Monday, January 24, 2011


" Time is so precious-do not waste it"

Good Morning.

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I never tire of telling you that I do love these early mornings visits with you, especially this one on Monday morning. I am not teasing you I mean it, Nothing could be better than sitting here in complete silence, nothing but the sound of the wildlife out in the trees around the tomato garden. I must have this little time alone before I start the day. Wthhout it I don't know if I could make it or not. It gives me time to meditate and think about how I might spend the time that I have left to live in this world " Time is precious- do not waste it".

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It looks like that I have forgot what I was going to tell you next, but I did think of Sara, Misty and Oreo is important to me , so let's stop in at Sara's Dog Training blog and see what is going on, I am hoping that they all are doing good, especially Misty. Dad.
And it seems that I have not said very much about our coffee lately, yes we still us Sumatra x bold Starbucks coffee, I would be afraid to quit using it, I know of several readers that might leave me, especially one, DAD .

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I may not be done but I must stop anyway, but as usual I will be in hollering distance all day, holler if you need me, 6416R@AOL.COM.

AT Parting.
" In every land the language knows. Some tender , singing words, That always when the parting guest. Speeds on his way is heard.

With "au revoir," " Auf widerschn," Adios" or ' "Farewell "

Each meant for sweet remembrance sake, the hearts good wish to tell.

But I like the Mexican that

holds all needs of men " God keep you , friend in grace and health, until we meet again."

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Monday! With the good Lord's help it is going to be a great day here. I hope your day is a wonderful one too!

Joan said...

I don't know what to write today. After you visited Sara's blog today she posted on her blog...Misty passed away at the vets around 2 am on the coldest night a -16 of the year. Do go back and read her blog but bring lots of tissues.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, DAD,
Your Furry Friend, Misty is a precious memory.
Your words on Parting say to Keep in Grace.
How appropriate, for Misty does live with Grace. Misty sure did bring lots of smiles to our faces. Now, I try to smile through my tears as I look at the beautiful photo of her in the snow. Love to you Mary and Prince. Aloha from Philly....Sara's aunt

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and handsome sweet Prince:
So glad to say hello this Monday afternoon -- hope you are all warm and comfortable, sipping some fresh coffee and watching the birds outside while curling up warm inside. Another week and a new chance to help others :)

Very sorry to read your friend's news above. They know they will be reunited with her again in due time<3

Your friend Steve's photo is a beauty; I really love the one he posted before that, of our very own California harbor seals ;)

Wishing you all love from Jamaka and fams