Tuesday, December 28, 2010


" Life is so precious-do not waste it"
Good Morning
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Ray White
I started this Journal on August 28, 2003 for the main purpose of helping others produce a good home grown tomato. That is still my desire. And I have added another thing producing Smiles. Smiles are about as important to me as tomatoes I will be glad for any comments or criticism. I appreciate all of my readers who have stayed with me through these years. Dad.

Really 21 degree tempeature is not much of a time to talk about tomato gardening, but we better start now because spring will be here before we are ready for it, one good thing about Smiles you can produce them in zero weather, never gets to cold for them. Dad.
I need to ask how are you this morning ? I know that it is a good morning to stay in that warm bed, 21 degrees here at the tomato garden. We better crawl out and get on the job, we need the money.
Before we go we will have a cup of that Sumatra x bold coffee, and our usual peep at our friends Sara, Misty and Oreo, I can just see them in Jeff and Sara's warm house looking out from under a warm blanket, lucky Shelties.Sara's Dog Training blog is going to tell what is going on at their house this morning. DAD .

Since I began talking to you about an hour ago the tempeature has droped to 1X8 degrees. 16.
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I don't know if I am done or not, when I began here I did not have even one thing to tell you, only that it was cold 21 degree, so let's make a deal if any of you from any country of the world have anything that would bring a SMILE send it to me this morning, we need smiles on this cold morning.
You may see me runing in and out a few times today, I will be back in the morning if my life is spared.



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Becky said...

Was going to send you a funny picture, Dad, but I don't have your e-mail address anymore.

Really enjoyed the photos from yesterday you put up!

Stay warm... Becky

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

I don't know the temperature outside but it is a toasty warm 68 inside and it looks like the sun will shine today. After a couple of cups of coffee I may venture out to the store for groceries, not post holiday sales.

This morning is a good morning to SMILE in our family, Sara's Aunt will had a new grand daughter in less than 3 hours. Baby wanted to come out feet first but the doctor said no to that. Do say a few extra prayers that all will be well for mother and baby.

I think a lot of gardners are thinking of spring and plantings as they use this cold indoor time to read catalogues and articles on growing a better crop. Do you know the earliest date you were able to turn your soil and get some plants in? Enjoy some Sumatra as you close your eyes and dream of bright red tomato plants. ...Sara's Mom

Anonymous said...

For a warm afternoon SMILE, visit Oreo and Misty playing in the snow.


jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince Charming: For the biggest SMILE of all, go over to Prince and stroke him on his cheeks and chin. His PURRS will give you cause to grin! <3 I have a squirmy cat on my lap right now, being extremely helpful, and let me tell you, it's impossible not to smile when there is a cat in your life!

Stay warm and well, and it's never too early to think about tomatoes, is it? Love, Jamaka and fams ;)