Saturday, August 30, 2008



Good Morning.

I am happy to see another Saturday morning, It means to me that we can slow down  a little bit and maybe get ourselves back on track, We get so taken up with things that don't really matter, and I for one do need to get my thought's on things that do.

Time is so precious-do not waste it.                © 2008 by Ray F White.

"The sun never sets on Dad's Tomato Garden Journal.


 A cup of  good Tea or Coffee, will help you get started  thisSaturday morning, they are both ready and waiting on you.So now I am sitting here by myself waiting to see sometime today. I know that this a long weekend and that most of you will be very busy but please don't forget old Dad.

 You might take time to look at his new outside Cam, it's not very good but I do enjoy watching the birds and seeing the changes during the day.  DAD'S OUTDOOR WEB CAM

Posted on 29 August 2008 by
Tomato Adventures on YouTube

By Vanessa Richins

I love YouTube.

There are so many different random, funny, and educational videos you can find (sometimes they fit all three!).

I decided to see what tomato-related videos I could find. Enjoy!

Time Lapse Tomato

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you left a tomato out for 2 months? This video uses time lapse photography to show the results.

Upside Down Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes upside down is becoming more widely used. The newspaper The Oregonian produced a video showing how to set up your own upside down tomato garden. Read the rest of this entry »

Dad's Smile Album 

  ( I value this SMILE ALBUM very much. DAD )

Look at this link above and then tell me what you think about those SMILES. Is your smile there, if not I would be glad  to have it, and remember that a smile is the  same  language in every country, and it don't cost you a cent to give, but it is worth very much to the ones that receive it, Help me out. DAD.

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  •  I hope to see you early monday morning with my coffee and a smile. I need to stop and begin to get ready for our Sunday morning meeting, please READ THE REST OF DAD'S journal. just click and it will take you there.

  • Bye  Bye   Dad.


    callianna25 said...

    Hi Dad, this is Becky from southern California (bsdintheoc)... this is my new AOL name (callianna25).  I missed the chance to tell you HAPPY 5TH ANNIVERSARY OF YOUR JOURNAL a couple of days ago, and congratulations for such a long-running and successful and well-loved journal.  I sure do enjoy reading it.

    Love, Becky

    nhd106 said...

    Could ya keep my coffee warm for me?

    nhd106 said...

    Morning dad,
    My dog got me up way too early this morning.   But I'm heading right back to bed as soon as he "finishes up his business"!    Have a great weekend...

    kanth81842 said...

    Good morning Dad, love your webcam the birds were busy at your feeders and there was a squirrel shaking a limb in one of the trees. Hope to catch you out and about sometime. Thanks for the coffee and the smiles this morning, now I can start my day off on a good note.
    You buddy,

    PS Tell Ms Mary I said hello and give Princess a big hug for me.

    lifes2odd said...

    Have a great weekend and in case I don't make it by on Tuesday, have a very happy 95th birthday!
    Big birthday hugs, Martha :-)

    vfetui said...

    Good Saturday Morning Dad,
    My goodness, you were up really early today.  I was a late riser, I woke up at 6! I think I am going to wander around town and take some pictures today; if Micah catches wind of those plans, he will be going too. The coffee is delicious this morning.  Take care of yourself.  Talk to you soon.
    With love,
    Vicki in Birmingham
    PS  Are you excited about Tuesday?  We are!  95...WOW, what a lot of life you have experienced and the changes you must have seen!

    gen0507 said...

    How are you this morning?  I am fine!  Thanks for having me a hot cup of coffee ready!  You're the greatest!  I just checked out your cam.  I saw little birds coming in to feed.  That is the coolest thing.  I appreciate you doing this.....

    Someone is fixing to have a birthday.....  Wonder who it is????

    Have a great day, Dad!  I'll be checking out that cam some today!


    jmuhjacat said...

    Hi, Dad.  Checking in late on Saturday as I was at my folks' service yesterday and had company that couldn't make it over for that yesterday, today.  

    Hope you, Ms. Mary and Princess beauty have a wonderful day tomorrow and that you can relax and enjoy the evening now.

    Best to you all, and big PURRS to the Princess beauty!

    preciousone25 said...

    Hi Dad, I had to rush out so quickly this morning, didn't have time for coffee.... Chris had an early dentist appt. and the day hasn't stopped being busy... but now I'm relaxing and thought I'd stop by for some of that great tea with a few ice cubes in it... it's HOT here!!  LOL!!!  Hope your weekend is wonderful, I'm going to enjoy a long weekend!!!

    Take Care,

    ally123130585918 said...

    Good Morning Dad I am a day late for my Cup of Tea ~ Our children go back to School next week and it is going to be very quite without them here ~ but perhaps I will be able to have some extra time on my PC ~ hope you are having a Blessed Sunday ~ Ally x

    Anonymous said...

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