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Good Morning,
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We are well pleased with our Roses this year. They just keep on blooming. I hope that you will not tire of looking at so many pictures. These pictured today are from Jackson & Perkins. It will only be a few weeks untill I will be showing something else that is gowing to make you smile a big red tomato. Dad

We are also proud of our tomato garden thie year. It is begining to look like that we are going to have plenty of tomatoes from those 45 plants that you can view on both of my cams # 1 and #2.

Dad's Tomato Garden Photo Album 2008

This one above is of last years crop and the one below of how we are doing this year. It is interesting to compare the two years.

Dad's Tomato Garden 2009 .

(Be sure and use the slideshow on both of the links above.)

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TC Flashback: Tomato Blight and Diagnoising Tomato Problems
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By Reggie Solomon

To help tomato growers who may be experiencing signs of tomato blight, yellow leaves or other tomato ailments, we wanted to flash back to some of Tomato Casual’s best resources on the subject.

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Dealing with Tomato Blight
What’s That Bug on My Tomato?
Understanding Yellow Tomato Leaves
Help! My Tomatoes are Cracking!
Organic Tomato Pest Control 101
Fungus Disease: Protecting Your Garden in Late Summer

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This very helpful information above is from Reggie himself. We do appreciate all the good helpful things that come from Reggie. DAD.


What about a cup of hot tea or some Starbucks coffee. They are both waiting on you. Sit down over there in that rocker and I will pour you a cup while you talk to me. That will bring a smile our faces. Dad.


Some morning we are going to go up to Eagle Web Cam and nobody will be at home I wish that someone could give us an idea when that might be. The look to me like the time might be soon. Anyway we have really enjoyed them this year. Dad'


Here is my thought for today.

" If you confer a benefit, never remember it; if you receive one, never forget it."

This thought from Apples of Gold.


It is time for me to go. It is suppose to rain again today but I do have plenty to do anyway, It is still warm 68 at 3 A.M. and we expect it to be near 80 again today. I do hope to see you again in the morning if I am spared. Try to have a good day, smile if you can it might encourage others to do the same.




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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I do hope your day is a good one. All that lovely warm weather and some rain will make the tomatoes grow

Ally Lifewithally said...

Dear Dad I could never tire of looking at your roses they are beautiful ~ Hope all is going well for you and Mary ~ Ally x

jmuhj said...

Beautiful roses, Dad! I see red ones blooming, too. Your garden looks wonderful and I love the view on WebCam2! That easy chair looks so inviting, and the little table looks like the perfect place for an iced tea break after working in the tomatoes. ;) There are two sleepy eaglets and one restless one right now. May you and Ms. Mary have a wonderful afternoon/evening! Love from Jamaka and fams

Cindi ;) said...

Good Morning Dad...
I'm up a little late this am...your garden looks wonderful...enjoy your day!

Hollie said...

Hey there Dad,
Just wanted to drop by. The roses are beautiful. I hope you are doing well. I'm off to bed. Have a good night! :)