Thursday, February 24, 2011


Be still and know that I am God.

Good Morning.

Mary gave me this a few days ago and it sure did bring back some pleasant memories, because I had a littl part in this business, I personaly knew the two Swanson brothers and they visitied me one time. This was in 1953. I think that the first product was a chicken pie, and soon they added turkey pie, beef pie and then a complete dinner. my brother Howard and I were in business and we sold the first frozen chicken pie ever sold in Knoxville. This was something new and it a good sales person to sell them, but we got the job done. DAD.
.. I think that you will like this link click and view. DAD....
This is a beautiful day here at Dad's Wildlife Habitat, bright sun and here the tempeature is 51 degrees. I am feeling good today, a Happy mood and not one thing to complain about. DAD.
Today is the day that Mary goes to Vanderbelt in Nashville,My son Jim and his wife Beverly are taking her , They are making it a one day trip, they will be back early this evening. I am not going, Prince and I will be here having a restful day.

The Weather comes next, all tomatoe growers like to keep up with the prediction, it means a lot to their progress.

Today.. 2/24/11
Showers, maybe a rumble of thunder. High 17C. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.
Showers and thundershowers likely. High 64F. Winds S at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

I am sure that you remember that I go see Oreo every morning at Sara's Dog Training blog. Sara is always happy to let me visit with him. Then I Smile. Dad.

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I am leaving you a big pot of Sumatra x bold hot and ready, sit in that rocker there and visit with me a little while.
Do remember our side panel on the right, we are still working on it, will be complete soon. You will find the eagles there and the 3 outside Cam, more will be added later, sugestions will be appreciated.

Gone, but I will be back Thursday morning if God has mercy on me.

Until we see you again, May the tasty tomato grace your lips with health and wealth throughout your life. Dad'
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Sara said...

How neat that you sold the first chicken pot pie in Knoxville! WHat would we do without frozen dinners today? My freezer is full of them! Jeff brings them to work on days he has to work late. I'm a big fan of frozen mac n cheese.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD..

What MEMORIES your story of Swanson's TV Dinners brought forth. I remember my first TV dinner. I did not have it at home. It was at a friend's house one afternoon that my eyes grew bigger and brightened as her beautiful mother brought out dinner in a shining 3 compartment container and allowed us to eat it in front of the small tv. Just as we began to eat, Kate Smith began to see God Bless America. Our first bite was like a ceremony. You were quite the salesman. Even with my nagging, mother never bought them...probably too costly for us. It's been 60 years and though I have occasionally eaten a frozen pot pie or lasagna, they have never tasted as good. And now I have trouble buying them because of all the preservatives and sodium in them. Dessert that day was a MALLO you remember those?

On the way home from the beach yesterday we stopped at the Island Market and bought 2 florida grown tomatoes that turned out to be the best to grace my lips since the ones I got in the mail last August from a great guy in Knoxville.

Your sweet Mary will be in my thoughts today. I do hope the doctors have some positives for her. The weather is nice for the drive and she will have good company and beautiful views to help but a smile on her face. Remember your verse about WORRYING...stay peaceful and busy in your natural habitat. Have a lovely quiet day. ...Sara's Mom

jmuhj said...

Dear Dad, Ms. Mary, and sweet Prince:

Safe journeys and a good treatment/report, Ms. Mary <3 (O)

Stay warm and enjoy the bird-watching with your sweet sunny little boy, Dad! Hope you still have lots of coffee and something to eat which involves tomatoes ;)

Wishing you all a warm, cozy and comfortable evening -- with love and big PURRS from Jamaka and fams<3

John White said...

Hi Dad & Mary,

I enjoyed reading your post today. Hope everything went well with you, Mary, in Nashville. It was a rainy day here & tomorrow lots of wind.