Saturday, January 29, 2011


Good Sunday Morning. 1/30/11
I do not write a journal on Sunday, just stoped to say Hi. And to let you know that I am in a Happy mood. this morning. I do read my email on sunday. I hope to see you in the morning.


" Change and decay in all around I see. O Thou who changes not abide with me."

Good Morning.
This is the entry that we have been looking for, No more journals to write or read, Sunday is my rest day and the day that I like to relax and get help that I need to fight the battle against the " world, flesh and devil."

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These few words below were in a note from one of my friends, I do not know the man that spoke them, he lives in another country, Thailand . The reason that I am showing this to you, I thought that it was good. DAD.

Now I am thankful and gratitude for the last days of my life to enjoy reading, praying and singing the hymns. To reflect on the past. I know that repentance will not change the past but the future will not be the same. I trust in God for the future and leave it in His hand. For as it says in Psalm “Blessed is the man who puts his trust in God.”

Good morning Sara, I hope that all is well at your house, since this is saturday I am telling everyone that it would be a good day to go to Sara's Dog Training blog and they would have more time to visit with Oreo.

Glen in Australia

Great Smoky Mountains Web Cam
It Ain't Easy Bein' Green

Wherever you live on this earth and produce tomatoes, you must see this below, and please read it to the very bottom. lots of good information, encluding many diseaes, You will be glad to have this page close at hand all year long DAD.
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I am working on our Cam # 3. You will be able to see the birds eating, I hope too finish it today.Dad.

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I may be done I don't really know, remember the side pannel if I di,it won't fail you as I sometimes do. I will see you early monday I do not write a journal on sunday

I will try to come back after I have had a cup of that x bold coffee and leave my thought for the day.

Grow Old Along With ME.

" Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. The last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in His hand. Who saith,trust God,see all, " A whole I planned, youth shows but half, trust God, see all nor be afraid."

By Robert Browning.

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Sara said...

I am not surprised that you remember that powerful line in your reader. It is simple, yet sums up exactly how we feel about our sweet dogs. Love is all that matters.

Have a good weekend.


Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

It is a beautiful morning and one not to be wasted. First thing I plan to do today is take a long walk, look around, and enjoy the vast beauty of these surroundings, looking for changes and additions. I would love to read Ray and Penny to my grandson. Wondering if your copy ended up with one of your great grandchildren. Amazing how you remember some of the lines some 90 years later.

I saw on CAM#3 a new hanging bird feeder surrounded with a few birds feeding happily. That should keep the squirrels away from the bird food. I am sure Prince likes having the new feeder in his sights. On my walk, I'll check out the house with the dozen bird houses and see if the one heron still lives in the backyard.

Be sure to take a few coffee breaks and take time to fluff up Prince's fur with lots of hugs. Enjoy the weekend, especially your day of rest. ...Sara's Mom

Lynne said...

Good Evening!
Stopping in for a visit from South, Maryland! I've been busy going back to college at the ripe ole age of almost 50. It has had its challenges, but is necessary because of the work that I do. Miss reading your posts and hope you and yours have been well enough! God Bless!