Friday, August 29, 2008


Picture by Dad.

Good Morning.

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"The sun never sets on Dad's Tomato Garden Journal."     

 Dad.s OUTDOOR WEB CAM      Dad's cam is back in service.

To all of  my friends all around the world -have a nice day.

Together  We Can make some one Smile. Our smiles have made it around the world, I knew that we could do  it.   DAD.


Picture by Dad.           

 A cup of  good Tea or Coffee, will help you get started  this Friday morning, they are both ready and waiting on you.Sonow I am sitting here by myself waiting to see you come through that door. I could use a little cheering up myself this morning. Some times old Dad gets down and need a little help  Come on Smile.

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  ( I value this SMILE ALBUM very much. DAD )

Look at this link above and then tell me what you think about those SMILES. Is your smile there, if not I would be glad  to have it, and remember that a smile is the same  language in every country, and it don't cost you a cent to give, but it is worth very much to the ones that receive it, Help me out. DAD.

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  • DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM Dad's cam is back in service.

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  • . Be sure and see what  Jim has to say today, I know that he will make you smile,  Dad....

  • Would you likea little soothing piano music. Well here it is with my sister Helen at the piano.  DAD

  • Video picture By Dad.

  • I am sure that you noticed the picture at the top of the page.  Mary, Helen & I were invited to have an early supper yesterday. And of course we accepted.

  •  Our very good friends Don & Martha who live in Seymour are the ones that were so good to us.  We had a wonderful time. Don't you wish that you could have been with us ? DAD.

  • View this above if you possibly can, it's from TomatoCasual. Dad


    white6416r said...

    Strange, but it seems that the comments are working..DAD

    gen0507 said...

    Mmmmm, your meal looks delicious.  Yes, would have liked to have joined you.  The coffee sure is good.  I'm sending you a big smile :) & a big hug!  I hope you have a great day!!  Woo-Hoo It's Friday & we have a three day weekend!!!!!!


    marainey1 said...

    Good Morning !  I do have a ***BIG SMILE*** today as I'll have a nice long holiday weekend ahead.  I hope you can find a smile or two as you count your many blessings to day too!  'On Ya' - ma

    vfetui said...

    Good Morning Dad,
    The table looked inviting and Helen's playing How Great Thou Art sounded pretty and was soothing.  Was she camera shy? I haven't tried your outdoor cam yet, but have intentions of doing that today, I think I have to download something first.
    I hope you feel cheerier as the day goes on.  It is a beautiful day, maybe that will help.  Enjoy your visit with your sister and say hello to her and Mary.
    Have a good day Dad.
    With love,
    Vicki in Birmingham

    madcobug said...

    Good morning Dad, that meal looks delicious and yes I would have loved to have been there. For some reason I can't see the video of Helen playing the piano. I looked at your cam but you were not out there. I hope you, Mary and Princess have a great weekend. Hugs to you all, Helen

    ally123130585918 said...

    Hello Dad and Mary just popping in to say hello ~ have had the Grandchildren staying so havn't been on the computer ~ just checking in to make sure you are both OK ~ Ally x

    tendernoggle said...

    I sure do wish "I could have been there with yall Dad....but I am happy that yall enjoyed the good food and the good company.
    love ya,carlene

    bsdintheoc said...

    Oh, that piano music warmed my heart, please thank Helen!  That used to be my Dad's favorite song... he would sing it around our house quite often.

    I DO wish I could have joined you all for that lovely meal!


    jmuhjacat said...

    That looks like a good dinner, Dad. I hope you all enjoyed it; and what beautiful music you and your sister Helen shared with us!  She has beautiful hands.  ;)