Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Good Morning.

Picture by Ron.---Taken at the convention.   9/27/08.

From left- Beverly, Jim, Dad and Mary. We are Happy and Smiling.

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  • I am hopeing that all of you are having a plesant morning. I was a little later this morning, just trying to get a little more rest. I do feel much better, nothing beats being able to sleep.

  • I am going to get our tea and coffee ready, It will be ready soon.

  • Picture by Dad.         


  •  Sit down here with me and have Tea or Coffee, they are both ready. DAD.

  • My cart is back in service and I do appreciate it so much, it helps me to be able to do so much work outside.

  • Tall Tomatoes
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    By Kira Hamman

    We’ve already discussed growinghuge tomatoes here at Tomato Casual, but what about huge tomato plants?

    Check out some of these:

    Here’s a couple in Iowa who grew a 10-foot tomato plant using 8-foot homemade cages made of rebar and wire. Impressive!

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  • I try to always have my cell phone with me, it is o.k. if you would like to call me.   865-850-5763.

  •  I have mentioned this before, I use VERIZON for my cell phone service and if you happen to use the same your call to me would be free. I am sure that this is right but you might check it out with the company  Verizon where you live.

  • Be sure and see what  Jim  has to say today, I know that he will make you smile.


  • I wan't to give a BIG THANKS to all of you for your support, the comments and email has been wonderful.  DAD....

  •   BYE   BYE...       DAD.      Keep smiling today, let the world know that you are happy
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    elam615 said...

    great photo - all are looking good!!

    sangrialel said...

    Good morning Dad,  I hope your day goes well.  I am so glad your cart is back in service!  I love the picture of you, Mary, Jim and his wife.  Linda

    vfetui said...

    Hey Dad!
    Great looking family in that picture!  Everyone looks healthy, happy and Blessed; you can't beat that combination.
    I hope you are catching up on your rest and are having a good day.  Sorry I missed morning coffee!
    Take care of yourself.
    With love,
    Vicki in Birmingham

    jmuhjacat said...

    Very nice picture, Dad!  So glad you got to attend and that you had safe journeys there and back home again.  It looks beautiful there today, but I'm surprised I don't see Princess looking out the window at the bird feeders.  ;)

    My best to you all, and big PURRS to the Princess beauty! ^^

    ab45yui said...

    Glad you had a wonderful time!  God Bless!