Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Good Morning

."Time is so precious-do not waste it.''

".Many years of life are wasted living for thyself alone

Begin the Day with God."
Here is a little thought to begin this day.

" We need to feel the storm to appreciate the anchor."

Sent to me by my friend John M,

.We are still blessed with perfect weather. See what I mean by seeing what AOL tells us.

Today... 8/25/09

Sunny, along with a few afternoon clouds. A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible. High 88F. Winds light and variable.

I hope that all of you are enjoying Oreo and Misty as much as I am. Sara is doing a super job in training them. I am proud to say that I know them and count them as my friend. Do make time to look in on them today. As usual you will find them right here. Sara's Dog Training I know that you will be glad that you went.

Here below is a nice hot breakfast that I would like to recommend to you, I have tried it and it is good and good for you. DAD

. Crockpot Oatmeal

1 cup oats
3 cups water
1 pinch salt
1 cup half-and-half cream
1/4 cup brown sugar, or to taste
Just before going to bed, combine the oats and water in a slow cooker. Set on Low, cover, and let cook overnight. In the morning, stir in the salt and half-and-half. Scoop into bowls, and sprinkle brown sugar over the top.

Mary used the receip above on Sunday night and Dad had a nice breakfast on Monday morning. It is so easy too do and it is so good on cool mornings. A quick breakfast that is good and good for your health.
Since school has started I was thinking that this would be a quick breakfast and I think that the most of you would like it. If you don't have a crock pot now is the time to invest in one. I have used mine for many years. Dad
Starbucks® Coffee .
Thanks To Your Zagat Votes Starbucks Is Rated #1 Best Coffee! Blogs.Starbucks.com .
It took this link above to wake me up and to realize that I have not even mentioned tea or coffee. Shame on me. Come on in it has been ready for a long time. Dad.

.Both of the above Cams will become more interesting as we continue to improve our WILDLIFE HABITAT. There is a lot of work in this but I feel like that it is worth it.
Both of the cams are now lighted # 1 the flag & # 2 the bird bath and bird feeders.
I feel like that I need to stop right here and leave the rest with you and my trusty side panel. You will find there many things that I do not have here.
I will be back in the morning if all goes well untill then. I am feeling good and able to smile right now and I hope that I can continue through this day.
I do hope that all of you are getting off to a good start today doing those thing that help it to be a good one. You know what they are. Dad is sending Love and good wishes to all of you wherever you are.

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Becky said...

That oatmeal sounds delicious! I think I will go put some in the crock pot right now before I go to bed! That really will be a treat on chilly mornings, as you said... with some hot Starbuck's coffee! I drink Starbuck's here at home, too. I like a big spoonful of heavy cream in my coffee... yum.... I'm looking forward to breakfast.

Lynne said...

Good morning, Dad. I liked the sound of your oatmeal recipe. I typically use maple brown sugar oatmeal, but there is nothing like food cooked in a slow cooker. I use mine to make pot roast or stew, and even some chicken dishes.

I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good Morning ! I used to use my crockpot for oatmeal when my children were home. It's true, you put it on before bed and it's ready in the morning. I like to add some apple slices to it too and maybe a little cinnamon for something different. Glad you feeling good this morning. It's always good to be smiling.

madcobug said...

That oatmeal sounds good. I always sprinkle a few grains of brown sugar on my oatmeal. I have used the sugar free maple syrup also. Have a great day on this cool sunshiny day. Helen

Sara said...

I never heard of using the crock pot for oatmeal. What a great idea, and I bet it smelled great when you walked into the kitchen this morning. No wonder why you're smiling!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ray, save me some as i'll be right down. Sure does sound good at any time. Hope you & Mary are doing well this beatiful day. I hope to be getting ready for Pulaski this weekend. If all goes well & as planned,I'll leave sometime tomorrow. Have been awaiting these days for a while now. Having hopes of seeing you guys &all the others in Knoxville next month. Heard Pinky & Melanie got down to come to meeting with Frances last Sunday. Was glad they got down to visit. It sure tickled Frances. Give everyone my regards in meeting Wensday night. Will close for now & be assured I'm smiling.Thanks for everything that you & Mary have inspired in me through the years. I love & miss everyone, take care. Jay

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

That oatmeal recipe sounds tremendous! And for a little variety, have you ever tried putting some raisins, sliced almonds, and even chocolate (or butterscotch, peanut butter, white chocolate...) chips and coconut on top? Now you've really got something! ;)

I'm so glad you're feeling good today, Dad. That makes me SMILE! Some of that coffee sounds good right about now. My love to you and Ms. Mary from Jamaka and fams

Anonymous said...

It's late afternoon and I am just getting around to seeing how you are feeling today and what you are doing today. My daughter Marybeth and 2 grandsons were here for a few days. They are on their way to Boston now and I am catching up on my visits. I have a nice ice cold glass of Starbuck's Sumatra coffee next to me...it is so delicious. I think Len would really like the oatmeal recipe but I am thinking about using those small green tomatoes that are on my 1 tomato plant to make your Fried Green Tomato recipe. So glad you decided to post it again this year. Thanks for sharing it. Hope you felt good all day and kept on smiling. ...Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

Ever since I first read your blog, I have been dreaming of Fried Green Tomatoes. Now, I read that my sister has your recipe. I know she will share it with me. The big problem is that I can not find the perfect green tomato in Hawaii and the state dept of ag. will confiscate them if Sara's Mom sends/brings them here. Another dream is to watch Oreo and Misty in person. Sounds like I need to plan a trip to the East Coast. I, too, have my coffee next to me - hot.

Brush Strokes said...

Hi Uncle Ray,
I love oatmeal for breakfast and usually fix it in the microwave. However, I do love my Crockpot and may try it fixed that way one day soon. I like to add raisins, walnuts, and one of those small individual size servings of applesauce in my oatmeal! Delicious......and healthy too! Love ya - Karen