Monday, November 24, 2008


Good Morning.


"Time is so precious-do not waste it."

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Yes monday morning has arrived, don't they come often ? I was hardly ready for this one, but I have a feeling that it is going to be a good day . We might hear from Google this morning.

We have a video for you, we hopes that it woks, if not we will get it going later this morning, or remove it.

We had a note from Google last night that they were having a problem with video's

I do want to thank all of you that have stayed with me for over five years. I could not have made it without you. I will be talking more about your blogs a little later when the dust settles. I just want you all to know that I do not forget any of you and love you all. SMILE. DAD


It works if you will just click on the space righe below the Video. DAD

I know that you are needing your tea and coffee as soon as you can get it, give me about five minuets and I will be able to pour you a cup.


..Click on the link above and you will see some interesting reading about Tomatoes.


Dont let anything keep you from reading Helen's blog. It is good, I know because I read it. DAD


My four web pages were not deleted neither our email and a lot of good links and pictures that we have, So we are not in too much trouble if Google will just hurry and get the Blog restored. I am hopeing that you will try to keep in touch with me during my troubles.Here below are the four web pages that I am proud of, and you can look at them now,



I would like to remind you that the four web pages above contain most of all the information that you would need to get you started in producing those Good Home Grown Tomatoes and SMILES.

These pages are edited daily and any changes that need to be made to keep them current and up to date.

Mary and I had a very nice and profitable sunday, our good meeting at 10 .A.M. and then a nice lunch at home that Mary had prepared, fried chicken, green beans and baked potatoes and some of the best coffee that could be made, and I think that you would know what happened after that, my evening nap.

We will be going to Kingsport early Thursday morning, we are having A delicious Thanksgiving dinner with Jim and Beverly and the entire White family. We do this every year and it is an enjoyable day. We will be back home in the early evening. I wish that all of you could stop in.

Tennessee Granddaddy

He is my son and I think that he writes an interesting blog. Dad.



Record Relics

Here is a link that you will find interesting. Dad

Dad recomends the above receip, it's from TomatoCasual.


I seems like I am very empty this morning, maybe after I finish another cup of coffee I can do better. But anyway I have let you know that I am still alive, and feeling good and able to give you a SMILE..

I plan on seeing you in the morning if not sooner. I love you alll please do not forget to smile today.



Ally Lifewithally said...

Good Morning Dad ~ I am glad you still have our web pages and pictures ~ I hope Google can restore your blog for you ~ hope your meetings went well for you yesterday ~ Thanks for my "Cuppa" I really needed that this morning :o) it is so cold here ~ Ally x

Linda said...

Good Morning Dad, I loved the video this morning. Glad to hear that you had a good Sunday. Thanks for the coffee and have a great day! Linda

Solitary Dancer said...

Good morning Dad. I love the video and I'm ready for some coffee.

Hopefully, Google will get you squared away.


madcobug said...

Good morning Dad, thanks for that early morning coffee plus mentioning my blog. Your video was great. I hope you and Mary and family have a great Thanksgiving. We will not have a big feast here. No one is able to do much cooking, just something simple and we will be thankful to get that and be together. My daughter hurt her back again last night of all things trying to kill a spider on her curtains and took a fall. She will be going to see a Doc this morning. Hopefully he can give her something that will help get her back on her feet. I hate that her old mama can't go to help her if I am needed but alas I can't travel or do anything either.I hope she will be able to come here by the end of the week. Hugs to you all, Helen

Lainey Laine said...

Good morning Dad - how lovely your blog is! I enjoyed my cuppa whilst reading your entry and I will make sure I visit Helen. I'm not getting alerts like we used to on AOL so its hard to keep up with everyone! Laine xxx

Kelly said...

Good morning Dad. :) It was so nice to hear and see you this morning on the video. That is always a special treat! I see Helen has posted that your blog is missing and maybe if everyone does that, Google will speed things up and get everything restored for you. I think I am going with your coffee for sure this morning, I made mine too strong! It sounds like Thanksgiving Day with the Whites is going to be filled with love and lots of memories. :) Have a good day today, and I will see you tomorrow morning. Love, Kelly

Mandy said...

I loved your video, Grandpa! Alex and I are looking so forward to seeing you all for Thanksgiving.

Much love,

Sheila said...

Good Morning Dad, I enjoyed the video. I wish You, Mary and Princess and the rest of your family and friends a wonderful Thanksgiving. Love, Sheila

Hollie said...

I'm sorry that Google hasn't restored your other blog, yet. I know it is so frustrating. I sure enjoyed the video of you & let me say you sure did look nice. I hope you & Mary have a wonderful Thanksgiving with the entire White family!


Paula said...

I'm so sorry about your blog. Hope you get it back soon. Wishing you and yours a very nice Thanksgiving.

Donna said...

It was great to hear your voice on the video!

jmuhj said...

Good evening, Dad, Ms. Mary, and beauty Princess! Aww, they still haven't restored your blogs. Shame on 'em. Well, I just wanted to check in and may I compliment you on your video -- you always look so well-dressed and relaxed, and that is a pretty pattern on your sofa. Glad your weekend went well and I know you're looking forward to the get-together on Thursday! Hope Princess beauty gets a turkey care package sent home just for her. Best to you all, and big PURRS to the prettiest fluffy cat in Tennessee! ^^

Lynne said...

Good evening Dad! I'll close this chapter with a prayer of good dreams and rest for you and your family. If I don't chance to visit with you before, I pray that you and yours have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! God's blessings on you, because you certainly bless us! Smile!