Thursday, May 3, 2012

Dads Thursday Entry Six Th0usand Two Hundred Thirty Two


DAD 2012

Good M0rning from Dad.

The world the flesh and devil all try to hinder me,and show me what I am missing as I go on with Thee, but Thou to me has has shows a better grander view a crown in Heaven awaiting for those who do keep true.

I do want to say Thanks my Friends all around the world for the response that you have given my.. Dad-The Tomato Man..

If any of you would like to order, you know what to do,click on the picture of the book in the side panel and then in 2 or 3 days I can have one in your mail box.

We have plenty in stock, that would like to come to your house

I am working on something that you might be interested in. Our book are packed is 5 book package, I will price these books tomorrow when I have make then as cheep as possible

The beauty of this is that these books make wonder gifts for one of your Tomato Grower friends, something that the will use and value for many years. Think it over. Dad.

If any one wants to order direct just send Dad an email at white646r@aol.coman and DAD will get a book on the way to your pad. Pay with personal check.

Our three cameras are working. Camera # 1 is our roving Cam, expect to see him any where roaming around Dads tomato and roses’ this is all depends on the weather, Dad.

Our best view of our  growing tomatoes will still be Cam #2

“ I am only one,but still I am one. I cannot do every thing but still I can do something. I will not refuse to do the something that I can do”

By Helen Keller.

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  • You had better listen t0 Maw, she will keep you smiling and keep you on the right track. Dad knows she has helped me. DAD.

  • It is not what you do son, its what you leave   undone that will give a  little heart  ache at  the setting of the sun’

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    I started this Journal on August 28, 2003 for the main purpose of helping others produce a good home grown tomato. That is still my desire. Since then I have added roses and smiles. I will be glad for any comments or criticism.  I appreciate all of my readers who have stayed with me through these years.  I could not made if I had not had your words of  help and cheer, and keep me smiling Dad ©

    This is going to be all for today, I would like to come back in the morning, because I love you.

    Live For Others Every Day, It’s The True The Better Way

    Please go to the side panel for what I left out of this glog’

    BYE      BYE      DAD


    Joan said...

    Good morning DAD...

    Today is a very chilly, damp one outdoors. I needed a day like this to get me to stay inside and do some I must follow through and not sit with a good book instead. I am also in charge of my neighbor's cat, Doodles, he is the one that looks like Prince. He was so happy to greet me at the front door and lead me to his empty food bowl. Too busy eating to come say good bye. He must be a little angry at his owners, I found several framed photos on the floor, they were not there last night.

    I'll be looking for you out in the gardens. I was so surprised at how clear and bright the tomato plants looked at a little before 8 pm last night. It was much darker up here at that time. I'll visit again at coffee break time. Enjoy the day and all the creatures in your habitat.

    ...Sara's Mom

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet, handsome Prince:

    Laughing after reading Sara's Mom's tale about Doodles ;) He sounds like a cutie and a charmer, like Prince. Cats make me SMILE. But then, you knew that already ;)

    Hoping your day and evening are enjoyed in good company, with good coffee and conversation, and work. You'll never guess what I just ordered ;)

    Sending love and PURRS to you all from Jamaka and fams <3