Friday, August 21, 2009


Good Morning

"Time is so precious-do not waste it.''

" Many years of life are wasted living for thyself alone."

"Begin the Day with God."
I have the tea and coffee ready why don't we sit down righ here and now and have a cup and talk a little while. I want to drink plenty before I leave here this morning because Jim's coffee in not strong enough for me, DAD.

This link below is a link to some beautiful picture made in Australia and sent to me by my friend Glen. Be sure that you use the slide show when you view these. DAD.

Today is the day that Mary and I are going up to the cabin on the lake that Jim is useing this week. His good friends Allen & Claudia who live in Florida are doing this for Jim. It sure is nice too have friends like them.

This link will take you right to this beautiful cabin. Tennessee Homecoming click and dream and enjoy. Dad

Most of the family are already there, we are going to leave here about 10 a.m. and then we will return after we enjoy that fish dinner. These fish are some that jim caught.

Mary and I plan to stop and see what Sara , Oreo and Misty are doing this morning before we leave for the cabin. I know where to find them Sara's Dog Training I would like to ask Sara to let us take Oreo and Misty with us but I am almost sure that she would turn me down. I don't blame her. Do you ?

We seem to have some rain every day, and that is what happened on Thursday and I expect about

the same this morning, but I had better let AOL be the one to tell you. Here is what they say.
Today... 8/21/09
Scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially early in the day. Humid. High around 85F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 60%



Both of the above Cams will become more interesting as we continue to improve our WILDLIFE HABITAT. Both of the cams are now lighted # 1 the flag & # 2 the bird bath. Dad.

Before I go I want to leave you with this thought.

" The Grace of God is like oil (in machinery ) it stops the squeaks, stops friction, stops break downs and reduces wear and tear."

This is going to be all for this Friday, I am wishing that you have a good day and I just know that you will. We all have a great deal to do with how the day goes, I think you know what I mean, like smiles and kindness to others. And even opening and holding the door for some old man or woman. I know that things like that have helped me. DAD.


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Anonymous said...

Good Morning from our last full day on Seneca Lake. We will miss this beautiful lake that is suppose to have lots of trout. Jeff tried to catch some fish but no luck. Enjoy your fresh fish dinner at Douglas Lake. Looks like a lovely spot to spend time with family and friends. With a few treats you could probably get Misty to join you but Oreo stays close to Sara. Misty stays close to me...the "food lady". ...Sara's Mom

madcobug said...

Enjoy you visit at the cabin with family and especially enjoy that fish fry. Helen

Kelly said...

Good morning Dad, I suspect you are already on your way to the cabin, family and that fish cookout. :) It is so nice to come here and visit you, you have such a calming affect on me when I need it the most. It helps me to just slow down and carefully read over what you have said for the day. I really appreciate all you do here on your blog. I took a quick look at the cabins and they look so inviting. :) I hope you and Mary have a wonderful time today, I know y'all will. Love, Kelly

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

The views of the cabin made me homesick for my Mojave home, which looks a lot like it inside, decor-wise. I know you'll both enjoy it there and am sure glad you filled up on coffee before you left. No one makes it quite like you do yourself, after all ;) but I know you'll enjoy your dinners! and the peace and quiet and tranquility there.

Have a wonderful weekend! Love from Jamaka and fams

Anonymous said...

Hey Dad!
I am so excited for you and Mary! A little envious too I must admit. I hope you have such a good time and get a lot of rest on your vacation.
I missed yesterdays blog, but just saw it now...Micah is tickled. He is spending the night with me and as he read it, he was grinning like a Cheshire cat! Thanks for all the attention you give him. He loves it and he loves do I!
Talk to you soon!
I love you,
Vicki in Birmingham