Monday, September 29, 2008


Good Morning.

  • "Time is so precious-do not waste it."  


    "The sun never sets on Dad's Tomato Garden Journal."

  • Yes our convention is over, now it's up to me to do my part, seek to do the thing that we have heard. Is seems that I always seem to say after every  convention that this is the best one that I have been in, well I am saying it again, As I get older the conventions mean a lot to me. I will be telling you more about it later.

  • Picture by Dad.         


  •  Sit down here with me and have Tea or Coffee, they are both ready. DAD.

  • My cart is back and in perfect shape, I hope to get back on scheudle this morning.

  • We had the privilidge of having our good friend Ron, who lives in Washington State with us during our convention. He leaves this morning, Mary and I will be taking him to the airport at 9 a.m. this morning. We have enjoyed the time with him very much. Dad & Mary.

  •  That will be about all the outside activity that we will have today.


  • I do always have my cell phone with me, it is o.k. if you would like to call me.   865-850-5763.

  • I don't think that I have mentioned this before, I use VERIZON for my cell phone service and if you happen to use the same your call to me would be free. I am sure that is right but you might check it out with the company  Verizon where you live.

  • Be sure and see what  Jim  has to say today, I know that he will make you smile.

  • Posted on 28 September 2008 by
    The Tomato: A Uniter, Not a Divider

    By Kira Hamman

    We’ve mentioned the East Nashville Tomato Art Fest here before.

    The celebration, held each August in East Nashville, Tennessee, touts the power of the tomato to bridge differences, a power organizers say it owes to its own blurry fruit/vegetable identity.

    See the festivities for yourself: Read the rest of this entry »

    Home and the Office

    Edgar Guest

    Home is the place where the laughter should ring,
    And man should be found at his best.
    Let the cares of the day be as great as they may,
    The night has been fashioned for rest.

    So leave at the door when the toiling is o'er
    All the burdens of worktime behind,
    And just be a dad to your girl or your lad--
    A dad of the rollicking kind.

    The office is made for the tasks you must face;
    It is built for the work you must do;
    You may sit there and sigh as your cares pile up high,
    And no one may criticize you;

    You may worry and fret as you think of your debt,
    You may grumble when plans go astray,
    But when it comes night, and you shut your desk tight,
    Don't carry the burdens away.

    Keep daytime for toil and the nighttime for play,
    Work as hard as you choose in the town,
    But when the day ends, and the darkness descends,
    Just forget that you're wearing a frown--

    Go home with a smile! Oh, you'll find it worth while;
    Go home light of heart and of mind;
    Go home and be glad that you're loved as a dad,
    A dad of the fun-loving kind.

  • Keep  Smiling.
  • bye   bye       DAD.
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    white6416r said...

    This is Dad just trying this out, it does work, but if is to hadr to do, don't worry about a comment, just enjoy the journal. I will understand.  DAD

    ab45yui said...

    Looking forward to hearing about the convention, and glad your cart is fixed!  God  Bless.

    marainey1 said...

    Good Morning !
    I'm glad you had a good experience at your convention and I hope you are not too tired out.  I liked the poem.  It is always good to leave the work at the office and bring the SMILES home.  'On Ya' - ma

    madcobug said...

    Dad, I am glad that you enjoyed the convention with Mary and Ron and all those others. Maybe you should just mostly rest up and take it easy for a few days now.
    Glad that you cart is running again. Have a nice day. Helen

    geocachelinda66 said...

    Dad, as always you are a big part of my morning.  I am enjoying that first cup of coffee and trying to wake up.  Having a hard time of it because I took a pain pill last night and slept poorly since 3 AM.  I'm sure that coffee will help though!  Linda
    p.s. the save was actually at the bottom this morning!

    vfetui said...

    Good Morning Dad,
    Can you believe that I made it earlier enough for morning coffee?  I am so glad that your convention was a good one.  It is nice to have uplifting things in this world that is usually full of not so good news.
    Take care and have a great Monday!
    With love,
    Vicki in Birmingham

    fowfies said...

    Good Monday morning Dad. :) I am glad the convention went well and y'all all enjoyed it. That Home and the Office is so true. You have to leave that stuff there. Home is a safe haven from all the outside worries of the world. I see you moved the cam indoors to look out the window today. Y'all have a good day today and get some rest after a busy time with the convention. I am ready for that coffee this morning, see you at the coffee pot. ;) Love, Kelly

    sangrialel said...

    I am very glad to hear that you had a great time at the convention.  I hope you find many ways to put all that you have learned to good use.  Linda

    nhd106 said...

    good to see you, dad.


    gen0507 said...

    I'm so glad that you had a good convention!  I know you're tired rest up for a few days!  I know you did enjoy your time with your friend Ron.  


    jmuhjacat said...

    Hi, Dad!  Good to know you made it back home safely and that you enjoyed your Convention.  No doubt you got a lot of good out of it -- anything that strengthens us spiritually is wonderful, don't you think? ;)  It looks beautiful there today and in the Park.  We're getting a little bit of rain here, for the first time in ages!  Not enough to clean it up any, just enough to make me run to bring in the laundry I had put on the line. ;)

    Best to you all, and big PURRS to the Princess beauty, who I bet was so glad to see you home again! ^^

    callianna25 said...

    Dad, I'm SO EXCITED!!  I finally got to see you on your cam!  Because there is a three-hour difference between us, I usually get mixed up on the times, but I got lucky today!  What a fun thing to get to see you drive your cart.  I know I shouldn't covet, but I want one of those carts!

    Sorry not to be commenting more often, but I'm still a faithful reader!  

    Becky in southern California

    tendernoggle said...

    Dear Dad,
    So happy that yall had a good time with your friend and at the convention!!! Hope you have a good nights sleep Dad! I have been down under the weather but I will spring back soon.
    Love ya,

    preciousone25 said...

    Hi Dad,

    Glad you enjoyed the convention and your guest!!

    Take Care,