Monday, April 19, 2010


This tomato plant pictured above will be getting Biota Max . we will be showing it and pictures of others often. And you must read this link Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page . to give you more help in being able to enjoy a big tomato sandwich very soon. And my email # is if you need to ask any more questions. DAD

My mood for today 4/19/10 is Happy.


"Time is so precious-do not waste it."

."Wasted years will come again no more".

I am going to click on this link below early this morning, because I am anxious to hear from Sara, Misty and Oreo.And I know that I will get the latest news. DAD.To visit Misty and Oreo Click here!.
. ..
.Gardener To The Big House

Shooting My Universe .

..Eagle Web Cam You should check on these Eaglets, they are growing so fast, DAD.



Heirloom Tomato Plants Collection To view this email in a browser Click Here


" The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand. "

.This thought taken from Psalm # 37 verses 23 & 24. A psalm of David.

Look back and thank God.Look forward and trust God.Look around and serve God.Look within and find God!" God closes doors no man can open and God opens doors no man can close .


.My friend Eric who lives in Australia sent the above to me..

Let every one of your friends and family know you love them. Even if you think they don't love you back, you would be amazed at what those three little word "I lOVE YOU"and a smile can do.

This thought above from my friend Helen.

You may not agree with me, but Monday morning is my favorite morning of the week, For several reasons, One is I am anxious to get back in my little tomato garden, and to begin working with them. And also that Srarbucks Sumatra X bold coffee is waiting and for you also if you could only stop in. And one more reason I am just anxious to visit with you, and maybe get one or two comments that cheer me up.

Dad enjoys working in his tomato garden, watering is a pleasure. These cabbage plants here belong to Mary. When the weather is very dry we water frequently.
I will be showing you more pictures daily of our tomatoes and let you see how they are doing.
Now right here is the link that you must see if you want to producing good home grown tomatoes. That makes me hungry. Be sure and read it all all the way to the bottom, you will be glad that you did. Dad..Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page. I see you smiling. Dad
Be sure and look below at these three outside Cams this week end. They are becomimg a little more interesting as I get a few plants growing. And I wan't to mention Cam # 3, when you are viewing it I can talk to you, and I do several times each day. Be sure that the page is extended to full size. DAD


This link above will show you the Tennessee Valley weather.
.ORDER Biota Max™ NOW!...
.Use referral code (Dad).DAD's Special - Biota Max Soil Probiotic. . ...
It is time to think about placing an order for Biota Max, those tomatoes would like to see it. I will be using this when I get my plants in the ground today , I did use it on the roses that I got out Saturday I will be showing you what it will do in a few days. I am enjoying useing this Biota max, it is so easy to use. Get your order in soon.Dad....
. link above will tell you more about using Biota .
I must stop right here and get ready to get outside, I want to invite you to go to my side panel and you will find what I have left out of this post. We all need to be kind and helpful today to all that we are with. It is something that we all can do .
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Sara said...

I'm looking forward to watching your tomato plants grow. Still a bit too early for planting here. I saw tomato plants in the store yesterday, but they were all kept safely inside.

Oreo is doing very well, and I can't tell you how pleased I am with his progress and healing. Of course, he has youth on his side! Time for me to go take both dogs for a quiet morning walk.

Hope you and Mary have a wonderful day!


Becky said...

Good morning! That does my heart good to see you out working in your yard, and it makes me want to go work in mine. But right now it's still dark here for several more hours, and I must get some sleep, so I'll pass on the coffee till I wake up. You know, I don't believe I've ever told you, but I really enjoy the videos where you or Mary talks a little bit, because you both have such peaceful voices. I think a peaceful voice is a very soothing and healing thing. I think I have told you that I am an editor for a medical transcription company, which means I listen to a lot of different doctors dictating their reports into my ears. It's amazing how it can make me feel stressed... or relaxed... depending on the doctor's voice. A few of them have really nice pleasant voices and it just makes me feel like "ahhhhhhh...." relaxed. Just like listening to you or Mary.

Oh, one more thing... please ask Mary if she has any recipes for cabbage, or how she fixes it. Have a real nice day, both of you!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is a foggy morning here in my little part of the world but the sun is coming up so it will soon be gone. It looks like a beautiful day! I hope yours is a wonderful one too!

Joan said...

Good Afternoon DAD...

Those tomatoes plants look so big and healthy already. Loved seeing the garden and you sprinkling the cabbages. I was hoping to buy at least 1 Rutgers tomato plant while here in NJ but I haven't found any yet. Maybe when I come down again in May. We are staying 1 extra day down here. The little guy had a fever all weekend so he stayed home from Nursery School today and we stayed to play quietly with him while his Mom went to work. Caring for little guys is more work than planting tomatoes but just as much fun. I'll be by in the morning for some of your starbuck's coffee. Enjoy another beautiful sunny day!

...Sara's Mom

Lainey Laine said...

Dad! I would so love to come and join you for a Starbuck's coffee and sit in your garden and look round at your wonderful plants! Laine xxx

Sayit-baldys said...


jmuhj said...

Dear Dad and Ms. Mary:

Oh, your plants look very happy this Monday ;) and I expect you both are, too! Your friend Helen has a very good thought for us to start the week with, doesn't she? Wishing you both a good and a productive week -- love from Jamaka and fams

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon, DAD,
What a delight to see the tomato plant and the cabbage plants. They are smiling back at you and Mary. As they grow, you grow is spirit and energy. Now I am dreaming of a great tomato sandwich and a plate of coleslaw. Aloha, Sara's aunt.

Mandy said...

I planted three tomato plants this weekend! They are romas. I have been researching on your tomato garden web page, so hopefully they will do well!

Love you and Aunt Mary!