Friday, February 19, 2010


My mood today 2/19/10 is {HAPPY ) we are starting this again so you will know what to expect before you begin reading. Dad..,

"Time is so precious-do not waste it."

One thing that I am going do first on this Early Friday morning is pour you a cup of that good Starbuck coffee. It seems that I have not done that for a few day's and why not this cup of coffee will help us all, and I need it. I can just do a better job after I have had at least one cup. Dad

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When you see this link below you know where I am going. I just can't start the day without comming here. Thanks Sara. DAD
Sara's Dog Training blog

Jim and I now are useing the Skype web cam, either of us would be glad to hear from you, Here are our addresses You will be surprised to see what Old Dad looks like.
Iim's is JRW5255 and Dad's is Dad6416.

Here in Tennessee at 3 a.m. the tempeature is 31 degrees and we expect to have a high 48 degrees today and Saturay we look for it to be 56, now don't that look good. Tomato time can't be very far away. SMILE.

And I want to ask how are you feelng today ? I hope that you are looking for a better day today. Looking on the bright side of life.

I am feeling real good again today, had an exellent nights rest and I really am ready to face the conflict. That cup of coffee that I am enjoying right now is helping me.

Eagle Web Cam ..Just a little easier way to get to our Eagles

Click on the Disorder list below for an answer to your problem. Dad.)..

Tomato Disorders.

Green Fruit
Ripe Fruit
Insect Pests

Shooting My Universe

This above is to good to miss. Listen to your favorite bird sing. DAD

I need to stop right here, I have an appointment with my ear doctor early this morning, I will have a little more during the day

I hope that we can be happy today and let others know it by the smile on our face, and being kind to others.

Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page

This link above is the one that all of you tomatoes growers should look at for help .

This has been a very quiet day here at Dad's House, I am sure that this warm spring weather has encouraged you to come outside. Our tempeature at 3 p.m. was 56 degrees Don't you think that is wonderful. Who would want to be reading blogs at a time like this.

I hope to see you on Saturday for a very short entry.

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Ally Lifewithally said...

Good Morning Dad I am so glad you had a good nights rest and are feeling Happy today ~ I clicked on the Eagles cam but it was to dark to be able to see them properly I could see some movement but not clear enough will come back later and have another look when it is daylight ~ Thankyou for my "Cupps" ~ Have a lovely day ~ Ally x

Becky said...

Morning, Dad! Thanks for the Starbucks. Glad you got a good night's rest-- I need to go get mine here in a minute. Hope everything goes okay at your doctor appointment. Happy Friday to you! Today is Jessie's birthday!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's Friday so I am SMILING this morning. It is always good to try and look on the BRIGHT SIDE of things. The sun is suppose to shine a bit for us today and that makes me happy! Have a great Friday!

Joan said...

Good Morning DAD..

I am having a very happy Friday morning as I sit here enjoying the Starbuck's Sumatra that you poured. Also enjoying a delicious slice of Amish cinnimon apple bread. We were very surprised to find Amish bakery products made fresh daily right here in Florida.

Our friends came for the day yesterday and we had a very nice visit. We took a long walk on the sandy beach, had crabcake sandwiches while sitting in the sun at a beachfront restaurant. Back at the house they showed us the DVD of their recent trip to South America..from Buenos Aires to the southern tip of Argentina, up thru Chile. What a beautiful part of the world. The blue glaciers are magnificient. It was very much a cultural trip, taking small boats to small islands, eating in the homes of local farmers where they got to help prepare the dinners, sometimes cooking all the dishes in layers in a deep outdoor pit lined with leaves. I told them I was checking on their time and weather every morning by going to DAD's link.

Today I plan to take it easy, maybe a short walk to get an afternoon latte. Hope you get to do the same when you return from your appointment. Have an enjoyable day and smile at everyone you meet. ..Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Sorry for checking in so late -- hope your doctor appointment went well, Dad! You are both probably relaxing now and getting ready for the weekend, so I won't keep you -- just didn't want you to think I disappeared or something! It's been a busy day on the internet...Love to you both from Jamaka and fams