Wednesday, January 19, 2011


" Begin, Continue and finish the day with God "

Good Morning
I am going to ask about you first this Wednesday morning, I do hope that all is going good so far this morning, and we hope that it contiues through the day, I must say that I am O.K. but not really could I say that I am in a happy mood. My feet have been giving me trouble, and I have been receiving treatment from my doctor, and some of his treatment is not so pleasant.
Maybe I can't complain to much about my feet. they have served me for 98 years, and that is a lot of mileage, can you think of many things that you are bying these days with a waranty that good.
I have been wishing that Sara could have some better weather, so much snow and rain, we enjoy seeing the pictures of Misty and Oreo playing in the snow, let's go to Sara's Dog Training blog and see what they are doing. I hope that they are peeking out from a warm blanket. You must not miss this today, the video of Misty and Oreo putting clean clothes away are wonderful. How do you make such good Videos, we need to hire you to give us some lessons. DAD.
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It is time for me to go, I have enjoyed visiting this little while with you. Even though I haved grumbled and complained all the time. But I will tell you what I think, all us older people should have a license to grumble, When we are gone you are going to miss us, and you will have the priviledge of think back on all the good times that we had together.
This warm weather 46 at 3 A.m. is good for me and the birds, I know that they will be waiting on me this morning. Dad.
I plan on being back in the morning.


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Sara said...

Sorry to hear that your feet are bothering you. Complain all you want, you have earned it! Too bad our feet don't come with pedometers to tell us just how many miles we've walked.

I have a two hour delay for school today. The roads still look icy. We didn't get much snow, but we had sleet/freezing rain all day yesterday. Now we have cruchy snow. The dogs don't like it at all!

Have a good day!

Anonymous said...

Good morning DAD....

You have put many miles and many hours on those feet and though you don't like to complain, they are speaking out..I think they are telling you to slow down and rest them. I do hope the doctor's advise helps you because the birds, tomatoes, cabbages,and the nature habitat will be complaining if your not out there working with them.

Another nice day here. Spent a couple of hours on a local beach yesterday. Maybe today we will drive to clearwater beach and sit and walk on its beautiful white sand. As I wrote that I thought we really do take are feet for granted, expecting them to always carry us around doing what we like. And doctors keep telling us to walk more. Do you have any advise for us on how to treat them better?

glad you can smile at the weather today. Just don't stay out in it too long. Sit awhile with legs elevated, Prince on your lap begging for strokes while you prepare for tonight's discussion of James sure to have a cup of bold coffee nearby for sipping.

...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

It looks beautiful in the Smokies today, Dad!

Oh, well, bad feet run on both sides of my family and I seem to have gotten all everyone's problems so I empathize with you there, but aren't they amazing, how they carry us through life?

Hope you'll enjoy a nice evening and that sweet, handsome Prince will curl up with you and take your mind off your feet. ;) Best therapy there is -- C(at)A(ssisted)T(herapy) ;)
Love to you all from Jamaka and fams<3