Thursday, June 18, 2009



I beieve that these two Video's explain every thing. If not the top video is the old bird bath and the bottom one is the new one.
We hope to have lights on this so we can show it at night. Dad.

Time is so precious-do not waste it..
.Wasted years shall never come again
What do you think about having our tea and coffee first this morning? It is ready and I am ready to pour you a good cup of either one that you want. Thanks so much for stoping in. Dad.
Thes two links above are very important to me right now. They are going to be used to show you a lot of interesting things about tomatoes. I have made lots of improvements on them. And those tomatoes are about ready for us to start. Please don't miss it. Dad.
Be sure that you look at . Dad's Tomato Garden 2009 , Album it shows the progress of the tomatoes almost daily. There was a new entry made yesterday. Thanks for following them right on to the sandwich. Wish you were here to help me try them out. There will be some fried green tomatoes in the frying pan today. Dad.

For those who haven't had enough of the amazing raptors of the Commonwealth - you can now view Falcon Cam - which highlights nesting pergrine falcons atop Riverfront Plaza in Richmond at .

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Here is my thought for today.
" We plant a rose this day and leave the blossoming to God."
From Apples of Gold.
Our weather here in the Tennessee Valley is getting hot. It started out today with a 69 and it will go up 95 today, We had a heavy thunderstorn yesterday afternoon. The rain gauge said that 1.88 inches of rain fell.
Maybe we should look at the Eagle Web Cam before we go and see what is going on up there today. It has been a wonderful experisnce to watch them this year. And we want to THANK everyone who had a part in bringing them to us. DAD
I must go I need to get to the tomato garden early and see if the storm done any damage. I do hope to see you again in the morning if all is well. We all need to smile today and be kind to all that we are with. Love to all of you all around this world.

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Becky said...

I like your new fountain better, too. It's a more simple design. Bet the birdies will love it.

I don't envy you that hot weather. Hot weather can take a lot out of you, at least it does me. One thing I like about where I live is that it rarely gets too hot or cold, so I am spoiled. Although I do love a good thunderstorm and wish we had more of those.

You stay cool today, drink plenty of cool drinks!

Hollie said...

Good Morning Dad & Mary,
I love the new fountain too! I saw & heard birds at your garden. I know they love it just as much as you do! I'll be working all weekend, but I check back in with you Monday morning as that will be my next day off! :0)

Kelly said...

Good afternoon to you and Mary. :) It is sweltering outside, but I think tomatoes like hot and humid weather, so I know they are feeling fine. I, on the other hand feel a bit wilted if I go outside for too long. ;) I love your new fountain. You are so good to the birds. I checked in on the eagles and they have the camera zoomed in on two of them on a branch right now. They sure did grow up fast. I have been absent for a few days around here and I apologize for that. This hot weather has me going out early, before light even, to get the animals food and water ready to face the hot days that come lately. After being out there it tires me out a bit and I might sneak a nap in, then coffee and on with the day. Its not fit for man nor beast out there right now. But tomatoes, well, I guess they love it. :) I hope you and Mary are staying cool. I don't see how we ever did without air conditioning! Love y'all, Kelly

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:
Congratulations on the new fountain -- it's beautiful and I'm seeing birds cruising it. I'm sure it'll be a big success. Love checking in on the falcon and the eaglets -- they are all in their nests and looking good. Your tomatoes definitely look "pan-ready" and I wish I was there to have one with you! You have such beautiful roses and the Thought For The Day is a good one to do with them ;) Enjoy your day and cooler evening -- perfect fried tomato weather with a tall glass of iced tea! Love, Jamaka and fams