Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dads Saturday Entry Six Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Four


DAD 2012

Good Morning

“ Time is so precious-do n0t waste it .

This is the day which the Lord has made. and we will rejoice and be glad in it .

I am glad that this is Saturday, as I often tell you it reminds me of relaxing , refreshing and renewing.

We feel a great need for the Sunday morning, but I may not have that chance. The meeting is not at our home this Sunday morning, the first of every month we have two church to meet together in another. I don’t feel able to make trip alone, yes I said alone.

Mary is taking a few days of from her work and she is visit with a close friend, she met this girl many years ag0, I am not sure but it could have been a convention

This girl now lives in St Petersburg Florida. She is anxious to near the ocean again.

I forgot to say that Mary will be in a Sunday meeting meeting down there because it is Joans home.

I am missing Mary so much, I do depend on her more that I realized. And I Love her dearly. But I know that she need this at this time.

And you should see and hear Prince. He cant understand  what is going. He walks through the house looking for Mary, I tried to Tell him that she would be back soon, I don’t know if he understood what I said.

Mary Fly back as soon as the week is over we love and need you.

Jim and Beverly are staying her with Prince and old Dad. We are getting the best of service, food is so good, and they are so kind to us. DAD

understood what I said

I know that they are going to have a real good time together , old precious memories of the past.

Hey, I had better watch myself, I need to sell a few books today or my job will go up in smoke, and you know how much I eat.

I have books on hand ready to leave here, and remember the $ 5.00 of each to volume byers at least 1 pack of 5 b00ks. And I can see Pay Pal with a pencil in his hand waiting for an order, Pay Pal is a nice fellow. DAD .

Now look at the book pictured at top of this page, and let me hear from y0u, I am ready and willing to send you one if you would beg hard enough. Dad.

Another one of those nice days coming up, beginning at a reading 70 degrees, no     heavy rain maybe a shower.

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As you know I do not close this blog until late evening, waiting on late news.

So if you see someone hiding behind a bush it could be Dad.

Peep at our Side Panel again, it helps. DAD

And above every thing else, be kind to every one that you meet today. And Live For Others

I plan on being back here Monday if God has His Tender Mercy on me.

BYE      BYE      DAD


betty said...

Good Morning, DAD,
What a blessing that Mary is able to visit with a dear friend. She will be bringing joy to the Bible Study Group in St Petersburg, FL. We know how much you enjoy out-or-town visitors to your meetings. The Florida folks will get to enjoy Mary's visit.If you are house bound, you should have no trouble finding peace in the words of the bible. Prince may be confused but we know that you are not. It is always delightful to have Jim and Beverly with you.
I hope you can stay up to see the full moon tonight. No matter where you are or where you travel, it is the same moon. Have a good day. Aloha from HI.....Sara's aunt

Sara said...

I hope Mary has a good trip. I'm sure she will be missing you as well.

Last night, we were at the farm for an agility competition. Jeff pointed out the moon to me. It seemed so close. So pretty watching over us on a warm spring evening. It shined on us for our trip home, on the windy road.

Chewy did great at his first competition. I was so proud of him. Oreo enjoyed watching and sitting on Jeff's lap.

Have a good weekend!

Joan said...

Good Afternoon DAD...

Sorry to be stopping by so late but it has been a really busy day. It started early with us driving to a Church a few towns over to attend the First Communion of my friend's grand daughter. The children were very angelic and happy. Then onto a nice luncheon in the child's honor. We stayed until her older sister came out of her room dressed for her first high school prom. She too looked lovely. One girl dressed in white and the other in black. A very happy day for the family because their cousin who has been waiting a long time for a new kidney was called at midnight and by noon today she had the kidney and so date all was going well. She is only 45 and this is her second kidney transplant. She works hard, smiles often and never complains, I hope she gets to live a long happy life with her new kidney.

It is wonderful that Mary will get to see, hear, and smell the Florida waters. We visit St. Petersburg several times each January and February. It is even nicer when you can enjoy it with a friend. May she come home refreshed and even more appreciated. The week will go by quickly, they always do. And you get to have some Father and Son time. I bet Jim helped you in the garden today. Tonight, sit on the patio and smile at the moon.

...Sara's Mom