Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Good Morning to all of you on another rain falling morning, it has been very wet here for several days, we have not been able to get near the tomato garden, they do seem to be growing, we might have a few tomatoes after all our hail setback.

It's cold her is starting off at 48 degrees and expects to rise to only 65, with rain in the morning hours. Then maybe a little sun. This looks like another stay inside day, Prince will be happy.

  • Urban Garden Casual

    This above is very interesting and very important. it is from our good friend Reggie at Tomato Casual If I did not have friends I don't think that I could begin to have a journal.

    " You know you're growing old when your children begin to look middle age '"

  • " You know that you are growing old when you sometimes when you stop to think and forget to start up again,"

  • n I hope that our Side Panel is still serving you well, if you have any complaints don't be afraid to tell old Dad and he will do his best to improve it

  • We have all of our red Double Knock Out Roses in their place in the front and side yard, I like these roses very much they bloom all summer and do not require very much attention, we have 4 of them now and that is enough

  • We will be in our Bible study tonight, our study is Luke chapter 17. We hope to get help to help us to keep on going.

  • I must stop, I feel like a failure again this morning, but it's all I have to offer. As I sign off I am sipping on that x bold coffee, I need a little push and I think that might help.

  • I want to come back in the morning if all is well'



    I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

    Out of the last 47 days, we have had rain 38 days now. Things are certainly soggy here. With little sunshine it's starting to make our spirits soggy too! Hopefully it's going to dry out soon! Hope your Wednesday is a wonderful one.

    Sara said...

    Another rainy day here. Seems to be the trend. Hopefully we are due for some sunshine soon.

    CHewy doesn't seem to mind the rain or getting wet. He loves to walk under the hosta plants, and he reamerges with a wet head. It's really cute. Not sure howmuch longer he will fit under there.

    Joan said...

    Good Morning DAD...

    In spite of all the damp rainy weather, your blog seems to show us your mood and today's label describes it perfectly...DAD is happy and content. And I am SMILING with you as I sip a cup of x-bold.

    I laughed at those 2 aging quotes and then said, oh, they describe me perfectly. Guess I am going to have to admit, I am getting old.

    As I write this comment, your tomato garden album is presenting a delightful slideshow. I see DAD in the garden, tomatoes on the vine, tomatoes in a red basket, tomatoes sliced on a plate ready for eating. If you haven't viewed it in awhile, check it out and enjoy previous seasons tomatoes while waiting for this year's crop. Have a peaceful day and a fruitful evening. ...Sara's Mom

    jmuhj said...

    Dear Dad, Ms. Mary and sweet Prince:

    Oh, I bet those roses are gorgeous! and you're probably going to get a pleasant surprise from those tomato plants, after all ;)

    Sounds like a very good day for coffee and conversation, and a sweet lap-warmer purring and cuddling >^^< I have one here, Baby Su is her name and she helps me a lot when I'm on the computer. She joins all of us in sending love and purrs to you! Jamaka and fams <3