Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dads Tuesdays Entry Six Thousand Two Hundred Thirty

Good  Morning.

Do not ever forget this, Time is so precious –do not waste it, The older that I become it is more impressed on my mind,and I realize that time is running out for me, 98 plus years are getting very near the end of the journey

Its been a rough rocky road to travel but I have enjoyed life, and hope that I can be faithful to my last step,


You can see here that I am beginning to become and old man, but not old to sell you one of our books, at the top of this page you will see a picture of the book, click on the picture , click on the picture and it will tell you how to have one in your mail box in 2 or 3 day, Thanks to all of you that have ordered the book ,and I hope that you have enjoyed it and found out a little more about this old tomato grower,

My plants are looking good, and you may view then on Cam # 2. I only have only36 plants this season, that is enough for me this year, I sell a few each year, and the price one big smile from you. Dad.

Coffee cup animation

 Help your self  to the coffee

I will finish this bl0g later in the day.

Live for others.

Bye    Bye       DAD


Sara said...

Good Morning DAD! Rainy morning here today,but I won't complain. We need the rain.

I got your book in my mailbox yesterday! Can't wait to have the chance to sit down and read it. What a treat.

Have a good day.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

To me 36 tomato plants is no small garden for sure. I used to plant about 12 in my garden years ago and they made for a lot of tomatoes. You do enjoy life and have been blessed with a nice long one. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD....

You and Sara are getting me motivated to do some planting. Yesterday Sara and I had lunch at a farm stand. I came home with 6 lettuce plants and Sara offered to get me one of her famous cheery tomato plants. Now I wish I had planted the lettuce. Today's rain would be good for them.

I enjoy watching your tomato plants grow. I wish Jamaka could see them. Maybe you can post the instructions you gave to me. First, you would need to have the free download of Java. Then, on the Screen to access the Cam, you click on the second button that says Java. Once you gave me those two hints, all worked well and I treat myself to a tomato each day. Hope to see you out there later today.

Enjoy the day. ..Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

Well, maybe you think you're "old", Dad, but you haven't changed that much, either in appearance or in your wisdom and outlook on life. That's why you have so many friends and fans, of all ages, all over the world ;) Hoping you are all having a good day and enjoying some good coffee and good company. Thinking I'll look into Sara's Mom's suggestions and see if I can't see your webcams again. Sending love and PURRS to you all from Jamaka and fams <3

jmuhj said...

(Nope, my firewalls just won't let me see your WebCams! ;( )

betty said...

My granddaughter loves Cherry Tomatoes but only Sara's. None that her Mom or I give to her meet the bar set by Sara. Kids are terrific! Have a great day. Aloha from HI....Sara's aunt

betty said...

I just checked all of the CAMS. Cam 2 and 3 were fine. I finally was able to open Cam 1. I was able to see a camera, perhaps on a ledge facing the garden. The light was too bright to see beyond the camera???????? The tomato plants all in neat rows are singing your praises. Aloha from HI.....Sara's aunt

Anonymous said...

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