Friday, May 25, 2012

A Visit Home

This is Jim Writing
Yesterday I visited Mary and home in Knoxville. It was the first time I had been back since last Friday. It still feels like a dream—the fact that Dad is gone. I miss him in so many ways.

While I was there I filled his bird feeders and watered his tomato plants. I felt like he was watching me while I was doing these things…

His tomato garden looks great. Ted, his next door neighbor put the cages up around the plants a few days ago. Here’s a couple of pictures of Dad’s Tomato Garden.

Dad’s Tomato Garden
24 Tomato Plants, each 3 feet apart.
(Pictures taken 5/24/2012)

These Blooms will soon be baby tomatoes, then big green tomatoes, then they will turn into delicious red tomatoes.

Dad really knew how to grow good tomatoes!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you Jim for the up date. I guess we all miss sharing that good cup of coffee and a smile from your dad every morning. He did love his tomatoes!

Sara said...

Jim, thanks so much for sharing these photos of Dad's tomatoes. It is wonderful to know that even though he is gone, he left behind these growing treasures.

I bought a bird feeder of my own the weekend of your Dad's funeral. I've been enjoying it so much, that I bought 3 more feeders. I keep thinking about how your Dad had a "wildlife habitat", and what a gift he gave to the animals, by giving them a safe haven to feast and relax.

Admittedly, the squirrels have been feasting on my bird seed a bit more than I'd like. But, I'm guessing your Dad wouldn't have minded that so much, as squirrels are God's creatures too.

Your Dad continues to inspire all of us. Hugs to you, Beverly and Mary.

Helen said...

Those tomato plants look great. Bless your heart for caring for his tomatoes. May God bless your and Mary's hearts. May he soon lighten your hearts.

Hollie said...

I'm so glad to see you make an entry!! I have thought about you all many, many times!!! I know it is so hard and you all miss him terribly. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers!!

Rita Mosquita said...

Jim, thank you so much for the post. Your father was an incredible man, sharing his passion about tomatoes, wildlife, and blogging at his age. I know that no matter how young or old our parents are when they pass away, it is a loss. They are our first and forever encouragers and supporters. You were blessed to have your dad for many years, but his loss will be felt for the rest of your life on this earth.

Joan said...

Thank you Jim for posting today. I have looked in on DAD's tomato plants via Cam #2 and noticed the cages the other day. The photos are so much clearer than the cam.. we can actually see the yellow blossoms that will soon be delicious red tomatoes and there are so many. DAD left behind a bumper crop to share with his family and friends.

I am sure Mary enjoyed your visit and your help. How quiet the house must feel to her and Prince. I hope she is finding peace, energy and creativity to write some beautiful poetry about how we all miss DAD. ...Sara's Mom (Joan)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you Jim and to Ted for taking care of Dad's tomatoes and his birds...a few of his favourite things. Gosh I miss that sweet ol' fellow. If I lived closer I would do it.
We used to mail each other tomatoes...lots of pleasant memories.
Hello and love to you Mary. XOXOXO
With much love,
Vicki in Birmingham

Mary S said...

Thanks Jim for taking care of Dad's Tomatoes and his blog as well There are many of us out here who have loved his upbeat attitude and sincere Christian life.

Your Dad reminded me so much of my own Dad whose name also was Ray, and who also grew tomatoes and other things in our garden, but it is the tomatoes that i remember the most.

My own Dad died in 1969 when I was only 25 years old, but he was 80, as I was a late child. Then I discover that your Dad, had a child named Mary as well. I so identify with your family.

Maybe there is good reason. My Dad was descended from the Seibers of Oliver Springs, near Oak Ridge Tennessee. Tennessee roots must go deep. He would have liked your Dad. I know I did.

So glad you didn't just shut down the site when Ray White passed from this earth. As the oldest blogger on the web, he started something.

Facebook has taken me from my own blog a lot, but I am thinking of going back to it and posting a few things. I discovered your Dad when I set up my original blog on AOL and remember the problems he and I both had making the switch when AOL switched us to Google.

Becky Johnson said...

I am so sorry to hear of dad's passing. He often brightened my day.

Michael S. said...

Hi Jim and Mary,

I'm so glad to see that you made an entry into this journal. Thanks for writing and sharing the photos of Dad's tomato plants. I noticed from the sidebar Traffic Feed that this blog is still getting a lot of recent hits, which is great.

Yes it really is hard to believe that Dad is gone. Dealing with the loss of loved ones is something I realize is part of God's plan, but it's still hard sometimes. It was 3 weeks ago this morning when Greta got ill and in a way seems like a lot longer. I'm having good days and bad days, as I guess your family is too.

Dad was an exceptional man and he would be so happy to know that his blog is living on!

Love y'all,

Dawn said...

So glad to know that his tomatoes will continue on this season. We miss him. Hugs to you and your family.

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