Tuesday, December 21, 2010


'' Time is so precious- do not waste it."
Good Morning..

This poem below was sent to me by a very special friend of ours in Fla.

"A moment in the morning, a moment if no more
Is better than an hour when the trying day is o'er.
'Tis the gentle dew from Heaven, the manna for the day,
If we fail to gather early, alas! it melts away."

I don't know who wrote this but would like to give credit to the author.

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Beautiful Music
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It is time to go see Sara, Misty and Oreo, it's getting close to Xmas, I wonder what they are expecting, I am sure that one thing would be more treats, and maybe a new toy, I wish that I knew and could do something for them, but all that I have is my Love, Sara do tell them about it for me, We need to go to Sara's Dog Training blog and see what we can find out about them. DAD.
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I am sorry that I did not take time to talk you very much this morning, but I got carried away and as always all I thought about was old Dad, forgive me I will try to do better. I Hope that things are going good at your house, I am in a happy mood and feeling like going out there and Get'em. I hope to see you Wednesday morning.
.This is all for the present, but I will be around cloose for the day so that I can drop in for any updates that might come in. Dad

.I am sending Love and best wishes to all of my friends .

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

It has been a lovely Tuesday morning for me and I am glad to find you in a good mood as well. If anyone is not in a good mood today, they should click on your "Beautiful Music" performed by the Celtic Women. I have 2 of their albums and I think I will listen to them today as I work around the house. Now that I have bought my holiday foods, I am almost ready for Christmas.

On Sunday I visited your feeder in CAM #3 and it was like a holiday greeting card... one big beautiful red cardinal perched proudly on the feeder with the snow covered ground in the background. A very lovely sight! Take time today to sit and enjoy the view. ..Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

We have had four days of pouring rain. It is like a Monsoon! My bags are packed. Tonight, we are off to Philadelphia where we will celebrate Christmas with our daughter and her husband and then, to greet a new grandbaby due on 12/31. Have a lovely holiday, Dad, Mary and Prince. Hope your stockings are filled with blessings and the true spirit of Christmas. Aloha...Sara's aunt.

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince Charming:

That is indeed a beautiful poem! Thank you for sharing it with us.

Your friend Steve has some Monterey Cypress up on his page -- these trees are lovely and so is the area where they are, Carmel by the Sea.

Wish I could see your webcam -- sounds like quite a picture your friend Sara's Mom paints. I'm sure you all enjoy looking out on scenes like that one -- especially sweet Prince ;)

Love to you all, stay warm, and special purrs to Prince from Jamaka and fams <3