Tuesday, March 24, 2009



This video brought a smile to my face, and it might do the same for you. It will be a few day's yet before we start getting them in the ground, but I can already see them big red home grown tomatoes, I can almost taste them, there is nothing else like them. Dad.

It's tea time as well as coffee time. Hot Tea is ready for all of you who enjoy hot tea.

We are still having beautiful weather, yesterday afternoon it was 74 here in east Tennessee, and the prediction is for the same today, that will rush things up if it stays that way for a few days. I just now checked the tempeature for this Tuesday morning, how does 54 sound for us to start off with here a 3 A.M. I know that it sounds good to me. Dad.


Time is so precious-do not waste it..
The sun never sets on Dad's Tomato Garden Journal.
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Eagle Web Cam .
This above will take you right to her nest.
.This link above will tell you a little more about when the last egg should hatch, there were 3 eggs and as you see only 2 have hatched so far. I hope that you are enjoying this as much as I am. And I do hope that all of my young readers see this, be sure and tell your children about it and tell them that Dad said for them to look at it.

We have one new Outdoor Web Cam.The original Dad's Outdoor Cam will now be called Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #1 on the side panel. This will show the backyard area and the garden.

My new Web Cam will be listed on the side panel as Dad's Outdoor Web Cam #2, and it will show the front yard area where the fountain and a few of our bird feeders are located. Watch these closely we are going to be showing you a lot of interesting things. You might see old Dad out there some day, you would see more of him if he did not take so many naps, but he's old and I guess he needs them.


Look at this Tomato Casual today for some important news about producing tomatoes



Here below is just an example of what you will find on my side panel, it is over on the right side, I hope that you will go there often, There are lots of things there that I am not able to get on the blog every day. Dad.


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Here is my thought for this Tuesday morning.

" Wherfore my beloved brethern, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath."

" For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God."

This thought taken from James chapter 1 verses 19 and 20.

What are you supposed to do when you run out of anything to say, that is what is happening to me, so I had better stop. One thing that I did not tell you about the eagles was that I know what they had for their supper last night, it was fish, they were enjoying it so much. I am gone but I do want to come back tomorrow morning, maybe by then I will have something worth reading, I want to thank all of you for putting up with me all these years. I hope that you are content and happy through this day, and above all keep that smile going all around this world. Love to all...





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Cindi said...

Good Morning dad....love seeing you on video this am...good luck with the 1st batch!...enjoy your "Spring" weather :)

Mandy said...

I love the video! Hope Alex and I can get up there and get some of those tomatoes this summer!


madcobug said...

You look good carrying those tomato plants Dad. Both you web cams are looking good. It's pertty quite out therem just a gentle breeze blowing the flag just a bit. I have watched the Eagles two afternoons and saw the late feedings just before dark. I hope the other chick comes on through today. Helen

Joyce said...

Good morning Dad,
I enjoyed your video...and know it won't be long now, till you plant. Enjoyed the Eagle cam too...loved it. Hope you and Mary have a lovely Tuesday...hugs and love,

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Those plants look promising! And it looks like your trees are in new leaves -- Spring has arrived! The eagle mom is looking busy, too -- didn't get to see the babies but she's definitely looking at them. I couldn't access your second WebCam for some inexplicable reason, but hopefully better luck tomorrow. Have a wonderful day, and hugs to you both from Jamaka and fams