Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Good Morning.

I hope that all of you are feeling good this morning. I will prepare us a little tea and coffee in a little while. I beleive that will help us get started right.

All of us Journal writers received some bad news yesterday morning, ( or maybe it was not so bad,) right out of the blue we received notice that AOL was closing the Journals at the end of October 2008.

So we are changing over too Google at the end of this month. Here below is the Link that will give you an idea of what it is going to look like.

We are jus going to be working on this and see if is going to be good, we hope that everything works out, and I beleive that it will.

Jim my son who writes a blog has been useing this all the time that he has been writeing and he loves it. So we will see, I sure don't want to loose any of you, so please follow with me through the rest of this month and let me know what you think, And do make a note of the above link.

But do understant that I will still be on AOL untill the end of October. This has created a lot of extra work for all of us, but we will make it through it with a SMILE. WE ALWAYS HAVE,

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  • Be sure and see what  Jim  has to say today, I know that he will make you smile.

  • I try to always have my cell phone with me, it is o.k. if you would like to call me.   865-850-5763.

  •  I have mentioned this before, I use VERIZON for my cell phone service and if you happen to use the same your call to me would be free. I am sure that this is right but you might check it out with the company  Verizon where you live.

  • Posted on 08 September 2007 by
    What’s the Difference Between Indeterminate and Determinate Tomatoes?

    Share Your Tomato Questions with Us - TomatoCasual.comBy Michelle Fabio

    You may have heard these terms thrown around at your local seed store, in catalogs, or even at tomato exhibitions—but what do they mean?

    Indeterminate tomatoes are the traditional, large, homegrown variety, and will grow and produce fruit until the first frost.

    They can grow up to 12 feet tall, although the average is around 6 feet, and they will bloom and bear fruit throughout the season.

    These tomatoes are typically called “vining,” and they require substantial staking or caging as well as regular pruning.

    Most beefsteaks, heirlooms, and cherry varieties are indeterminate.

    Determinate tomatoes are much smaller and often called “bush” because of their compact height—somewhere around 3 to 4 feet. Once the fruit sets, all ripen at about the same pace, within a 1 to 2 week span, and then the plant yellows and production drops off.

    Because these are smaller plants, you won’t need to stake, cage, or prune as much if at all, and indeed, these are great for container gardens.

    Typical determinate tomatoes are Rutgers, Roma, Marglobe, Pik-Red, and SuperBush.

    There are also some tomatoes classified as semi-determinate, which, as you might guess, have features somewhere between indeterminate and determinate; they grow to between 3 and 5 feet tall and often require some support like staking or caging. They also may produce throughout the season, so these do require some pruning.

    Some examples of semi-determinates are Celebrity and Mountain Pride.

    Interestingly, until the early 20th century, all tomatoes were of the indeterminate variety until someone noticed a compact, determinate type growing in a field—a natural, fortunate mutation that has allowed all of us to try our hands at growing tomatoes even if we don’t have the space for a full vine.

  •   BYE   BYE...       DAD.      Keep smiling today, let the world know that you are happy

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    sangrialel said...

    Good Morning Dad, I am switching over to blogger also. I will make sure to visit you over there but I will continue to follow you here till the end of October.  Linda

    rgossett4195 said...

    Dad you warmed my heart!  Glad you are going to blogspot too!  rose

    jmuhjacat said...

    Phoenix is gorgeous, Dad!  I love seeing a handsome rooster picture again -- makes me think of my Robert and T.O.G. (The Other Guy, of course!) in the Mojave.  I really miss them and their ladies.

    Yes, it's really too bad about AOL Journals.  One of those "new improved" ideas, yes? ;(  Well, you have the good outlook and I'm sure we'll all make the switch when we need to.  All that work you've done to get these blogs looking great -- hope you can transfer some of the content directly over to blogspot.  Maybe your son has help on that.  

    Anyway, looks like another lovely day in TN!  My best to you all, and big PURRS to the pretty Princess. ^^

    tendernoggle said...

    Dear DAd,
    I must admit, I am a scaredy cat when it comes to change....I hope we all get there and find each other.
    love ya,

    grahamfarmga said...

    Hi Dad,
    I wonted to make sure I kept in touch with you . I marked your your now blog spot link in my favorites. i'm not sur if I will move my journal some where eles or just let it go. I have your e-mail and i also saw you put your verizon number on your web site I have verizon too so maybe one day I will call you up.
    It has been wonderful meeting you here. You and Mary take care

    Anonymous said...

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