Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dad’s Tomato Garden Flourishes

Hello everyone! It’s Jim again. I wanted to share a few pictures from Dad’s Garden that I took on 6/29/12.


P1010348 P1010351

As you can see the garden is doing really well. We’re trying to keep it watered but not doing as good a job as Dad would I am sure.

We’ve been going through the house and making decisions about what to keep, what to sell, and what to throw away. This is very difficult for me. I went through Dad’s room last week, and the memories really got to me. Not only of Dad, but I found things of my Mothers that he had kept. Also I found things that reminded me of my son Greg, who we lost in 1983. I worked and cried.

As Dad would say, “Time is precious, do not waste it.”



Sara said...

The tomatoes look amazing. I'm sure they will be turning red any day now.

Time is precious, and sometimes it takes a loss to remind us just how precious and fragile life is.

Mary S said...

Jim, I got the Tomato Man book the other day and have started my read. Miss Dad's timely comments about the day. A friend of mine even bought a copy of the book.

Such an example in living the life, your Dad was, and I gather you are as well. I hope your sister, Mary is content in her new surroundings. I remember when she moved in, or at least when Dad started mentioning that she was there. I was there for my Mom as well, although I never moved in. Wanted her to move here, but death took her too soon, at age 72.

Anyway I remember finding things too, as I cleaned out drawers and boxes. Found the receipt for the first automatic washer my Mom had. 400 or 500 dollars. In the late 1940's That was a lot of money back then. Said something about my Dad, and explained why my Mom would sit down in the basement on a wooden chair and watch it was (It was a front loader with a window in the door) Memories. Thank you for taking good care of your Dad's many fans.

betty said...

The Tomato Plants look like Honor Guards. As the wind passes through, I can hear the hum, "I'm going home."
Thanks you, Jim. Aloha.

Rita Mosquita said...

Jim, I lost my mother when I was 6 and the rest of my family were not mentally healthy. There is lots of narcissism. This just magnified the loss of my mother.

I read your posts about Dad, and I understand your loss. I get tears in my eyes when I read about him. I miss reading his daily posts.

I know the his death is a huge loss to you and your sister. Although time heals, I think we never fully get over losing someone as precious as Dad was.

Cindi said...

the tomatoes look great!
thanks for letting know, hope u have a safe 4th

Joan said...

I came by tonight after admiring my 4 tomato plants. I never planted any vegetables until I found DAD. His love of gardening and tomatoes was so contagious I just had to give it a try. This year the plants are doing the best ever and I think it must be DAD smiling down on them. He would be happy to see I feed them today and I have been watering them faithfully. Caring for them has a calming effect on me this year, just as a morning visit to his blog had on me. His spirit is with me. ...Sara's Mom

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Those tomatoes are a tribute to your Dad for sure. I know it has to be very hard going through his house. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

Jess Miller said...

Time is precious and we should not waste...I wish we all could remember how important it is to live in the present...and as my mother used to say..."find beauty in the moment" My mom passed away 2 years ago next month...she was very connected with nature as well...hugs to the family

Bookncoffee said...

Ohhh thank you for sharing a photo and a report of Dad's tomatoes. So special.

Going through the things is so hard, but a special time as you have memories and find things that just warm your heart. It's heard to do, but it's love you are feeling that makes you miss him so, as well as the other. Praying for you and the family. Thanks again for sharing! Happy 4th to you although I know it is hard to have holidays after losing someone. Hope you are getting some rain there, as we are NOT here in middle TN. Only 20% chance, but hoping. Our tomatoes are doing better this year so we think Dad is pulling some strings! lol Yeah we are watering morning and night as the heat just sucks the water up so quickly.

JOHN said...

Very nice pictures,I'm sending prayers as you continue to go Thur your Dads belongings,I to and to do that.three years I still pull out a box to search Thur and the memories do flood back..

Dawn said...

Oh Jim, I know it's so hard. And you're having to do it so soon. I'm sorry to hear about your son, that just doubles the loss for you. I hope it helps that so many people loved your Dad and his posts each morning. We are all sending hugs.

Leslie said...

I am so sorry to read about Dad White! It's been a while since I've been here ~ it was always such a warm place to visit. He would be proud ~ the tomato plants look awesome.