Monday, December 20, 2010


This rose was produced ib Dad's rose garden last season.
"Time is so precious- do not waste it"


Good Morning .
Well Monday has finally arrived, it always seems so long, from Friday my last entry until my entry this Monday morning. We did have a wonderful week end. We had ,visitors in our meeting 5 from Ontario Canada and 2 from Indiana. I enjoyed the meeting so much, now I am going to do my best to be a better man, I do appreciate the clean sheet that I feel God has given me.
If you would would like a little some thing funny that would make you smile, this early in the morning, this will do it. Click on the link below and then thank Helen. Dad
Thank Helen for this, it is funny. Dad
Note: you will need to click on the back up button at top left to continue. DAD

. `Prince has grown so much since this photo!!!!!
The monkey sitting beside Prince is Jocko. He always has a nice smile. .
I am begining to need a cup of that Sumatra x bold coffee, but above the coffee I am more interested in Sara, Misty and Oreo this morning, I am going to Sara's Dog Training blog and check on them. As you would know Misty has been sick and I am hoping to find her feeling better, Misty is a sweetie and every ons loves her, including old Dad.

Now you can have your coffee, but I must have a big smile out of you before I give you one.
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This is all for the present, but I will be around cloose for the day so that I can drop in for any updates that might come in. Dad
I am sending Love and best wishes to all of my friends .

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Sara said...

Good Morning Dad,
Prince looks so cute next to the little monkey!

Misty is doing well this monday morning. She had her breakfast, and is ready to do her morning exercises (for treats of course!). Then, she'll be ready for a long winter's nap until I come home from work.

Hope you have a good day.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I've been enjoying that good cup of coffee here. It's always great to hear from you once again after the weekend. I hope your Monday is a wonderful one.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...
I am smiling! A good cup of coffee and a visit with you and what you share with all of us always makes me happy. Love the photo of a very little Prince sitting with his good pal, Monkey. I just watched the video from Helen and I am still giggling. I had to send it to my sister and my grandniece who had so much fun petting and feeding the baby goats when she came to visit me. What a perfect Christmas greeting!
This will be a busy week with visits and lunches with friends...and some last minute shopping as well. Hope you enjoyed the special guests you expected to see at your Sunday meeting yesterday. Today, enjoy the beauty of winter. No roses now but other sights to delight the senses. ..Sara's Mom

John White said...

Good Monday morning Dad, I enjoyed Helen's "You Tube" video & the picture of Prince as a kitten is priceless. I am just amazed by the number of countries represented in your visitors listing. I now have 26 on mine, but you have almost a hundred. Most Impressive, Dad. Keep up the good work!

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince Charming:

You do grow a good cat, you two ;) Precious Prince is thriving! I hope he still has his penguin blanket and monkey so he can snuggle up warm with them. He's so handsome and sweet!

If you look at the Smoky Mtn. Park cam right now, it looks just like a picture you'd see on a card. So beautiful.

Hoping you all stay safe, warm, and cozy and enjoy your evening -- Love, Jamaka and fams, riding out the Storm of the Decade here in L.A.