD, he loved life and it loved him.

..Sara's Mom