Thursday, March 26, 2009



Hope you all are having a good day today.

The picture below is of Levi, one of the special llamas who belongs to our friend Laura.


LEVI and some of his buddies. Laura says that Teddy, the llama on the far left is Levi's older brother.

Below is the e-mail Laura wrote when she sent me the pictures.

"Hi Ray,
Sorry I didn't get you some pictures out on time. It is hard to catch Levi in a good pose. I will send you a close up and also a picture of Levi's older brother, Teddy playing "King of the Mountain" with some of his llama buddies. I should have some more pictures of Levi on his first trek April 4 coming up. He really looks good in a red halter.

Below is the link to the web page where you can get all the information you need about going on a guided llama trekking outing in the Great Smokey Mountains.



Jamaka a special friend of ours who lives out in Southern California sent us this comment to us yesterday, we appreciated it so much and we hope that it is alright with her to show it to you. We know that she is enjoying the blog, and we do like to hear that. Thanks Jamaka. Dad.

jmuhj has left a new comment on your post "ENTRY # SIXTEEN HUNDRED AND NINETY-TWO"


.Hello, Dad and Ms. Mary! I can see both of your WebCams today -- your land is looking very beautiful and so is your fountain! Mr. Eagle is feeding Ms. Eagle fish right now over at WVEC. Very inspirational and touching -- how many couples in the human world are so devoted and caring? Your flowers are gorgeous and I think that pretty soon we will be seeing some beautiful TOMATOES here as well. ;)Hugs to you both! from Jamaka and fams.

It's Time To Plant Early Season Vegetables To view this
Click Here .

The weather is still begining each day very warm, at 3 A. M. this Thursday the tempeature is 59 and we are still threatened with some rain showers. A few days of dry weather would please me.. I am so anxious to get started in the tomato garden.

Now we need to go see how the Eagles made it through the night, I have.nt told you yet, the other egg has hatched. Smile. Helen sent me the information yester afternoon. Mary and I were looking at them last evening and we got see all 3 of the little eagles eating their supper. It was a wonderful and touching picture to see the family oy 5 all together and looking so happy We do wish the best for them.

.Eagle Web Cam ...This link will take you right to her nest. And the eagles will be very glad for a visit from you.

I will be glad to hear from you with any tomato questions that you might have with your tomatoes, I may not be able to help you much, but I would like to try. Here is my email we could at least meet one another and have a little friendly talk, and I do mean this for any where in this world that you may call home.

Here is a web page below that might be of some help to you, it is the first page that I wrote several years ago. Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page

I count Kelly as one of my friends, and I like to look at her blog every day, you will always find something interesting, and as you know it is mostly about fancy chickens. Mary and I would like to visit her sometime this summer, and we may take a little trip down her way, DAD.

Here is what will take you to her house .
The Chicken Chronicles...Again

Dad's Smile Album
Dad's Songbird and Rose Garden
Dad's Tomato Garden Photo Album

Here is my thought for today.

" And let us not be weary in well doing ; for in due season we shall reap if we faint not."

This is from Galatians chapter 6 verse 9.

I am going to stop with this for right now, but you know me I could very well come back. I forgot to mention our usual tea and coffee, but you already know what to do. I do want to tell you that we have been useing Starbucks coffee for the last two weeks, some friends of mine gave me a few pounds of it And I do like it.

I hope that all goes well with you today, let's do our part to make it good. Hope to see you in the early morning.



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Hollie said...

I love the photos of the Llamas. Well, if you decide to visit Kelly you will have to let me know. I've been to her house as well. So, I just might have to trek up that way to see you guys too. Thanks for the coffee!

madcobug said...

Good morning Dad, Those llamas are very pretty. I hope you and Mary do get to go see Kelly this summer. That would be an interesting visit and a good one. Have a nice day. It is still raining here. Helen

Julie said...

I have been watching the eagles also this year. Hope it goes well with all 3 making it to adulthood. Love the pictures of the Llamas

Ally Lifewithally said...

Good morning Dad ~ loved the pictures of the Llamas that is one trek I would love to make to see them for myself ~ wouldn't it be lovely for you to visit Kelly I am sure she would love that ~ Thankyou for my "Cuppa" and your company ~ Ally x

Kelly said...

Ohhh now I am all excited! Yes! I so want you and Mary to come and visit us this summer! You just made my whole day and well, my whole week...and then some! Now I am just all excited I cant sit still! :) BIG SMILE!! I love the llamas. Great pictures of them too. Can you believe I havent had any coffee yet, shame on me. I was waiting for a break in this rain and it came early so I went running out to feed everyone before it rained again, and look now the SUN is out! Who could have predicted that, as I thought is was going to rain some more. Oh this is going to be so so so special..I have to start getting ready, for y'alls visit. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! :) It would be an honor to have y'all here for sure. LOVE Y"ALL BUNCHES! Kelly

Linda said...

Hello Dad, Levi is looking very good! Starbucks is so good! I love to start my day with it. Linda