Friday, February 26, 2010


My mood for today 2/26/10 is ( Happy)
"Time is so precious-do not waste it."
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The link above will give you our local weather report. And your own if you will type in your zip code.
.Smoky Mountains Web Cam '
This above is good. Shows you a lot of snow. DAD

The Chicken Chronicles...Again

Everbody knows Kelly, she has been a friend of mine for a long time. The link above will take you to her house. DAD

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How are you feeling on this Frday morning ? It seems a little cold to me, at the moment it is 25 degrees. I am going to get us started of right with a pot of that good coffee, nothing beats that on a cold frosty mornin.
About all that I can talk is about tomatoes and you are going to hear a lot about them in the next few weeks. The time to be getting them in the ground is drawing near.
Would you like to know how to produce better and larger tomatoes ? Well Dad knows how and he would like to tell you about it.

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Here is where we need to go this morning.Sara's Dog Training blog . Thank you Sara for keeping us posted on Oreo, Misty and yourself. I hope that the snow is going away. I know that you are happy this morning Dad & Mom are on the way home . Smile .
Sara's Dog Training this will take you to Sara's blog. I am going. DAD.
I used this below in my blog yesterday but I am going to show it again today, I think that it is good. Dad.
Click here to watch an interesting video about the U.S. and Canada.

.Click on this right above to see something that you will enjoy very much, It is a little long 6 minuets & 15 seconds. Get you a cup of coffee and sit down and enjoy Dad. ( I think that you will appreciate our wonderful neighbors to the north of us after you watch this, Dad,)

This above is the world time zones.

Another nice Eagle link above

Eagle Web Cam ..Just a little easier way to get to our Eagles

. I keep trying to make these blogs shorter but it seems that I am not doing a very good job. But I am still stoping when I still have something that I would like to say. I hope that you will use my side panel.
Here is my thought for the day and then I am gone,
" And now abideth faith, hope,charity, these three ; but the greatest of these is charity."

This is from Ist Corinthians chapter 13 & verse 13.

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Joan said...

Good Morning DAD...

Shortly the laptop will be closed and packed into the car...first it called me to check on you and I am glad to read that you are happy. I checked your weather and you are a lot colder than Florid or even Albany, NY, so stay indoors and keep warm and enjoy that pot of coffee.

I hope many of your friends watched that video on Canada and the US made by Tom Brokaw. He is such a great speaker and commentator. Canada's terrain is so beautiful, majestic and yet so harsh. Some of the most beautiful animals dwell there. I still hope to visit Seattle WA one day and then travel across the border to see some of Northwest Cananda in person. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Love to you and Mary. ...Sara's Mom

madcobug said...

Good morning Dad and Mary, I loved watching the video about Canada.Hope you two have a great weekend. Hugs to you both, Helen

Sayit-baldys said...


jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Enjoyed seeing the beautiful Smokies in snow and an eagle in the nest -- it's almost dark but you can still see this. Hope you have a good evening and a wonderful weekend. Love to you both from Jamaka and fams

Sonya said...

You should make the blog just as long as it needs to be....til everything is said! I guess I can't view the webcam til tomorrow when the sun comes up. Would love to see your snow. We are all cold in Nashville but no snow. We are hoping for spring before long and hope to see the beach very soon too. Spring break and a trip to Florida is coming up. We are taking Momma and her dog Fancy (poodle) with us. Won't our two poodles have a blast? You all keep warm up there!!!!