Monday, May 30, 2011


Good Morning .
How are you on this nice Monday morning ? I hope that you will not worry about it being Monday. Its a nice day and everything is going to work out good for you.
The weather is always important to us and what you see below makes me smile.

Todays weather 5/39/11
Mostly sunny. Near record high temperatures. High 34C. Winds light and variable.
Mainly sunny to start, then a few afternoon clouds. Near record high temperatures. High 94F. Winds light and variable

I would be out working this morning spreading mulch but my golf cart is not working so I guess that I will spend the day getting back it in service. I could not make it without my cart. Dad.

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Over in the side panel I have a picture of Oreo and Prince. I do not have one yet of Chewy but its in the works. Why don't we go see them today at
Sara's Dog Training blog. They are so sweet and I love all three of them. Dad

I would like to leave this below with you every day, you can get lots of help here. Just click on the link right below. I hope that you will not get tired of seeing it, you will appreciate it as you are producing those good home grown tomatoes Dad
Dad's Tomato Garden Problem Solver

"Fruiting crops, including tomatoes, need full sun most of the day for good production of quality fruit. Good drainage is also important. In high to medium rainfall areas (more than 30 inches per year) work the soil into ridges and plant on the ridge or build raised beds 12 to 18 inches deep. Plan on setting out at least one cherry tomato and 4 to 6 large-fruited varieties depending on the number of fresh tomato lovers in your family. You'll need stakes or wire tomato cages to support the plants to keep the fruit off the ground where it would rot. To insure even and efficient watering, you will want to put in a drip or soaker hose system for watering. Finally, count on mulch to keep down the weeds."

I wish that I did not have to write this, but it does take money to keep every thing going on, without it every thing would come to an end.
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" You make a living buy what you get, but we make a life by what we give.

" Middle age is when your wife tells you to pull in your stomach, and you already have ''

" Setting a good example for your children, takes all the fun out of middle age "

"A man knows he has passed middle age when his wife starts paying the insurance premiums on his life insurance policies long before they are even due."

I have enjoyed my visit with you this morning, and I will be knocking on your door in the morning. While I am writing I am drinking some of my x bold Starbucks coffee, so so so good.

Bye Bye DAD


Priscilla said...

Thanks for your email and I'm so glad that you've a lovely temperature today. To us, our temperature is always more or less around 34 C as we're in a tropical country. Our complaint is hot, hotter and hottest : )
Have a great week ahead, DAD!!!

saralovesdogs said...

Sorry to hear your golf cart isn't working.

My long weekend has gone by so quickly. Oreo and Chewy slept real well last night. They were tired from the field trip to Grannie's house. Chewy loved exploring in my mom's yard. He even dug her a hole.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning DAD...

First your tomato plants, then your leg and now your golf cart! You are definitely being presented with lots of challenges this tomato season. And yet, you do not complain. I wish Sara's husband lived near you, he would have that cart working in no time.

Sara brought the dogs over yesterday and they had fun running, eating, and exploring. Oreo and Chewy get along so well. The "food" lady (me)cooked a hamburger for them to share.
It was so nice to be able to spend time on the patio with all of them.

It is a week since I planted tomatoes. My three tomato plants are looking very healthy. My Celebrity tomato plant even has 2 yellow blossoms. The basil is doing well but the dill seed has yet to sprout...maybe I will have to get my dill from my neighbor's garden.

When you are next out in your tomato garden maybe you can take a photo and show us all "how does your garden grow". Have a sunny day, hopefully with a ride around the house on a working cart. Sara's Mom